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Plant Molecular & Cellular Genetics
item What's the latest on USDA citrus scion breeding? (Nov 2015)
item Mapping QTL for the traits associated with heat tolerance in Wheat (Triticum Aestivum L.) (Nov 2015)
item Detection of gene expression changes in Capsicum annuum L. leaf foliar blight caused by Phytophthora capsici Leon. using qRT-PCR and leaf discs (Sep 2015)
item Identification and distribution of the mating-type idiomorphs in populations of Podosphaera macularis and development of chasmothecia of the fungus (Sep 2015)
item Genetic diversity among synthetic hexaploid wheat accessions with resistance to several fungal diseases (Sep 2015)
item Chloroplast microsatellite markers for Artocarpus (Moraceae) developed from transcriptome sequences (Sep 2015)
item Cold Stress-Induced Disease Resistance(SIDR): Indirect effects of low temperatures on host-pathogen interactions and disease progress in the grapevine powdery mildew pathosystem (Sep 2015)
item Epidemiology and population biology of pseudoperonospora cubensis: a model system for management of downy mildews (Aug 2015)
item Fusarium head blight resistance loci in a stratified population of wheat landraces and varieties (Aug 2015)
item Development of a D genome specific marker resource for diploid and hexaploid wheat (Aug 2015)
item Cotton half seed selection strategy for gossypol and its plus isomer (Aug 2015)
item Uncovering co-expression gene network regulating fruit acidity in diverse apples (Aug 2015)
item Genetic variation for heat tolerance in primitive cultivated subspecies of Triticum turgidum L (Aug 2015)
item Independent mis-splicing mutations in TaPHS1 causing loss of pre-harvest sprouting (PHS) resistance during wheat domestication (Aug 2015)
item Molecular breeding (Aug 2015)
item Effects of hydrogen peroxide on different toxigenic and atoxigenic isolates of Aspergillus flavus (Aug 2015)
item Heterozygous Mapping Strategy (HetMapps)for High Resolution Genotyping-by-Sequencing Markers: a case study in grapevine. (Aug 2015)
item Transcriptomic changes in zebrafish embryos and larvae following benzo[a]pyrene exposure (Aug 2015)
item A short-term carbon dioxide treatment inhibits the browning of fresh-cut burdock (Jul 2015)
item Genomic resources for water yam (Dioscorea alata L.): analyses of EST-Sequences, De Novo sequencing and GBS libraries (Jul 2015)
item Over-expression of FT1 in plum (Prunus domestica) results in phenotypes compatible with spaceflight: a potential new candidate crop for bioregenerative life support systems (Jul 2015)
item Genes critical for the induction of cold acclimation in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) (Jul 2015)
item Transcriptomic analysis reveals numerous diverse protein kinases and transcription factors involved in desiccation tolerance in the resurrection plant Myrothamnus flabellifolia (Jul 2015)
item Mechanisms of quantitative resistance to Erysiphe necator in Vitis rupestris B38 (Jul 2015)
item Comparison of peanut gentics and physical maps provided insights on collinearity, reversions and translocations (Jul 2015)
item Aflatoxin production and environmental oxidative stress in Aspergillus flavus: Implications forhost resistance (Jul 2015)
item Using RNA-sequencing and in silico subtraction to identify resistance gene analog markers for Lr16 in wheat (Jul 2015)
item Dissecting the various responsive modes to drought stress responses in corn with contrasting tolerance to drought (Jul 2015)
item Potential roles of environmental oxidative stress in aflatoxin production revealed in the Aspergillus flavus transcriptome (Jul 2015)
item The Medicago sativa gene index 1.2: a web-accessible gene expression atlas for investigating expression differences between Medicago sativa subspecies (Jul 2015)
item Developmental profiling of gene expression in soybean trifoliate leaves and cotyledons (Jul 2015)
item Analysis of genetic diversity and population structure of peanut cultivars and breeding lines from China, India and USA (Jul 2015)
item Field performance of vegetative form traits of neopolyploids produced by in vitro colchicine treatment in Pyrus communis (Jun 2015)
item Pre- and post-infection activity of fungicides in control of hop downy mildew (Jun 2015)
item Metabolomic and transcriptomic insights into how cotton fiber transitions to secondary wall sythesis, represses lignification, and prolongs elongation (Jun 2015)
item A simple model for pollen-parent fecundity distributions in bee-pollinated forage legume polycrosses (Jun 2015)
item Characterization of a Beta Vulgaris polygalacturonase-inhibiting protein: a defense response gene (Jun 2015)
item QTLs for Biomass and Developmental Traits in Switchgrass (Panicum virgatum) (Jun 2015)
item A bacterial gene codA encoding cytosine deaminase is an effective conditional negative selectable marker in Glycine max (Jun 2015)
item The codA gene as a negative selection marker in Citrus (Jun 2015)
item Wheat stripe rust resistance protein WKS1 reduces the ability of the thylakoid-associated ascorbate peroxidase to detoxify reactive oxygen species (Jun 2015)
item Impacts on the metabolome of down-regulating polyphenol oxidase in transgenic potato tubers (Jun 2015)
item Pseudoperonospora cubensis and P. humuli detection using species-specific probes and high definition melt curve analysis (Jun 2015)
