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item Silencing of omega-5 gliadins in transgenic wheat eliminates a major source of environmental variability and improves dough mixing properties of flour (Dec 2014)
item ‘Fuji’ apple (Malus domestica Borkh) volatile production during high pCO2 controlled atmosphere storage (Nov 2014)
item Specific nongluten proteins of wheat are novel target antigens in celiac disease humoral response (Oct 2014)
item Real time-based targeted Metabolomic approach as risk assessment tools for controlling superficial scald in ‘Granny Smith’ apples during storage (Jun 2014)
item A metabolic profile for ‘Honeycrisp’ apple soggy breakdown, a chilling induced physiological disorder (Jun 2014)
item Selection of low-variance expressed Malus x domestica (apple) genes for use as quantitative PCR reference genes (housekeepers) (Mar 2014)
item An asparagines residue at the N-terminus affects the maturation process of low molecular weight glutenin subunits of wheat endosperm (Mar 2014)
item Thioredoxin-linked redox control of metabolism in Methanocaldococcus jannaschii, an evolutionarily deeply-rooted hyperthermophilic methanogenic archaeon (Feb 2014)
item Interactions between 1-MCP and controlled atmosphere storage on quality and storage disorders of fruits and vegetable. (Sep 2013)
item Pre-harvest calcium application increases biomass and delays senescence of broccoli microgreens (Aug 2013)
item Pithy brown core in ‘d’Anjou’ pear (Pyrus communis L.) fruit developing during controlled atmosphere storage at pO2 determined by monitoring chlorophyll fluorescense (Aug 2013)
item Assessing superficial scald risk in Granny Smith apples during controlled atmosphere storage using biomarker-based technology (Jul 2013)
item Metabolomics combined with standard quality measures of ‘Honeycrisp’ apple fruit reveals aspects of metabolism related to flavor, crispness, maturity, and storability (Jul 2013)
item 1-Mcp Differentially Affects Postharvest Physiological Attributes and Incidence of Internal Browning in Cold Stored ‘gala’ Apples (Jul 2013)
item Integrated metabolomic and transcriptomic profiling illustrates successive phases of increasing gene expression associated with chilling-related apple peel cell death (Jul 2013)
item Apple fruit volatile compound dynamics during storage in low O2 or high CO2 atmospheres (Jun 2013)
item Differential expression of calcium-regulated SlSRs in response to abiotic and biotic stresses in tomato fruit (Feb 2013)
item Cell wall, cell membrane, and volatile metabolism are altered by antioxidant treatment, temperature shifts, and peel necrosis during apple fruit storage (Jan 2013)
item Antioxidant glucosylated caffeoylquinic acid derivatives in the invasive tropical soda apple, Solanum viarum (Dec 2012)
item Development of stem-end internal browning and cracking in cold stored ‘Gala’ apples is related to fruit size (Jul 2012)
item Candidate biomarker discovery and selection for ‘Granny Smith' superficial scald risk management and diagnosis, poster board (Jul 2012)
item Experience with Honeycrisp apple storage management in Washington (Jul 2012)
item Establishing a diagnostic metabolic profile for soggy breakdown, a physiological disorder of stored ‘Honeycrisp’ apple fruit (Jun 2012)
item 'Fuji' and 'Delicious' apple volatile production during high CO2 or low O2 controlled atmosphere storage (Jun 2012)
item Postharvest characteristics of a 'Gala' apple fruit internal browning disorder (Jun 2012)
item Antioxidant treatment alters metabolism associated with internal browning in ‘Braeburn’ apples during CA storage (Jun 2012)
item Membrane lipid metabolism and oxidative stress involved in postharvest ripening, senescence, and storage disorders of fruits (Apr 2012)
item Antioxidant metabolism of 1-methylcyclopropene (1-MCP) treated ‘Empire’ apples during controlled atmosphere storage (Mar 2012)
item Role of lenticel morphology, frequency and density on incidence of lenticel breakdown in 'GALA' apples (Mar 2012)
item Characterization of a calcium/calmodulin-regulated SR/CAMTA gene family during tomato fruit development and ripening (Feb 2012)
item Increase in epidermal planar cell density accompanies decreased russeting of “Golden Delicious” apples treated with gibberellin A4+7 (Feb 2012)
item Decoding of calcium signal through calmodulin: calmodulin-binding proteins in plants (Sep 2011)
item Two new antioxidant malonated caffeoylquinic acid isomers in fruits of wild eggplant relatives (Jul 2011)
item Ripening, storage temperature, ethylene action, and oxidative stress alter apple peel phytosterol metabolism (Jun 2011)
item Dynamics of ascorbic acid in ‘Braeburn’ and ‘Gala’ apples during on-tree development and storage in atmospheres conducive to internal browning development (May 2011)
item Expression profiles of MdACS3 gene suggest function as an accelerator of apple (Malus x domestica) fruit ripening. (May 2011)
item Responses of ‘d’Anjou’ Pear (Pyrus communis L.) fruit to storage at low oxygen setpoints determined by monitoring fruit chlorophyll fluorescence (Mar 2011)
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