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Functional Performance Properties
item IgE binding to peanut allergens is inhibited by combined D-aspartic and D-glutamic acids (Jul 2015)
item Making peanut allergens indigestible: a model system for reducing or preventing an allergic reaction (Apr 2015)
item Structure of waxy maize starch hydrolyzed by maltogenic alpha-amylase in relation to its retrogradation (Apr 2015)
item A rapid method to determine starch damage in sorghum (Apr 2015)
item Registration of nine sorghum seed parent (A/B) lines (Apr 2015)
item Whole grain Gluten-free vegetable spicy snacks (abstract) (Mar 2015)
item Ancient whole grain Gluten-free egg-free Teff, Buckwheat, Quinoa and Amaranth pasta (abstract) (Mar 2015)
item Factors related to reduced in-vitro digestibility in a diverse sorghum population (Mar 2015)
item Grain quality traits in a sorghum association mapping panel (Mar 2015)
item Treatment with oleic acid reduces IgE binding to peanut and cashew allergens (Mar 2015)
item Wheat Quality Council, Hard Spring Wheat Technical Committee, 2014 Crop (Feb 2015)
item Effect of kernel size and mill type on protein, milling yield, and baking quality of hard red spring wheat (Jan 2015)
item Physiochemical and thermal characteristics of starch isolated from a waxy wheat genotype exhibiting partial expression of Wx proteins (Jan 2015)
item Sorghum and millet proteins (Jan 2015)
item Starch Characteristics Influencing Resistant Starch Content of Cooked Buckwheat Groats (Jan 2015)
item Induction of Glutathione S-Transferase in Helicoverpa zea Fed Cashew Flour (Dec 2014)
item Polysaccharide gel coating of the leaves of Brasenia schreberi lowers plasma cholesterol in hamsters (Dec 2014)
item Processing, cooking, and cooling affect prebiotic concentrations in lentil (Lens culinaris Medikus) (Nov 2014)
item Addition of glucose oxidase for the improvement of refrigerated dough quality (Nov 2014)
item Mineral content in grains of seven food-grade sorghum hybrids grown in Mediterranean environment (Nov 2014)
item Controlled release of B-carotene in B-lactoglobulin-dextran conjugates nanoparticles in vitro digestion and the transport with Caco-2 monolayers (Oct 2014)
item Pros and cons of immunological methods (Oct 2014)
item An overview of recent developments and current status of gluten ELISA methods (Oct 2014)
item Surface properties of semi-synthetic enteric coating films: Opportunities to develop bio-based enteric coating films for colon- targeted delivery (Oct 2014)
item High-throughput micro plate vanillin assay for determination of tannin in sorghum grain (Sep 2014)
item Development of a 96-well plate iodine binding assay for amylose content determination (Sep 2014)
item Ancient whole grain gluten-free flatbreads (Sep 2014)
item Formation and stability of Vitamin E enriched nanoemulsions stabilized by Octenyl Succinic Anhydride modified starch (Sep 2014)
item Reduction of IgE immunoreactivity of whole peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.) after pulsed light illumination (Sep 2014)
item Utilization of porous carbons derived from coconut shell and wood in natural rubber (Sep 2014)
item Grain sorghum proteomics: An integrated approach towards characterization of seed storage proteins in kafirin allelic variants (Sep 2014)
item Interface interactions of natural rubber and protein/fiber aggregates (Aug 2014)
item Effect of processing methods on the mechanical properties of natural rubber filled with stearic acid modified soy protein particles (Aug 2014)
item Bran characteristics and bread-baking quality of whole grain wheat flour (Jul 2014)
item Polymer composites prepared from heat-treated starch and styrene-butadiene latex (Jun 2014)
item Whole grain gluten-free vegetable savory snacks (Jun 2014)
item Nutritional attributes of bakery products (Jun 2014)
item Significance of starch properties and quantity on sponge cake volume (May 2014)