item Characterization of a Beta vulgaris PGIP defense gene promoter in transgenic plants (Jun 2015)
item The knottin-like Blufensin family regulates genes involved in nuclear import and the secretory pathway in barley-powdery mildew interactions (Jun 2015)
item Meta-analysis reveals a critical period for management of powdery mildew on Hop cones (Jun 2015)
item Geographic distribution of soybean aphid biotypes in USA and Canada during 2008 - 2010 (Jun 2015)
item An examination of fungicide sensitivity of Cercospora beticola in Michigan and Ontario sugarbeet (Beta vulgaris) (2014) (Jun 2015)
item Transcriptomes of seeds germinating at temperature extremes (Jun 2015)
item Response of Alternaria spp. from sugar beet leaf spots to fungicides (Jun 2015)
item Examining temperature stress for Cercospora beticola of sugar beet (Jun 2015)
item An HLB-tolerant citrus rootstock: What exactly does that mean? (Jun 2015)
item Sugar beet activities of the USDA-ARS East Lansing conducted in cooperation with Saginaw Research & Extension Center during 2014 (Jun 2015)
item Investigation of the interconversion of L­arabinose and D­xylose as regulated by candidate pathway genes in Beta vulgaris using comparative genomics (Jun 2015)
item BAC-end sequence-based SNP mining in Allotetraploid Cotton (Gossypium) utilizing re-sequencing data, phylogenetic inferences and perspectives for genetic mapping (Jun 2015)
item The first nearly cryptic Scorpionfly (Mecoptera: Panorpidae) from North America (Jun 2015)
item Screening of a dry bean Andean diversity panel for potential sources of resistance to Rhizoctonia crown and root rot (Jun 2015)
item Comparative genomics approaches within Beta vulgaris to reveal loci relevant to root development and secondary metabolite storage traits (Jun 2015)
item Seedling diseases of sugar beet – diversity and host interactions (Jun 2015)
item Risk and maximum residue limits: a study of hops production (May 2015)
item Single nucleotide polymorphism markers linked to QTL for wheat yield traits (May 2015)
item Phenotypic performance of transgenic potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) plants with pyramided rice cystatin genes (OCI and OCII) (May 2015)
item A polymerase chain reaction assay for ascosporic inoculum of Sclerotinia species (May 2015)
item Recombinase technology for precise genome engineering (May 2015)
item Development of consumer-friendly transgenic citrus plants with potential broad spectrum resistance to HLB, Citrus canker, Phytopthora and other exotic diseases (May 2015)
item The development of novel Blood and Cara cara like citrus varieties (May 2015)
item Dynamic evolution of resistance gene analogs in the orthologous genomic regions of powdery mildew resistance gene MlIW170 in Triticum dicoccoides and Aegilops tauschii (May 2015)
item Analysis of genetic diversity and population structure of peanut cultivars and breeding lines from China, India and USA (May 2015)
item Quantitative genetics and utilization of mutants (May 2015)
item Effect of detergent on the quantification of grapevine downy mildew Sporangia from leaf discs (May 2015)
item Genetic mapping of race-specific stem rust resistance in the synthetic hexaploid W7984 x Opata M85 mapping population (May 2015)
item Compositional assessments of key maize populations: B73 hybrids of the nested association mapping founder lines and diverse landrace inbred lines (May 2015)
item Early detection of HLB with metabolomics (May 2015)
item The resurrection genome of Boea hygrometrica: A blueprint for survival of dehydration (May 2015)
item Protein and dry matter degradability of European- and Mediterranean-derived birdsfoot trefoil cultivars grown in the colder continental USA (May 2015)
item Genome-wide association analysis based on multiple imputation with low-depth GBS data: application to biofuel traits in reed canarygrass (May 2015)
item Discovery of huanglongbing (HLB) pre-symptomatic Ribonucleic acid (RNA) biomarkers (May 2015)
item Registration of 'TAM 305' hard red winter Wheat (May 2015)
item Precision QTL mapping of downy mildew resistance in Hop (Humulus lupulus L.) (Apr 2015)
item Carpogenic germination of sclerotia of Sclerotinia minor and ascosporic infection of pyrethrum flowers (Apr 2015)
item Broadly conserved fungal effector BEC1019 suppresses host cell death and enhances pathogen virulence in powdery mildew of barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) (Apr 2015)
item Whole genome sequencing of elite rice cultivars as a comprehensive information resource for marker assisted selection (Apr 2015)
item Abiotic stress in crops: candidate genes, osmolytes, polyamines and biotechnological intervention (Apr 2015)
item Application of the Smith-Hazel selection index for improving biomass yield and quality of switchgrass (Apr 2015)
item Molecular and genetic regulation of tree branch orientation (Apr 2015)
item Modifying glycoalkaloid content in transgenic potato – Metabolome impacts (Apr 2015)
item Registration of isogenic HMW-GS Ax1 protein deficient lines of an elite wheat variety (Apr 2015)
item Sequencing of allotetraploid cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L. acc. TM-1) provides a resource for fiber improvement (Apr 2015)
item What's in a Number? Estimating numbers of viable Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus cells in citrus and ACP (Apr 2015)
item Geographic trend of bud hardiness response in Vitis riparia (Apr 2015)
