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Postharvest Handling
item Performance of an IDI Engine Fueled with Fatty Acid Methyl Esters Formulated from Cotton Seeds Oils (Apr 2015)
item The influence of diet on the use of near-infrared spectroscopy to determine the age of female Aedes aegypti mosquitoes (Mar 2015)
item Evaluating preservation methods for identifying Anopheles gambiae s.s. and Anopheles arabiensis complex mosquitoes species using near infra-red spectroscopy (Jan 2015)
item Survey of Postharvest Quality Characteristics During Long-Term Farmers Stock Storage (Jan 2015)
item Potential Tools for Phenotyping for Physical Characteristics of Plants, Pods, and Seed (Jan 2015)
item Wounding induces changes in tuber polyamine content, polyamine metabolic gene expression, and enzyme activity during closing layer formation and initiation of wound periderm formation (Jan 2015)
item Detection of fragments from internal insects in wheat samples using a laboratory entoleter (Jan 2015)
item Detection of defect in pickling cucumbers using hyperspectral imaging (Dec 2014)
item Treatment of potato tubers with the synthetic cytokinin 1-(alpha-ethylbenzyl)-3-nitroguanidine results in rapid termination of endodormancy and induction of transcripts associated with cell proliferation and growth (Dec 2014)
item Kinetics and localization of wound-induced DNA biosynthesis in potato tuber (Nov 2014)
item The pink eye syndrome does not impair tuber fresh cut wound-related responses (Oct 2014)
item Analysis of Total Oil and Fatty Acids Composition by Near Infrared Reflectance Spectroscopy in Edible Nuts (Aug 2014)
item Applications of discrete element method in modeling of grain postharvest operations (Aug 2014)
item A growth inhibitory model with SOx influenced effective growth rate for estimation of algal biomass concentration under flue gas atmosphere (Jul 2014)
item Analysis of hyperspectral scattering images using a moment method for apple firmness prediction (Jul 2014)
item Wheat mill stream properties for discrete element method modeling (Jul 2014)
item Determination of sucrose content in sugar beet by portable visible and near-infrared spectroscopy (Jun 2014)
item Infrared absorption characteristics of Culicoides sonorensis in relation to insect age (Jun 2014)
item Optimization of medium components using orthogonal arrays for ¿-Linolenic acid production by Spirulina platensis (May 2014)
item Oven drying times for moisture content determination of single peanut kernels (May 2014)
item Stored-grain insect population commingling densities in wheat and corn from pilot-scale bucket elevator boots (May 2014)
item Hyperspectral imaging-based classification and wavebands selection for internal defect detection of pickling cucumbers (Apr 2014)
item Wound-induced suberization genes are differentially expressed, patially and temporally, during closing layer and wound periderm formation (Apr 2014)
item Evaluation of canning quality traits in black beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) by visible/near-infrared spectroscopy (Mar 2014)
item Using a near-infrared spectrometer to estimate the age of Anopheles mosquitoes exposed to pyrethroids (Mar 2014)
item Grading of apples based on firmness and soluble solids content using VIS-SWNIR spectroscopy and spectral scattering techniques (Mar 2014)
item Assessment of internal quality of blueberries using hyperspectral transmittance and reflectance images with whole spectra or selected wavelengths (Feb 2014)
item Potato tuber cytokinin oxidase/dehydrogenase genes: Biochemical properties, activity, and expression during tuber dormancy progression (Feb 2014)
item Wound-induced suberization genes are differentially expressed during closing layer and wound periderm formation (Jan 2014)
item Role of gibberellins in 1,8-Cineole mediated sprout inhibition (Jan 2014)
item Automated detection of insect-damaged sunflower seeds by X-ray imaging (Jan 2014)
item Development and evaluation of a near-infrared instrument for single-seed compositional measurement of wheat kernels (Jan 2014)
item Single-kernel NIR analysis for evaluating wheat samples for fusarium head blight resistance (Jan 2014)
item Detecting the antimalarial artemisinin in plant extracts using near-infrared spectroscopy (Dec 2013)
item Sorting of fungal-damaged white sorghum (Dec 2013)
item Identification of wheat varieties with a parallel-plate capacitance sensor using fisher linear discriminant analysis (Dec 2013)
item Analysis of maize (Zea mays) kernel density and volume using micro-computed tomography and single-kernel near infrared spectroscopy (Oct 2013)
item Non-destructive methods for food texture assessment (Oct 2013)
item The influence of physiological status on age prediction of Anopheles arabiensis using near infra-red spectroscopy (Oct 2013)
item Principle of solid food texture analysis (Oct 2013)