item Comparison of the digestibility of the major peanut allergens in thermally processed peanuts and in pure form (May 2014)
item Novel starch based nano scale enteric coatings from soybean meal for colon-specific delivery (May 2014)
item Enzyme resistant carbohydrate based micro-scale materials from sugar beet (Beta vulgaris L.) pulp for food and pharmaceutical applications (May 2014)
item Impacts of kafirin allelic diversity, starch content, and protein digestibility on ethanol conversion efficiency in grain sorghum (May 2014)
item Effect of pre-harvest sprouting on physicochemical properties of starch in wheat (Apr 2014)
item In vitro digestion of soluble cashew proteins and characterization of surviving IgE-reactive peptides (Apr 2014)
item Modulus enhancement of natural rubber through the dispersion size reduction of protein/fiber aggregates (Apr 2014)
item Generation of a mixolab profile after the evaluation of the functionality of different commercial wheat flours for hot-press tortilla production (Mar 2014)
item Effect of high molecular weight glutenin subunit composition in common wheat on dough properties and steamed bread quality (Mar 2014)
item Reducing food allergy: is there promise for food applications? (Mar 2014)
item Allergenic properties and differential response of walnut subjected to processing treatments (Mar 2014)
item Effect of oleic acid on the allergenic properties of peanut and cashew allergens (Mar 2014)
item The physicochemical stability and in vitro bioaccessibility of beta-carotene in oil-in- water sodium caseinate emulsions (Mar 2014)
item Sorghum flour characterization and evaluation in gluten-free flour tortilla (Mar 2014)
item Dietary supplementation of Chardonnay grape seed flour reduces plasma cholesterol concentration, hepatic steatosis, and abdominal fat content in high-fat diet-induced obese hamsters (Feb 2014)
item Decreased fat accumulation in 3T3-L1 pre-adipocytes treated with extracts of heat processed soy flour and breads (Feb 2014)
item Lipase-catalyzed synthesis of acetylated EGCG and antioxidant properties of the acetylated derivatives (Feb 2014)
item Effect of sorghum flour composition and particle size on quality properties of gluten-free bread (Feb 2014)
item Structure and function of the peanut panallergen Ara h 8 (Feb 2014)
item Cellular uptake of beta-carotene from protein stabilized solid lipid nano-particles prepared by homogenization-evaporation method (Feb 2014)
item Isolation and characterization of camelina protein fractions from camelina meal (Feb 2014)
item Simplifying pyrolysis; using gasification to produce corn stover and wheat straw biochar for sorptive and horitcultural media (Feb 2014)
item Whole grain gluten-free egg-free high protein pasta (Jan 2014)
item Sorghum flour characterization and evaluation in gluten-free flour tortilla (Jan 2014)
item Role of non-covalent interactions in the production of visco-elastic material from zein (Jan 2014)
item Position of modifying groups on starch chains of octenylsuccinic anhydride-modified waxy maize starch (Jan 2014)
item Wheat bran particle size influence on phytochemical extractability and antioxidant properties (Jan 2014)
item High-throughput micro-plate HCL-vanillin assay for screening tannin content in sorghum grain (Jan 2014)
item Reducing peanut allergens by high pressure combined with polyphenol oxidase (Dec 2013)
item Occurrence of deoxynivalenol and deoxynivalenol-3-glucoside in hard red spring wheat grown in the USA (Dec 2013)
item Analysis of deoxynivalenol and deoxynivalenol-3-glucoside in hard red spring wheat inoculated with Fusarium graminearum (Dec 2013)
item Effects of sorghum flour addition on chemical and rheological properties of hard white winter wheat (Nov 2013)
item Natural rubber protein as interfacial enhancement for biobased nano-fillers (Nov 2013)
item Determining cereal starch amylose content using a dual wavelength iodine binding 96 well plate assay (Sep 2013)