item Resistance to Aspergillus flavus in maize and peanut: Molecular biology, breeding, environmental stress and future perspectives (Apr 2015)
item Registration of SR98 sugar beet germplasm with resistances to Rhizoctonia seedling and crown and root rot diseases (Apr 2015)
item Overexpression of an ABA biosynthesis gene using a stress inducible promoter enhances drought resistance in petunia (Apr 2015)
item Genotyping-By-Sequencing (GBS) identified SNP tightly linked to QTL for pre-harvest sprouting resistance (Apr 2015)
item Development of microsatellites from Fothergilla xintermedia (Hamamelidaceae) and cross transfer to four other genera within Hamamelidaceae (Apr 2015)
item Genetic mapping of QTLs controlling fatty acids provided insights into the genetic control of fatty acid synthesis pathway in peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.) (Apr 2015)
item Polyamines in plants: biosynthesis from arginine, and metabolic, physiological, and stress-response roles (Apr 2015)
item Brachypodium distachyon-Cochliobolus sativus pathosystem is a new model for studying plant-fungal interactions in cereal crops (Apr 2015)
item Hybrid and selfed seedling progenies of Vitis hybrid ‘Roger’s Red’ grape segregate for tendril distribution (Apr 2015)
item Gaining insight into soybean defense responses using functional genomics approaches (Mar 2015)
item Impaired growth and development of Colorado potato beetle larvae on potato plants overexpressing the oryzacystatin II gene (Mar 2015)
item Spiked GBS: A unified, open platform for single marker genotyping and whole-genome profiling (Mar 2015)
item Selfing rate in an alfalfa seed production field pollinated with leafcutter bees (Mar 2015)
item Development of partial ontogenic resistance to powdery mildew in Hop cones and its management implications (Mar 2015)
item Genetic, evoluntionary and plant breedinginsights from the domestication of maize (Mar 2015)
item Beta PIs from the USDA-ARS NPGS evaluated for resistance to Cercospora beticola, 2014 (Mar 2015)
item Incorporation of flavonoid derivatives or pentagalloyl glucose into lignin enhances cell wall saccharification following mild alkaline or acidic pretreatments (Mar 2015)
item High-density SNP linkage map of lowland Panicum virgatum L. (switchgrass) using genotyping by sequencing (Mar 2015)
item Replication concepts for bioenergy research experiments (Mar 2015)
item Genotyping by sequencing enabled mapping and marker development for the By-2 potyvirus resistance allele in common bean (Mar 2015)
item Genetic and agronomic assessment of cob traits in corn under low and normal nitrogen management conditions (Mar 2015)
item Report of the 2014 uniform regional scab nursery for spring wheat parents (Mar 2015)
item Candidate gene association mapping for winter survival and spring regrowth in perennial ryegrass (Mar 2015)
item Grass and legume effects on nutritive value of complex forage mixtures (Mar 2015)
item A wheat ABC transporter contributes to both grain formation and mycotoxin tolerance (Mar 2015)
item Use of PCR-RFLP analysis to monitor fungicide resistance in Cercospora beticola populations from sugarbeet (Beta vulgaris) in Michigan, United States (Mar 2015)
item Identification and mapping of quantitative trait loci (QTL) conferring resistance to Fusarium graminearum from soybean PI 567301B (Feb 2015)
item Report on hard red spring wheat varieties grown in cooperative plot and nursery experiments in the spring wheat region in 2014 (Feb 2015)
item Precisely mapping a major gene conferring resistance to Hessian fly in bread wheat using genotyping-by-sequencing (Feb 2015)
item Polyamine interactions with plant hormones: crosstalk at several levels (Feb 2015)
item Gentiana dinarica Beck hairy root cultures and evaluation of factors affecting growth and xanthone production (Feb 2015)
item Strategies for RUN1 deployment using RUN2 and REN2 to manage grapevine powdery mildew informed by studies of race-specificity (Feb 2015)
item Effect of cytoplasmic diversity on post anthesis heat tolerance in wheat (Feb 2015)
item Aflatoxin production and oxidative stress in Aspergillus flavus (Feb 2015)
item Hallauer’s Tusón: a decade of selection for tropical-to-temperate phenological adaptation in maize (Feb 2015)
item 21st century approach to improving Burbank's 'stoneless' plum (Feb 2015)
item Grape Pigments (Feb 2015)
item Combining ability, heritability, and genotypic correlations for lint yield and fiber quality of Upland cotton in delayed planting (Feb 2015)
item QTL analysis of disease resistance to leaf spots and TSWV in peanut (Arachis hypogaea) (Jan 2015)
item Auxin-induced degradation dynamics set the pace for lateral root development (Jan 2015)
item A high resolution genetic linkage map of soybean based on 357 recombinant inbred lines genotyped with BARCSoySNP6K (Jan 2015)
item Unbalanced activation of glutathione metabolic pathways suggests potential involvement in plant defense against the gall midge mayetiola destructor in wheat (Jan 2015)
item Expression of a synthetic antimicrobial peptide, D4E1, in Gladiolus plants for resistance to Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. gladioli (Jan 2015)
item Black knot [Apiosporina morbosa (Schw.)] resistance in imported and domestic Prunus domestica L. germplasm and cultivars (Jan 2015)
