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United States Department of Agriculture

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Plant Germplasm Characterization
item Genetic variation in the USDA Chamaecrista Fasciculata collection (Aug 2105)
item Hybridization of cultivated Vitis vinifera with wild V. californica and V. girdiana in California (Nov 2015)
item GrainGenes: Changing Times, Changing Databases, Digital Evolution. (Nov 2015)
item A map of single nucleotide polymorphisms of the date palm (Phoenix dactylifera) based on whole genome sequencing of 62 varieties (Nov 2015)
item YeATS- a tool suite for analyzing RNA-seq derived transcriptome identifies a highly transcribed putative extensin in heartwood/sapwood transition zone in black walnut (Nov 2015)
item Genetic diversity and population structure of collard landraces and their relationship to other Brassica oleracea crops (Nov 2015)
item Droplet-vitrification and morphological studies of cryopreserved shoot tips of cultivated and wild pineapple genotypes (Oct 2015)
item Seed production from Aeschynomene genetic resources rescued and regenerated using aeroponics (Oct 2015)
item Genetic relationship in Cicer Sp. expose evidence for geneflow between the cultigen and its wild progenitor (Oct 2015)
item Development of SSR markers and assessment of genetic diversity of alzuki bean in the Chinese germplasm collection (Sep 2015)
item Ploidy of USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) world pear germplasm collection determined by flow cytometry (Sep 2015)
item Cucumber as a model plant to study mitochondrial-nuclear interactions (Sep 2015)
item Genetic diversity of medlar (Mespilus germanica) germplasm using microsatellite markers (Sep 2015)
item Comparison of accessions from the UK and US national pear germplasm collections with a standardized set of microsatellite markers (Sep 2015)
item Synteny analysis in Rosids with a walnut physical map reveals slow genome evolution in long-lived woody perennials (Sep 2015)
item Identification of quantitative trait loci controlling sugar content based on an enriched genetic linkage map of sugarcane (Saccharum spp. hybrids) cultivar ‘LCP 85-384’ (Sep 2015)
item Newly identified natural high oleate mutant from Arachis hypogaea L. subsp. hypogaea (Sep 2015)
item Fine genetic mapping of target leaf spot resistance gene cca-3 in cucumber, Cucumis sativus L. (Sep 2015)
item A novel allele of monoecious (m) locus is responsible for elongated fruit shape and perfect flowers in cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.) (Sep 2015)
item Sequence-characterized amplified polymorphism markers for selecting rind stripe pattern in watermelon (Citrullus lanatus var. lanatus) (Sep 2015)
item Pea (Pisum sativum L.) (Sep 2015)
item Development of a D genome specific marker resource for diploid and hexaploid wheat (Aug 2015)
item Variation for epicuticular waxes and thrips resistance in onion (Aug 2015)
item Genomic diversity and phylogenetic relationships in the genus Parthenium (Asteraceae) (Aug 2015)
item Registration of four winter-hardy faba bean germplasm lines for use in winter pulse and cover crop development (Aug 2015)
item Genetic relationships in Cucurbita pepo (pumpkin, squash, gourd) as viewed with high frequency oligonucleotide–targeting active gene (HFO–TAG) markers (Aug 2015)
item Impact of Wheat streak mosaic virus and Triticum mosaic virus co-infection of wheat on transmission rates by wheat curl mites (Aug 2015)
item Mead (Aug 2015)
item Fungi (Aug 2015)
item Genetic diversity analysis of sugarcane germplasm based on fluorescence-labeled simple sequence repeat markers and a capillary electrophoresis-based genotyping platform (Aug 2015)
item Analysis of genetic and nutritional diversity among selected accessions of dry beans and nuña beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) from the USDA-ARS National Plant Germplasm System (Aug 2015)
item In vitro seed germination and rootstock establishing for micrografting of Theobroma cacao L (Aug 2015)
item Phylogeny and historical biogeography of the cocosoid palms (Arecaceae, Arecoideae, Cocoseae) inferred from sequences of six WRKY gene family loci (Aug 2015)
item Development and preliminary evaluation of a 90K Axiom® SNP array for the allo-octoploid cultivated strawberry Fragaria ×ananassa (Aug 2015)
item Genes critical for the induction of cold acclimation in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) (Jul 2015)
item Effect of temperature on wheat streak mosaic virus replication and movement in resistant and susceptible wheat cultivars (Jul 2015)
item Viral suppressors of RNA silencing in Wheat mosaic virus (WMoV) (Jul 2015)
item Role of wheat streak mosaic virus-encoded proteins in disease development (Jul 2015)
item Impacts of elevated atmospheric CO2 on nutrient content and yield of important food crops (Jul 2015)
item Exploring vitamin B9 diversity in potatoes: Biofortification of modern cultivars (Jul 2015)
item Genetic diversity of wild potato of the USA (Jul 2015)
item Making a case for breeding frost tolerant potatoes adapted to Andean Highlands especially the Altiplano (Jul 2015)
item Puno: an attractive region in Peru to conduct genebank-related studies (Jul 2015)
item Vavilovian centers of diversity: implications and impacts (Jul 2015)
item In the footsteps of Vavilov: plant diversity then and now (Jul 2015)
item Monitoring viability of seeds in gene banks: developing software tools to increase efficiency (Jul 2015)
item Screening for powdery mildew resistance in ohelo berry germplasm in Hawaii (Jul 2015)
item Increasing plant density in eastern United States broccoli production systems to maximize marketable head yields (Jul 2015)
item Palouse prairie - synaptic relics from a senior pseudo-botanist (Jul 2015)