item Selecting wheat varieties for tortilla production (Sep 2013)
item Prediction of tortilla quality using multivariate model of kernel, flour and dough properties (Sep 2013)
item Biochar: sustainable and versatile (Sep 2013)
item The molecular basis of peanut allergy (Sep 2013)
item Distribution of peanut protein in the home environment (Sep 2013)
item Peptides indentified in soybean protein increase plasma cholesterol in mice on hypercholesterolemic diets (Sep 2013)
item Evaluation of sorghum [Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench] lines and hybrids for cold tolerance under field and controlled environments (Sep 2013)
item Peptides indentified in soybean protein increase plasma cholesterol in mice on hypercholesterolemic diets (Aug 2013)
item Structural characterization and IgE epitope analysis of arginine kinase from Scylla paramamosain (Aug 2013)
item Ozone gas affects the physical and chemical properties of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) starch (Jul 2013)
item Phytochemical composition and anticancer activity of germinated wheat (Jul 2013)
item Protein mobilization and malting-specific proteinase expression during barley germination (Jul 2013)
item HPMC supplementation reduces fatty liver, intestinal permeability, and insulin resistance with altered hepatic gene expression in diet-induced obese mice (Jul 2013)
item IgE cross-reactivity between the major peanut allergen Ara h 2 and the non-homologous allergens Ara h 1 and Ara h 3 (Jul 2013)
item Comparison of TLUD and atmospherically-controlled retort methods of preparing biochar using corn stover and wheat straw feedstocks (Jun 2013)
item Variability in Arabinoxylan, Xylanase activity and Xylanase inhibitor levels in hard spring wheat (Jun 2013)
item Gel coating of edible Brasenia schreberi leaves lowers plasma cholesterol in hamsters (abstract) (May 2013)
item The effect of nitrogen fertilization and cover cropping systems on sorghum grain characteristics (May 2013)
item Protein-based nanoparticles for hydrophilic coating (May 2013)
item Protein-based nanoparticles for hydrophilic coating (May 2013)
item Effect of pre-harvest sprouting on physicochemical changes of proteins in wheat (May 2013)
item Plasma and hepatic cholesterol-lowering in hamsters by tomato pomace, tomato seed oil and defatted tomato seed supplemented in high fat diets (May 2013)
item Reinforcement effect of biomass carbon and protein in elastic biocomposites (May 2013)
item Development of a non-commercial sugar-free barbecue sauce (May 2013)
item Effects of sorghum (Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench) tannins on alpha-amylase activity and in vitro digestibility of starch in raw and processed flours (Apr 2013)
item Structural characterization of soy protein nanoparticles from high shear microfluidization (Apr 2013)
item Properties of chitosan microencapsulated orange oil prepared by spray-drying and its stability to detergents (Apr 2013)
item Characterization of soy protein nanoparticles prepared by high shear microfluidization (Apr 2013)
item Bioavailable and biodegradable dissolved organic nitrogen in activated sludge and trickling filter wastewater treatment plants (Mar 2013)
item Polymeric proteins and their association with grain yield in hard red spring wheat lines (Mar 2013)
item 2013 Research Review Annual Report (Mar 2013)
item Production of BSA-poly(ethyl cyanoacrylate) nanoparticles as a coating material that improves wetting property (Mar 2013)
item Effect of d-amino acids on IgE binding to peanut allergens (Mar 2013)
item Temporal expression of pecan allergens during nut development (Mar 2013)
item Overseas Varietal Analysis 2011 Crop Soft Red Winter Wheat (Feb 2013)
item Analysis of Cereal Starches by High Performance Size Exclusion Chromatography (Feb 2013)
item Whole grain gluten-free egg-free pasta (Jan 2013)