item The Brachypodium-Puccinia graminis system: Solving a puzzle to uncover the underlying mechanisms of non-host resistance and plant immunity (Jan 2015)
item Comparative analysis of homoeoallele expression in the tocol biosynthetic pathway during oat seed development (Jan 2015)
item Grazing in an uncertain environment: Modeling the trade-off between production and robustness (Jan 2015)
item Cool-season grass sward structure influences intake of grazing cattle (Jan 2015)
item Genome-wide association study based on multiple imputation with low-depth sequencing data: application to biofuel traits in reed canarygrass (Jan 2015)
item Maize sensitivity to drought stress is associated with differential responses to reactive oxygen species (Jan 2015)
item Polypetide signaling molecules in plant development (Jan 2015)
item Population genomic variation reveals roles of history, adaptation, and ploidy in switchgrass (Jan 2015)
item Genomic selection in switchgrass (Jan 2015)
item Genomic profiling of plum Prunus domestica L. germplasm using genotyping-by-sequencing (Jan 2015)
item Detecting genetic associations with phenology in switchgrass using exome-capture (Jan 2015)
item Diversity of the breadfruit complex (Artocarpus, Moraceae): Genetic characterization of critical germplasm (Jan 2015)
item Benefits of transgenic insect resistance in Brassica hybrids under selection (Jan 2015)
item Ginning efficiency - research progress (Jan 2015)
item Identification and genetic mapping of the putative Thinopyrum intermedium-derived dominant powdery mildew resistance gene PmL962 on wheat chromosome arm 2BS (Jan 2015)
item The beet Y locus encodes an anthocyanin-MYB-like protein that activates the betalain red pigment pathway (Jan 2015)
item Resistance and tolerance to huanglongbing in citrus (Jan 2015)
item Thrips tabaci (Thysanoptera: Thripidae) and Iris yellow spot virus associated with onion transplants, onion volunteers, and weeds in Colorado (Dec 2014)
item The ULT trxG Fatcors play a role in Arabidopsis Fertilization (Dec 2014)
item Immunomodulation by the Pseudomonas syringae HopZ Type III Effector Family in Aribidopsis (Dec 2014)
item The dicerlike-1 homologue, fuzzy tassel, is required for the regulatin of meristem deteminancy in the inflorescence and vegetative growth in maize (Dec 2014)
item Transcriptomic analyses indicate that maize ligule development recapitulates gene expression patterns that occur during lateral organ initiation (Dec 2014)
item Gene regularity interactions at lateral organ buondaries in maize (Dec 2014)
item Microscopic evaluation of gland initiation and development in cotton ovules (Dec 2014)
item A comparative meta-analysis of QTL between intraspecific Gossypium hirsutum interspecific populations and Gossypium hirsutum x Gossypium barbadense populations (Dec 2014)
item The miR9863 family regulates distinct Mla alleles in barley to attenuate NLR receptor-triggered disease resistance and cell-death signaling (Dec 2014)
item Molecular basis of angiosperm tree architecture (Dec 2014)
item Genetic introgression of ethylene-suppressed, long shelf-life transgenic tomatoes with higher-polyamines trait overcomes many unintended effects due to reduced ethylene on metabolome (Dec 2014)
item Developing disease resistant stone fruits (Dec 2014)
item Controlling plant architecture by manipulation of gibberellic acid signalling in petunia (Dec 2014)
item Utilization of early flowering genes to accelerate the genetic improvement of long-generation cycle plant species (Dec 2014)
item New tools and new perspectives in sugar beet breeding (Dec 2014)
item Impact of transient heat stress on polar lipid metabolism in seedlings of wheat near-isogenic lines contrasting in resistance to hessian fly (Cecidomyiidae) infestation (Dec 2014)
item Development of microsatellites from Cornus mas L. (Cornaceae) and characterization of genetic diversity of cornelian cherries from China, central Europe, and the United States (Nov 2014)
item Genetic and protein sequence variation of CBF1-4 in cold hardy wild grapevine germplasm (Nov 2014)
item Soybean aphid feeding on resistant soybean leads to induction of xenobiotic stress response and suppression of salivary effector genes (Nov 2014)
item Expression of a cystatin transgene can confer resistance to root lesion nematodes in Lilium longiflorum (Nov 2014)
item Disease resistance: Molecular mechanisms and biotechnological applications (Nov 2014)
item 'Gem': a new precocious, productive pear cultivar (Nov 2014)
item Combinatorial Complexity in a Transcriptionally-centered Signaling Hub in Arabidopsis. (Nov 2014)
item Considerations for Marker-assisted selection in peanut (Nov 2014)
item Development of introgression lines and advanced backcross QTL analysis for disease resistance, oil quality and yield component traits in peanut (Nov 2014)
item Identification of conjoint genomic regions for multiple traits using RIL populations through meta-QTL analysis in peanut (Nov 2014)
item Combining genomic approaches to understand genetic control of aflatoxin contamination in peanut (Nov 2014)
item An overview on peanut germplasm collection, evaluation, and utilization in China (Nov 2014)
item QTL mapping & quantitative disease resistance to TSWV and leaf spots in a recombinant inbred line population SunOleic 97R and C94022 of peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.) (Nov 2014)
item Genetic mapping and QTL analysis of disease resistance traits in peanut population Tifrunner x GT-C20 (Nov 2014)