item Ruggedness of 2D code printed on grain tracers for implementing a prospective grain traceability system to the bulk grain delivery system (Oct 2013)
item Sensing the Moisture Content of Dry Cherries - A Rapid and Nondestructive Method (Sep 2013)
item Capacitance Sensor For Nondestructive Determination Of Total Oil Content In Nuts (Sep 2013)
item Detection of sucrose content of sugar beet by visible/near-infrared spectroscopy (Jul 2013)
item Hyperspectral imaging-based classification and wavebands selection for internal defect detection of pickling cucumbers (Jul 2013)
item Comparison of optimal wavelengths selection methods for visible/near-infrared prediction of apple firmness and soluble solids content (Jul 2013)
item Assessing the sensitivity and robustness of prediction models for apple firmness using spectral scattering technique (Jul 2013)
item A low-cost color vision system for automatic estimation of apple fruit orientation and maximum equatorial diameter (Jul 2013)
item Relationship of the optical absorption and scattering properties with mechanical and structural properties of apple tissue (May 2013)
item Integration of fungicide application and cultivar resistance to manage fusarium head blight in wheat (May 2013)
item An image segmentation method for apple sorting and grading using support vector machine and Otsu's method (Apr 2013)
item Detection of fruit fly infestation in pickling cucumbers using a hyperspectral reflectance/transmittance imaging system (Mar 2013)
item A multispectral sorting device for wheat kernels (Mar 2013)
item Wounding of potato tubers induces increases in ABA biosynthesis and catabolism and alters expression of ABA metabolic genes (Mar 2013)
item Application of the Wind Erosion Prediction System in the AIRPACT regional air quality modeling framework (Mar 2013)
item Molecular and Cytological aspects of native periderm maturation in potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) tubers (Mar 2013)
item Wounding induces expression of genes involved in tuber closing layer and wound-periderm development (Feb 2013)
item Chemical inhibition of ABA-8'-hydroxylase alters in vivo ABA metabolism, increases endogenous ABA content but does not affect microtuber dormancy (Feb 2013)
item Prediction of firmness and soluble solids content of blueberries using hyperspectral reflectance imaging (Jan 2013)
item Qualitative and quantitative analysis of lignocellulosic biomass using infrared techniques: A mini-review (Jan 2013)
item Non-destructive species identification of Drosophila obscura and D. subobscura (Diptera) using near-infrared spectroscopy (Dec 2012)
item High speed sorting of Fusarium-damaged wheat kernels (Dec 2012)
item Sensing of moisture content in in-shell peanuts by NIR (Near Infra Red) reflectance spectroscopy (Dec 2012)
item Comparison and fusion of four nondestructive sensors for predicting apple fruit firmness and soluble solids content (Nov 2012)
item Analysis of hyperspectral scattering images using locally linear embedding algorithm for apple mealiness classification (Nov 2012)
item A machine vision system for high speed sorting of small spots on grains (Oct 2012)
item Chemical inhibition of potato ABA 8'-hydroxylase activity alters in vitro and in vivo ABA metabolism and endogenous ABA levels but does not affect potato microtuber dormancy duration (Sep 2012)
item Grain aeration (Sep 2012)
item Drying, handling, and storage of raw commodities (Sep 2012)
item Infrared spectral properties of germ, pericarp, and endosperm sections of sound wheat kernels and those damaged by Fusarium graminearum (Sep 2012)
item Development of equilibrium moisture relationships for storage moisture monitoring of corn (Sep 2012)
item Measurement of single soybean seed attributes by near infrared technologies. A comparative study (Aug 2012)
item Innovative storage solutions to improve food security for small farmers (Aug 2012)
item Using near-infrared spectroscopy to resolve the species, gender, age, and the presence of Wolbachia infection in laboratory-reared Drosophila (Jul 2012)
item Differential accumulation of deoxynivalenol in two winter wheat cultivars varying in FHB phenotype response under field conditions (Jul 2012)
item Coupling calcium/calmodulin-mediated signaling and herbivore-induced plant response calmodulin-binding transcription factor AtSR1/CAMTA3 (Jun 2012)
item Detection of fungal damaged popcorn using image property covariance features (Jun 2012)
item Determination of moisture content using NIR Reflectance Spectroscopty with single calibration for both Valencia and Virginia in-shell peanuts (Jun 2012)
item Nondestructive measurement of moisture content of different types of wheat using a single calibration with a parallel-plate capacitance sensor (Jun 2012)
item Assessing multiple quality attributes of peaches using spectral absorption and scattering properties (May 2012)
item USDA-ARS update (May 2012)