item Effect of Pulsed Ultraviolet Light and High Hydrostatic Pressure on the Antigenicity of Almond Protein Extracts. (Jan 2013)
item Variability in tannin content, chemistry and activity in a diverse group of tannin containing sorghum cultivars (Jan 2013)
item In Vitro bile acid binding of kale, mustard greens, broccoli, cabbage and green bell pepper improves with microwave cooking (Dec 2012)
item Physical, chemical, biological, and biotechnological sciences are incomplete without each other (Dec 2012)
item Comparing corn stover and switchgrass biochar: characterization and sorption properties (Dec 2012)
item Registration of 'TAM 113' wheat (Dec 2012)
item Estimating the relative effects of the endosperm traits of waxy and high protein digestibility on yield in grain sorghum (Dec 2012)
item Pine nut allergy: clinical features and major allergens characterization (Nov 2012)
item Utilization of low-ash biochar to partially replace carbon black in SBR composites (Nov 2012)
item Association mapping for grain quality in a diverse sorghum collection (Nov 2012)
item Identification of naturally isolated southern Louisiana's algal strains and the effect of higher Co2 content on fatty acid profiles for biodiesel production (Oct 2012)
item Thermal dissolution of maize starches in aqueous medium (Oct 2012)
item HPMC supplementation reduces abdominal fat content, intestinal permeability, inflammation, and insulin resistance in diet-induced obese mice (Oct 2012)
item Analysis of Glu-1 deletion lines reveals the importance of high molecular weight glutenin subunits 7+9 Glu-B1 in wheat flour tortilla making (Sep 2012)
item Use of glucose oxidase to improve refrigerated dough quality (Sep 2012)
item Implications of non-covalent interactions in zein-starch dough and bread quality (Sep 2012)
item Registration of "MSU E5024" wheat (Sep 2012)
item Increasing biochar surface area: Optimization of ball milling parameters (Sep 2012)
item Production of poly(alkyl cyanoacrylate)nanoparticles as a coating material that changes wetting property (Aug 2012)
item Effect of microfluidized and stearic acid modified soy protein in natural rubber (Aug 2012)
item Alkaline extraction of phenolic compounds from intact sorghum kernels (Aug 2012)
item Starch-filled polymer composites (Aug 2012)
item Yield and morpho-agronomical evaluation of food-grade white sorghum hybrids grown in Southern Italy (Jul 2012)
item In vitro bile acid binding of mustard greens, kale, broccoli, cabbage and green bell pepper improves with sautéing compared with raw or other methods of preparation. (Jul 2012)
item HPMC supplementation reduces abdominal fat content, intestinal permeability, inflammation, and insulin resistance in diet-induced obese mice (Jul 2012)
item Wheat breeding and quality evaluation in the U.S. (Jun 2012)
item Modulation of kernel storage proteins in grain sorghum (Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench) (Jun 2012)
item Maillard reaction products of rice protein hydrolysates with mono-, oligo- and polysaccharides (May 2012)
item Concentration-dependent displacement of cholesterol in micelles by hydrophobic rice bran protein hydrolysates (May 2012)
item Wheat breeding and quality evaluation in the U.S. (May 2012)
item Wort free amino nitrogen analysis adapted to a microplate format (May 2012)
item A rapid, small-scale sedimentation method to predict breadmaking quality of hard winter wheat (May 2012)
item Effect of high molecular weight glutenin subunit allelic composition on wheat flour tortilla quality (May 2012)
item Can protein levels be economically increased? (May 2012)
item Sorghum protein structure and chemistry: Implications for nutrition and functionality (Apr 2012)
item Effects of cationic hydroxyethyl cellulose on glucose tolerance and obesity (Apr 2012)
item Biochar as potential adsorptive media for estrogenic compounds (Mar 2012)
item In vitro gastric and intestinal digestions of pulsed light-treated shrimp extracts (Mar 2012)