item Towards deploying genomic selection for improving complex traits in peanut (Nov 2014)
item The potential role of oxidative stress in Aspergillus flavus survivability and aflatoxin biosynthesis (Nov 2014)
item Prohexadione-calcium improves the establishment and yield of alfalfa interseeded as a dual purpose cover-forage crop into silage corn (Nov 2014)
item Yield, morphological development, and forage quality characteristics of European- and Mediterranean-derived birdsfoot trefoil cultivars grown in the colder continental United States (Nov 2014)
item Effect of foliar vs. seed-applied gibberellin inhibitors on the establishment and forage yield of alfalfa interseeded into silage corn (Nov 2014)
item Ginning efficiency in upland cotton - a value-added trait in cotton improvement (Nov 2014)
item ULTRAPETALA trxG genes interact with KANADI transcription factor genes to regulate Aradopsis Gynoecium patterning (Nov 2014)
item Midwest vision for sustainable fuel production (Nov 2014)
item Storage rot in sugar beet: variable response over time and with different host germplasm (Nov 2014)
item Fungicide sensitivity testing of Cercospora beticola from sugarbeet in the Great Lakes Region (Nov 2014)
item ‘US Furr’ and ‘US Furr-ST’ Mandarin (Oct 2014)
item Natural variation at sympathy for the ligule controls penetrance of the semidominant lioguleless narrow-R mutation in Zea mays (Oct 2014)
item The shade avoidance syndrome in Aribdopsis: the antoagonistic role of phtochrome a and B differentiates vegetation (Oct 2014)
item Quantification of Sclerotinia homoeocarpa overwintering in planta and detection in commercial seed (Oct 2014)
item Protein profiles reveal diverse responsive signaling pathways in kernels of two maize inbred lines with contrasting drought sensitivity (Oct 2014)
item Genetics correlation and path coefficient analysis of cotton yield with some contributing quantitative and qualitative traits in Upland Cotton (Gosspypium hirsutum L.) (Oct 2014)
item Cyclic lipopeptides from Bacillus subtilis ABS-S14 elicit defense-related gene expression in citrus fruit (Oct 2014)
item A computational platform to maintain and migrate manual functional annotations for BioCyc databases (Oct 2014)
item ULTRAPETALA and LEAFY pathways function independently in specifying identity and determinacy at the Arabidopsis flower meristem (Oct 2014)
item Progress in breeding Andean common bean for resistance to common bacerial blight (Oct 2014)
item Exogenous salicylic acid enhances the resistance of wheat seedlings to hessian fly (Diptera: Cecidomyiidae) infestation under heat stress (Oct 2014)
item Insights into the effects of long-term artificial selection on seed size in maize (Sep 2014)
item Mechanisms of resistance to an azole fungicide in the grapevine powdery mildew fungus, Erysiphe necator (Sep 2014)
item SNP markers linked to QTL conditioning plant height, lodging, and maturity in soybean (Sep 2014)
item Genome-wide study of KNOX regulatory network reveals brassinosteroid catabolic genes important for shoot meristem function in rice (Sep 2014)
item Rapid qualitative and quantitative analysis of proanthocyanidin oligomers and polymers by UPLC-MS/MS (Sep 2014)
item Hormonal and metabolic regulation of tomato fruit sink activity and yield under salinity (Aug 2014)
item Effects of postharvest curing treatment on flesh color and phenolic metabolism in fresh-cut potato products (Aug 2014)
item Identification of candidate genes involved in early iron deficiency chlorosis signaling in soybean (Glycine max) roots and leaves (Aug 2014)
item Heterosis and reciprocal-cross effects in tetraploid switchgrass (Aug 2014)
item Transgene autoexcision in switchgrass pollen mediated by the Bxb1 recombinase (Aug 2014)
item Essential role of eIF5-mimic protein in animal development is linked to control of ATF4 expression (Aug 2014)
item Genomewide association studies for 50 agronomic traits in peanut using the 'reference set' comprising 300 genotypes from 48 countries of the semi-arid tropics of the world (Aug 2014)
item Use of refuse in host plant resistance systems for the control of virulent biotype adaptation in the soybean aphid (Aug 2014)
item Nucleotide polymorphism and copy number variant detection using exome capture and next generation sequencing in the polyploid grass Panicum virgatum (Aug 2014)
item Plant disease resistance is augmented in uzu barley lines modified in the brassinosteroid receptor BRI1 (Aug 2014)
item Drought-responsive protein profiles reveal diverse defense pathways in corn kernels under field drought atress (Aug 2014)
item Population genomic variation reveals roles of history, adaptation and ploidy in switchgrass (Aug 2014)
item The molecular basis for tree growth habit in Prunus persica (peach) (Aug 2014)
item Maize databases (Aug 2014)
item Concepts of sustainability, motivations for pest management approaches, and implications for communicating change (Aug 2014)
item Association analysis of stem rust resistance in U.S. Winter Wheat (Jul 2014)
item Characterization of 12 polymorphic microsatellite loci of Pityopsis graminifolia var. latifolia (Jul 2014)
item 'Gem': a new pear cultivar from the USDA pear breeding program (Jul 2014)
item Genetic interactions underlying tree branch orientation (Jul 2014)
item BC4GO: a full-text corpus for the BioCreative IV GO Task (Jul 2014)
