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United States Department of Agriculture

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Postharvest Handling
item Performance of an IDI Engine Fueled with Fatty Acid Methyl Esters Formulated from Cotton Seeds Oils (Apr 2015)
item Advances in Phenotyping of Functional Traits (Apr 2015)
item Potential Tools for Phenotyping for Physical Characteristics of Plants, Pods, and Seed (Jan 2015)
item Survey of Postharvest Quality Characteristics During Long-Term Farmers Stock Storage (Jan 2015)
item Analysis of Total Oil and Fatty Acids Composition by Near Infrared Reflectance Spectroscopy in Edible Nuts (Aug 2014)
item A growth inhibitory model with SOx influenced effective growth rate for estimation of algal biomass concentration under flue gas atmosphere (Jul 2014)
item Optimization of medium components using orthogonal arrays for ¿-Linolenic acid production by Spirulina platensis (May 2014)
item Oven drying times for moisture content determination of single peanut kernels (May 2014)
item Identification of wheat varieties with a parallel-plate capacitance sensor using fisher linear discriminant analysis (Dec 2013)
item Sensing the Moisture Content of Dry Cherries - A Rapid and Nondestructive Method (Sep 2013)
item Capacitance Sensor For Nondestructive Determination Of Total Oil Content In Nuts (Sep 2013)
item Sensing of moisture content in in-shell peanuts by NIR (Near Infra Red) reflectance spectroscopy (Dec 2012)
item Nondestructive measurement of moisture content of different types of wheat using a single calibration with a parallel-plate capacitance sensor (Jun 2012)
item Determination of moisture content using NIR Reflectance Spectroscopty with single calibration for both Valencia and Virginia in-shell peanuts (Jun 2012)
item Peanuts and their nutritional aspects (Apr 2012)
item Analysis of moisture content, total oil and fatty acid composition by NIR reflectance spectroscopy: a review (Jan 2012)
item Nondestructive analysis of in-shell peanuts for moisture content using a custom built NIR Spectrometer (Dec 2011)
item Relative performance evaluation of a custom-made near infrared reflectance instrument and two commercial instruments (Foss and ASD) in the nondestructive moisture content measurement of in-shell peanuts (Aug 2011)
item Nondestructive NIR reflectance spectroscopic method for rapid fatty acid analysis of peanut seeds (Jul 2011)
item Estimating the Kernel Mass Ratio in Peanuts Nondestructively Using a Low-Cost Impedance Meter (Jul 2011)
item Capacitance sensors for the nondestructive measurement of moisture content in in-shell peanuts (Jun 2011)
item Sorption isotherm modeling of different peanut types (Jun 2010)
item Application of ultrasonic technique in nondestructive food quality analysis: a review (Jun 2010)
item Nondestructive moisture content determination of valencia peanuts by NIR reflectance spectroscopic method (Jun 2010)
item Nanoscale science and engineering forum (706c) design of solid lipid particles with iron oxide quantum dots for the delivery of therapeutic agents (Nov 2009)
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