item USDA, ARS Soft Wheat Quality Laboratory, Annual Report 2011 (Mar 2012)
item High-throughput micro plate assays for screening flavonoid content and DPPH-scavenging activity in sorghum bran and flour (Mar 2012)
item Removing peanut allergens by tannic acid (Mar 2012)
item Identification of Maillard reaction induced chemical modifications on Ara h 1 (Mar 2012)
item Overseas Varietal Analysis 2010 Crop Soft Red Winter Wheat (Feb 2012)
item Milling and Baking Test Results for Eastern Soft Wheats (Feb 2012)
item Effect of high pressure on peanut allergens in the presence of polyphenol oxidase and caffeic acid (Feb 2012)
item Modeling of dough mixing profile under thermal and non thermal constraint for evalution of breadmaking quality of Hard Spring Wheat flour (Feb 2012)
item Separation of alcohol soluble sorghum proteins using non-porous cation-exchange columns (Jan 2012)
item The effect of polysaccharides on the gelatinization properties of cornstarch dispersions (Jan 2012)
item A high-fat diet containing whole walnuts (Juglans regia) reduces tumour size and growth along with plasma insulin-like growth factor 1 in the transgenic adenocarcinoma of the mouse prostate model (Jan 2012)
item Whole grain gluten-free flat breads (Jan 2012)
item Ethanol production performance of ozone treated tannin grain sorghum flour (Jan 2012)
item Characterization of sorghum grain and evaluation of sorghum flour in a Chinese egg noodle system (Jan 2012)
item Measuring cattle feedlot dust using laser diffraction analysis (Jan 2012)
item Heat and pressure treatments effects on peanut allergenicity (Dec 2011)
item Quantitative Trait Loci influencing endosperm proteins and end-use quality traits of Hard Red Spring Wheat breeding lines (Dec 2011)
item Structural and immunologic characterization of Ara h 1 – a major peanut allergen (Nov 2011)
item Evaluation of waxy grain sorghum for ethanol production (Nov 2011)
item Rheology, microstructure and baking characteristics of frozen dough containing Rhizopus chinensis lipase and transglutaminase (Nov 2011)
item Lower weight gain and hepatic lipid content in hamsters fed high fat diets supplemented with white rice protein, brown rice protein, and soy protein and their hydrolysates (Oct 2011)
item Increasing biochar surface area: effects of various milling (Oct 2011)
item Low molecular weight anti-carboxymethyl lysine reactive bands in cashew extracts (Oct 2011)
item Identification of anti-malondialdehyde reactive bands in cashew extracts (Oct 2011)
item Whole grain gluten-free flat breads (Oct 2011)
item The effect of cover cropping systems and nitrogen fertilization on sorghum grain characteristics (Oct 2011)
item The effect of kernel maturity on the thermal properties of sorghum starch (Oct 2011)
item Genomic selection accuracy for grain quality traits in biparental wheat populations (Oct 2011)
item Solvent retention capacity (SRC) testing of wheat flour: Principles and value in predicting flour functionality in different wheat-based food processes and in wheat breeding—a review (Oct 2011)
item Computationally predicted IgE epitopes of walnut allergens contribute to cross-reactivity with peanuts (Oct 2011)
item Influence of enzymatic hydrolysis on the allergenicity of roasted peanut protein (Oct 2011)
item Refrigerated dough quality of hard red spring wheat: Effect of genotype and environment on dough syruping and arabinoxylan production (Oct 2011)
item Cross-reactivity of termite myosin; a potential allergen (Sep 2011)
item Malting extremely small quantities of barley (Sep 2011)
item Nutritional profile of whole grain soft wheat flour (Sep 2011)
item Impact of different isolation procedures on the functionality of zein and kafirin (Sep 2011)
item Water-extractable nonstarch polysaccharide distribution in pilot milling analysis of soft winter wheat (Sep 2011)
item Breadings - What they are and how they are used (Aug 2011)
item Digestibility of rice (Oryza sativa L.) flours and starches differing in amylose content (Aug 2011)