item Update on the genomics and basic biology of Brachypodium: International Brachypodium Initiative (IBI) (Jul 2014)
item Biotype differences for resistance to Russian wheat aphid in barley (Jul 2014)
item Crop damage caused by Powdery Mildew on Hop and its relationship to late season management (Jun 2014)
item Powdery mildew outbreaks caused by Podosphaera macularis on Hop cultivars possessing the resistance gene R6 in the Pacific Northwestern United States (Jun 2014)
item Evolution of the fruit endocarp: molecular mechanisms underlying adaptations in seed protection and dispersal strategies (Jun 2014)
item Avirulence effector discovery in a plant galling and plant parasitic arthropod, the Hessian fly (Mayetiola destructor) (Jun 2014)
item Red crown rot of Hop in Oregon caused by Phomopsis tuberivora (Jun 2014)
item Fine physical and genetic mapping of powdery mildew resistance gene MlIW172 originating from wild emmer(Triticum dicoccoides) (Jun 2014)
item Yield, morphological characteristics, and chemical composition of European- and Mediterranean-derived birdsfoot trefoil cultivars grown in the colder continental United States (Jun 2014)
item Identification of quantitative trait loci(QTL) controlling important fatty acids in peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.) (Jun 2014)
item Genetic mapping of FAD2 genes and their relative contribution towards oil quality in peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.) (Jun 2014)
item Characterization of reniform nematode genome through shotgun sequencing (Jun 2014)
item Pyrosequencing reveals the predominance of Pseudomonadaceae in gut microbiome of a Gall Midge (Jun 2014)
item The basic helix-loop-helix transcription factor family in the sacred lotus, Nelumbo nucifera (Jun 2014)
item A mutually assured destruction mechanism attentuates light signaling in Arabidopsis (Jun 2014)
item Root expression from a Beta vulgaris promoter in transgenic Arabidopsis plants (Jun 2014)
item Translational research in agricultural biology - enhancing crop resistivity against environmental stress alongside nutritional quality (Jun 2014)
item Highly interactive nature of flower-specific enhancers and promoters, and its potential impact on tissue-specific expression and engineering of multiple genes or agronomic traits (Jun 2014)
item Identification of QTL associated with resistance to leafhopper species Empoasca fabae and Empoasca kraemeri in common bean (Jun 2014)
item Seedling vigor and stand establishment: transcriptome profiling of sugar beet under temperature stress (Jun 2014)
item Strategic Sugar Beet Germplasm Resource Development (Jun 2014)
item Transcriptome of the developing ‘C869’ root (Jun 2014)
item Response of sugar beet recombinant inbred lines to post-harvest rot fungi (Jun 2014)
item Project 722: Seedling diseases of sugar beet – diversity and host interactions (Jun 2014)
item Assembling a draft genome sequence of USDA germplasm release 'C869' (Jun 2014)
item First report of Fusarium proliferatum causing dry rot in Michigan commercial potato (Solanum tuberosum) production (Jun 2014)
item Sugar beet activities of the USDA-ARS East Lansing conducted in cooperation with Saginaw Research & Extension Center during 2013 (including Project 905) (Jun 2014)
item Understanding Beta vulgaris taproot storage characteristics and relationships between biomass, sucrose, betalain and water accumulation using inbred mapping populations (Jun 2014)
item Plant water relations II: how plants manage water deficit and why it matters (May 2014)
item Multitasking antimicrobial peptides, plant development, and host defense against biotic/abiotic stress (May 2014)
item Construction of dense linkage maps "on the fly" using early generation wheat breeding populations (May 2014)
item Mutations in SACPD-C result in a range of elevated stearic acid concentration in soybean seed (May 2014)
item Commonality analysis and selection of parents for with-in boll yield components in Upland cotton (May 2014)
item Research seeks to improve the establishment and subsequent yield of alfalfa interseeded into silage corn (May 2014)
item Five cycles of selection for 2,4-D resistance in red clover (May 2014)
item Modeling forage legume polycross pollen-parent gamete contributions to progeny based on empirical measurements with implications for effective polycross size (May 2014)
item Broadening the U.S. alfalfa germplasm base (May 2014)
item Reed canarygrass yield improvement (May 2014)
item Reed canarygrass: friend and foe? (May 2014)
item Quantitative trait loci for Fusarium head blight resistance in Huangcandou x 'Jagger' wheat (May 2014)
item Vigor and persistence of birdsfoot trefoil (Lotus corniculatus L.) populations selected with or without an orchardgrass (Dactylis glomerata L.) companion evaluated in grass sod (May 2014)
item Advances in proteomics research for peanut genetics and breeding (May 2014)
item Release of ‘XRAV-40-4’ black bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) cultivar (May 2014)
item Registration of 'Cowboy' wheat (May 2014)
item Fusarium-damaged kernels and deoxynivalenol in Fusarium-infected U.S. Winter Wheat (May 2014)
item Development of biological control of Tetranychus urticae (Acari:Tetranychidae) and Phorodon humuli (Hemiptera: Aphididae) in Oregon Hop yards (Apr 2014)
item Suppression of Hop Looper (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) by the fungicide Pyraclostrobin (Apr 2014)