item Griddlestones from Adak Island, Alaska: Their provenance and the biological origins of organic residues from cooking (Apr 2012)
item Prediction of soluble solids content of blueberries using hyperspectral imaging (Apr 2012)
item Peanuts and their nutritional aspects (Apr 2012)
item Analysis of absorption and scattering spectra for assessing apple fruit internal quality after harvest and storage (Apr 2012)
item Detection of lesser grain borer larvae in internally infested kernels of brown rice and wheat using an electrically conductive roller mill (Mar 2012)
item Wounding coordinately induces cell wall protein, cell cycle and pectin methyl esterase genes involved in tuber closing layer and wound periderm development (Jan 2012)
item Transcriptional Analysis of Dormancy and Sprout Control in Potato (Jan 2012)
item Analysis of moisture content, total oil and fatty acid composition by NIR reflectance spectroscopy: a review (Jan 2012)
item Development of automated inspection technology for quality grading of pickling cucumbers (Dec 2011)
item Short Report: The effect of preservation methods on predicting mosquito age by near-infrared spectroscopy (Dec 2011)
item Nondestructive analysis of in-shell peanuts for moisture content using a custom built NIR Spectrometer (Dec 2011)
item Integrated spectral and image analysis of hyperspectral scattering data for prediction of apple fruit firmness and soluble solids content (Nov 2011)
item Data fusion of visible/near-infrared spectroscopy and spectral scattering for apple quality assessment (Aug 2011)
item Analysis of hyperspectral scattering profiles using a generalized Gaussian distribution function for prediction of apple firmness and soluble solids content (Aug 2011)
item Development of a cost-effective machine vision system for in-field sorting and grading of apples: Fruit orientation and size estimation (Aug 2011)
item Relative performance evaluation of a custom-made near infrared reflectance instrument and two commercial instruments (Foss and ASD) in the nondestructive moisture content measurement of in-shell peanuts (Aug 2011)
item Regulation of cold-induced sweetening in potatoes and markers for fast-track new variety development (Aug 2011)
item Differential expression of the enzymes associated with cold-induced sweetening in long term cold stored potatoes (Aug 2011)
item Regulation of sprout growth in potato tubers during storage (Aug 2011)
item Gene expression regulation of sprout inhibition and water retention genes in potatoes by 1,4-dimethylnapthalene (DMN) (Aug 2011)
item Nondestructive NIR reflectance spectroscopic method for rapid fatty acid analysis of peanut seeds (Jul 2011)
item Estimating the Kernel Mass Ratio in Peanuts Nondestructively Using a Low-Cost Impedance Meter (Jul 2011)
item Evaluating RNAlater® as a preservative for using near-infrared spectroscopy to predict Anopheles gambiae age and species (Jul 2011)
item Optical Absorption and Scattering Properties of Normal and Defective Pickling Cucumbers for 700-1000 nm (Jul 2011)
item Peach maturity/quality assessment using hyperspectral imaging-based spatially-resolved technique (Jun 2011)
item Detection of Fruit Fly Infestation in Pickling Cucumbers using Hyperspectral Imaging (Jun 2011)
item Coordinate expression of AOS genes and JA accumulation: JA is not required for initiation of closing layer in wound healing tubers (Jun 2011)
item Capacitance sensors for the nondestructive measurement of moisture content in in-shell peanuts (Jun 2011)
item Near-infrared imaging spectroscopy as a tool to discriminate two cryptic Tetramorium ant species (May 2011)
item Effects of integrating cultivar resistance and fungicide application on fusarium head blight and deoxynivalenol in winter wheat (May 2011)
item Development of a Low-Cost Attitude Sensor for Agricultural Vehicles (May 2011)
item Multi-sensor Data Fusion for Improved Prediction of Apple Fruit Firmness and Soluble Solids Content (Apr 2011)
item The effects of dormancy status on the endogenous contents and biological activities of jasmonic acid, n-(jasmonoyl)-isoleucine, and tuberonic acid in potato tubers (Apr 2011)
item First report of in-vitro fludioxonil-resistant isolates of Fusarium spp. causing potato dry rot in Michigan (Jan 2011)
item Near-infrared spectroscopy as a complementary age grading and species identification tool for African malaria vectors (Nov 2010)
item Application of ultrasonic technique in nondestructive food quality analysis: a review (Jun 2010)
item Nondestructive moisture content determination of valencia peanuts by NIR reflectance spectroscopic method (Jun 2010)
item Sorption isotherm modeling of different peanut types (Jun 2010)
item Nanoscale science and engineering forum (706c) design of solid lipid particles with iron oxide quantum dots for the delivery of therapeutic agents (Nov 2009)
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