item Basis for selecting soft wheat for end-use quality (Jul 2011)
item Effects of transglutaminase on the rheological and noodle-making characteristics of oat dough containing vital wheat gluten or egg albumin (Jul 2011)
item Genome-wide identification of QTLs conferring high-temperature adult-plant (HTAP) resistance to stripe rust (Puccinia striiformis f. sp. tritici) in wheat (Jun 2011)
item Procedure for malting extremely small quantities of barley (Jun 2011)
item Teaball redux (Jun 2011)
item Prevention of obesity relatred metabolic diseases by processed foods containing soluble dietary fibers and flavonoids (abstract) (Jun 2011)
item Effect of hydroxypropyl methylcellulose on breadmaking (Jun 2011)
item Adhesive performance of sorghum protein extracted from sorghum DDGS and flour (Jun 2011)
item Gel coating of leaves of the water plant, Brasenia schreberi, lowers plasma cholesterol in hamsters on high fat diets (May 2011)
item Enzymatic treatment of peanut kernels to reduce allergen levels (May 2011)
item Registration of the MN98550/MN99394 Wheat Recombinant Inbred Mapping Population (May 2011)
item Effect of strain rate on mechanical properties of melt-processed soy flour composite filler and styrene-butadiene blends (Mar 2011)
item Molecular characterization of Ara h 1 before and after thermal processing. (Mar 2011)
item 2011 Research Review (Mar 2011)
item Mip1 associates with both the Mps1 kinase and actin and is required for cell cortex stability and anaphase spindle positioning (Mar 2011)
item Comparison Between Potassium Bromate and Ozone as Flour Oxidants in Breadmaking (Feb 2011)
item Wheat Quality Council Hard Spring Wheat Technical Committee 2010 Crop (Feb 2011)
item Milling and Baking Test REsults for Eastern Soft Winter Wheats Harvested in 2010 (Feb 2011)
item Tannic acid as a means to remove peanut allergens (Feb 2011)
item Dietary Fiber, Microbiota and Obesity Related Metabolic Diseases (Feb 2011)
item Overseas Varietal Analysis 2009 Crop Soft Red Winter Wheat (Feb 2011)
item Refrigerated Dough Quality: Effect of Environment and Genotypes of Hard Red Spring Wheat (Jan 2011)
item Separation of kafirins on surface porous RP-HPLC columns (Jan 2011)
item Development of a benchtop baking method for chemically leavened crackers. II. Validation of the method (Jan 2011)
item The analysis of allergens in raw and roasted peanuts using nonoAcauity UPLC and Xevo Q Tof MS. Water's Application Notes (Dec 2010)
item Differences between heat-treated raw and commercial peanut extracts by skin testing and immunoblotting (Dec 2010)
item Protein and quality characterization of triticale translocation lines in breadmaking (Dec 2010)
item Protein and quality characterization of complete and partial near isogenic lines of waxy wheat (Dec 2010)
item Protein and Quality Characterization of Triticale Translocation Lines in Bread Making (Nov 2010)
item Variability and Relationships Among Mixolab, Mixograph, and Baking Parameters Based on Multi-Environment Spring Wheat Trials (Nov 2010)
item Evaluation of Egg Replacers in a Yellow Cake System (Oct 2010)
item Registration of 'Rasmusson' Barley (Sep 2010)
item Influence of cultivar and processing on the allergenicity of pistachio nut assessed in vitro (Aug 2010)
item Phenolics in the Bran of Waxy Wheat and Triticale Lines (Aug 2010)
item Chemical composition of selected food-grade sorghum varieties grown under typical Mediterranean conditions (Jun 2010)
item Association analysis reveals effects of wheat glutenin alleles and rye translocations on dough-mixing properties (Sep 2009)
item Registration of 'Bill Brown' Wheat (Sep 2008)
item Fuzzy Clustering-Based Modeling of Surface Interactions and Emulsions of Selected Whey Protein Concentrate Combined to i-Carrageenan and Gum Arabic Solutions (Aug 2008)
item Registration of 'Ripper' Wheat (May 2007)
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