item Molecular markers for identification of Hessian fly males caught on pheromone traps (Apr 2014)
item Impact of temperatures to Hessian Fly resistance of selected wheat cultivars in the Great Plains Region (Apr 2014)
item Soil nitrate and forage yields of corn grown with clover or grass companion crops and manure (Apr 2014)
item Genome-wide identification of WRKY family genes and their response to cold stress in Vitis vinifera (Apr 2014)
item The efficiency of RNA interference for conferring stable resistance to Plum Pox Virus (Apr 2014)
item Registration of 'Antero' Wheat (Apr 2014)
item Development of tools for Macrophomina phaseolina evaluation and for genetic improvement of resistance in common bean (Apr 2014)
item Resistance of common bean breeding lines to Phaeoisariopsis griseola isolates from Honduras (Apr 2014)
item Inheritance of high levels of resistance to common bacterial blight caused by Xanthomonas Axonopodis pv. Phaseoli in common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) (Apr 2014)
item QTL mapping for drought tolerance using a RIL population (Apr 2014)
item Register of new fruit and nut cultivars list 47 (Apr 2014)
item The genetic architecture of maize height (Apr 2014)
item Response of Andean and Mesoamerican common bean genotypes to inoculation with rhizobium strains. (Apr 2014)
item Evaluation of virulence of different isolates of Macrophomina phaseolina in common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) using two inoculation methods. (Apr 2014)
item Evaluation of the tepary bean (Phaseolus acutifolius) CIAT germplasm collection for response to common bacterial blight and bean common mosaic necrosis virus (Apr 2014)
item Beta PIs from the USDA-ARS NPGS evaluated for resistance to Cercospora beticola, 2013 (Mar 2014)
item Transposable element junctions in marker development and genomic characterization of barley (Mar 2014)
item Characterization of resistance to powdery mildew in the Hop cultivars Newport and Comet (Mar 2014)
item Field drying rate differences among three cool-season grasses (Mar 2014)
item Comparative gut transcriptome analysis reveals differences between virulent and avirulent biotypes of the Russian wheat aphid, Diuraphis noxia (Mar 2014)
item Sub-lethal glyphosate exposure increases outcrossing potential in Brassica spp. by altering flowering phenology and causing transient male-sterility (Mar 2014)
item Report of the 2013 uniform regional scab nursery for spring wheat parents (Mar 2014)
item Identifying new lignin bioengineering targets for improving biomass and forage utilization: a review of biomimetic studies with maize cell walls (Mar 2014)
item Yield gains in cool-season forage legumes, cool-season forage grasses, and switchgrass (Mar 2014)
item Reactive oxygen species and their possible role in defense signaling in maize-Aspergilus flavus interations (Mar 2014)
item Temperate grass response to extent and timing of grazing (Mar 2014)
item Divergent selection for secondary traits in upland tetraploid switchgrass and effects on sward biomass yield (Mar 2014)
item Inheritance of secondary morphological traits for among-and-within-family selection in upland tetraploid switchgrass (Mar 2014)
item Predictive relationships between plant morphological traits and biomass yield in switchgrass (Mar 2014)
item Distinct function of COAR and B3 domains of maize VP1 in induction of ectopic gene expression and plant developmental phenotypes in Arabidopsis (Mar 2014)
item Cercospora leaf spot: monitoring and managing fungicide resistance in populations of Cercospora beticola in Michigan (Mar 2014)
item Spatiotemporal characterization of Sclerotinia crown rot epidemics in pyrethrum (Feb 2014)
item Effects on specific promoter DNA methylation in zebrafish embryos and larvae following benzo[a]pyrene exposure (Feb 2014)
item Molecular markers linked to genes important for Hard Winter Wheat production and marketing in the U.S. Great Plains (Feb 2014)
item The ten years (2004-2014): Progress in peanut genetics and genomics (Feb 2014)
item Report on hard red spring wheat varieties grown in cooperative plot and nursery experiments in the spring wheat region in 2013 (Feb 2014)
item The ERECTA receptor kinase regulates Arabidopsis shoot apical meristem size, phyllotaxy and floral meristem identity (Feb 2014)
item Genome-wide association analysis identified SNPs closely linked to a gene resistant to Soil-borne wheat mosaic virus (Feb 2014)
item An evaluation of genotyping by sequencing (GBS) to map the Breviaristatum-e (ari-e) locus in cultivated barley (Feb 2014)
item Plant water relations I: uptake and transport (Feb 2014)
item Transient heat-stress compromises the resistance of wheat seedlings to Hessian fly (Diptera: Cecidomyiidae) infestation (Feb 2014)
item Virulence and biotype analyses of Hessian Fly (Mayetiola destructor) populations from Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma (Feb 2014)
item Crop damage from Sclerotinia crown rot and risk factors in pyrethrum (Jan 2014)
item The rise of the undead:Pseudokinases as mediators of effector-triggered immunity (Jan 2014)
item A division in PIN-medicated patterning during lateral organ initiation in grasses (Jan 2014)
item Transgene expression of lilies grown in the greenhouse and outdoors (Jan 2014)
item Environmental influences on maize-Aspergillus flavus interactions and aflatoxin production (Jan 2014)
item Selection, fitness, and control of grape isolates of Botrytis cinerea variably sensitive to fenhexamid (Jan 2014)
item Mining cotton germplasm resources to fight Cotton Leaf Curl Virus (Jan 2014)
item Propects of glandless cotton production in New Mexico (Jan 2014)
item Genetic and phenotypic analysis of shoot apical and floral meristem development (Jan 2014)
item Alfalfa, clovers, and grasses as companion crops for silage corn (Jan 2014)
item Using transcription of six Puccinia triticina races to identify the secretome during infection of wheat (Jan 2014)
item Mapping FAD2 genes on peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.) genome and contribution to oil quality (Jan 2014)
item Variation in the chilling requirement and bud burst rate of wild Vitis species (Jan 2014)
item Registration of near-isogenic winter wheat germplasm contrasting in Fhb1 for fusarium head blight resistance (Jan 2014)
item Flower development: open questions and future directions (Jan 2014)
item Chemically induced mutation to improve fiber traits in upland cotton (Jan 2014)
item Registration of 'Clara CL' Wheat (Jan 2014)
item Field drying rate differences amoung cool-season grasses harvested for hay (Jan 2014)
item Incidence and severity of Asiatic citrus canker on citrus and citrus–related germplasm in a Florida field planting (Jan 2014)
item Quantifying the effects of uniconazole on growth and yield of pyrethrum in Australia (Jan 2014)
item The potato psyllid genome project (Jan 2014)
item The wheat HMW-glutenin 1Dy10 gene promoter controls endosperm expression in Brachypodium distachyon (Jan 2014)
item Unequal redundancies in KNOX genes (Jan 2014)
item Field efficacy of nonpathogenic Streptomyces species against potato common scab (Jan 2014)
item Above- and below-ground grass growth responds to grazing management (Jan 2014)
item Parallel analysis of RNA ends enhances global investigation of microRNAs and target RNAs of Brachypodium distachyon (Dec 2013)
item Differentially expressed proteins associated with Fusarium head blight resistance in wheat (Dec 2013)
item Protein synthesis alongation factors EF-Tu and eEF1A: biosynthesis, functions and application in the improvement of heat tolerance in plants (Dec 2013)
item Weather, disease, and wheat breeding effects on Kansas wheat varietal yields, 1985 to 2011 (Dec 2013)
item QTL analysis for disease resistance using F2 and F5 genetic maps in peanut (Arachis hapogaea L.) (Dec 2013)
item 2013 North Dakota Transgenic Barley Research and FHB Nursery Report (Dec 2013)
item Testing transgenic spring wheat and barley lines for reaction to Fusarium head blight: 2013 Field nursery report (Dec 2013)
item Minimizing crop damage through understanding relationships between pyrethrum phenology and ray blight disease severity (Nov 2013)
item Complete genome sequence of channel catfish gastrointestinal sepicemia isolate Edwardsiella tarda C07-087 (Nov 2013)
item Appliation of rad-sequencing to linkage mapping in citrus (Nov 2013)
item SNPMeta: SNP annotation and SNP metadata collection without a reference genome (Nov 2013)
item Cytological and comparative proteomic analyses on male sterility in Brassica napus L. induced by the chemical hybridization agent monosulphuron ester sodium (Nov 2013)
item Tree fruit breeding for the 21st Century (Nov 2013)
item The Arabidopsis ZED1 pseudokinase is required for ZAR1-mediated immunity induced by the Pseudomonas syringae type III effector HopZ1a (Oct 2013)
item Gene regulatory networks elucidating Huanglongbing disease mechanisms (Sep 2013)
item iTAG Barley: A 9-12 curriculum to explore inheritance of traits and genes using Oregon Wolfe barley (Sep 2013)
item Genome analysis of nonhost resistance to stem rust in Brachypodium (Sep 2013)
item Selection methods in forage breeding: a quantitative appraisal (Sep 2013)
item Genomic selection in forage breeding: accuracy and methods (Sep 2013)
item Multisite light-induced phosphorylation of the transcription factor PIF3 is necessary for both its rapid degradation and concomitant negative feedback modulation of photoreceptor phyB levels in Arabidopsis (Jul 2013)
item Dark side of reducing sugars. Sugar isn’t always desirable, at least not in potato processing (Jul 2013)
item Cloning and characterization of a critical regulator for pre-harvest sprouting in Wheat (Jul 2013)
item Wheat Mds-1 encodes a heat-shock protein and governs susceptibility towards the Hessian fly gall midge (Jun 2013)
item Overexpression of a citrus NDR1 ortholog increases disease resistance in Arabidopsis (Jun 2013)
item Grazing management effects on pasture productivity – extent of grazing (May 2013)
item Grazing management effects on pasture productivity – timing of grazing (May 2013)
item Germplasm release (DY10-DLC Wheat) (May 2013)
item The prevalence of different strains of Rhizoctonia solani associated with Rhizoctonia crown and root rot symptoms in Ontario sugarbeet fields (Jan 2013)
item How to pattern a leaf (Nov 2012)
item Horticulture take-home messages. Grower Day Summary: 2011 International HLB Meeting, Orlando, Florida (Apr 2011)
item Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus (CLas) titer in field HLB-exposed commercial citrus cultivars (Apr 2011)
item Summaries of research Sessions: 14.10 host resistance (Apr 2009)
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