item Identification of QTL controlling high levels of partial resistance to Fusarium solani f. sp. pisi in pea (Jun 2015)
item Parallel domestication of the heading date 1 gene in cereals (Jun 2015)
item A genetic linkage map of black raspberry (Rubus occidentalis) and the mapping of Ag4 conferring resistance to the aphid Amphorophora agathonica (Jun 2015)
item Developing improved micropropagation medium for hazelnuts (Corylus avellana L.) based on ion concentrations (Jun 2015)
item Practical aspects of running DOE for improving growth media for in vitro plants (Jun 2015)
item The transfer of the genus Lytocaryum to Syagrus (Jun 2015)
item Genome-wide association mapping for resistance to leaf and stripe rust in winter-habit hexaploid wheat landraces (Jun 2015)
item Making a chocolate chip: development and evaluation of a 6K SNP array for Theobroma cacao. (Jun 2015)
item The Discovery and Naming of the Cascade strawberry (Fragaria cascadensis) (Jun 2015)
item QTL mapping in multiple populations and development stages reveals dynamic quantitative trait loci for fruit size in cucumbers of different market classes (Jun 2015)
item In vitro technology at the US Potato Genebank (Jun 2015)
item Collard land races are novel sources of glucoraphanin and other aliphatic glucosinolates (Jun 2015)
item New records of Lasiodiplodia theobromae in seeds of Tetrapleura tetraptera from Nigeria and fruit of Cocos nucifera from Mexico (Jun 2015)
item Conservation and gene banking (May 2015)
item Cryopreservation of Citrus seeds via dehydration and direct immersion in liquid nitrogen (May 2015)
item Cryobanking of plant species, promise and status (May 2015)
item Lessons from 25 years of genetic mapping in onion: where next? (May 2015)
item Dynamic evolution of resistance gene analogs in the orthologous genomic regions of powdery mildew resistance gene MlIW170 in Triticum dicoccoides and Aegilops tauschii (May 2015)
item Genetic characterization and expression analysis of wheat (Triticum aestivum) line 07OR1074 exhibiting very low polyphenol oxidase (PPO) activity (May 2015)
item Allelic variants in the PRR37 gene play and the human-mediated dispersal and diversification of sorghum (May 2015)
item Effects of selective genetic introgression from wild soybean to soybean (May 2015)
item Epicuticular waxes and thrips resistance in onion (May 2015)
item Chromosome-specific painting in Cucumis species using bulked oligonucleotides (May 2015)
item Compositional assessments of key maize populations: B73 hybrids of the nested association mapping founder lines and diverse landrace inbred lines (May 2015)
item OrthoVenn: a web server for genome wide comparison and annotation of orthologous clusters across multiple species (May 2015)
item A genome-wide survey of date palm cultivars supports two independent domestication events in Phoenix dactylifera (May 2015)
item The resurrection genome of Boea hygrometrica: A blueprint for survival of dehydration (May 2015)
item Global focused identification of germplasm strategy (figs) application on Trifolium Epens L. (May 2015)
item Development and transferability of black and red raspberry microsatellite markers from short-read sequences (May 2015)
item Variation for tuber greening in the diploid wild potato Solanum microdontum (May 2015)
item Identification and characterization of terpene synthases potentially involved in the formation of volatile terpenes in carrot (Daucus carota L.) roots (Apr 2015)
item Evaluation of various fungal pretreatment of switchgrass for enhanced saccharification and simultaneous enzyme production (Apr 2015)
item A substantial fraction of barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) low phytic acid mutations have little or no effect on yield across diverse production environments (Apr 2015)
item Genetic improvement of U.S. soybean in Maturity Groups II, III, and IV (Apr 2015)
item Genetic diversity among wheat accessions from the USDA National Small Grains Collection (Apr 2015)
item The impact of SNP fingerprinting and parentage analysis on the effectiveness of variety recommendations in cacao (Apr 2015)
item Registration of isogenic HMW-GS Ax1 protein deficient lines of an elite wheat variety (Apr 2015)
item Distributions, ex situ conservation priorities, and genetic resources potential of crop wild relatives of sweeetpotato (Ipomoea batatas (L.) Lam. I. series Batatas) (Apr 2015)
item Cucumber possesses a single terminal alternative oxidase gene that is upregulated by cold stress and in the mosaic (MSC) mitochondrial mutants (Apr 2015)
item The genome of cultivated sweet potato contains Agrobacterium T-DNAs with expressed genes: An example of a naturally transgenic food crop (Apr 2015)
item The mosaic mutants of cucumber: A method to produce knock-downs of mitochondrial transcripts (Apr 2015)
item Ultrahigh-density linkage map for cultivated cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.) using a single-nucleotide polymorphism genotyping array (Apr 2015)
item Diallel crossing among doubled haploids of cucumber reveals significant reciprocal-cross differences (Apr 2015)
item Seed quality characteristics of a broad range of taxa collected by the SOS program (Apr 2015)
item Successes and Challenges with SOS Samples at the National Center for Genetic Resources Preservation (Apr 2015)
item National Center for Genetic Resource Preservation: serving the safety back up needs of wild seed collections (Apr 2015)
item Collecting crop wild relatives: an emerging priority (Apr 2015)
item Date palm status and perspective in the United States (Apr 2015)
item Intersubgeneric hybridization between Glycine max and G. tomentella: Production of F1, amphidiploid, BC1, BC2 BC3 and fertile soybean plants (Apr 2015)
item Can a botanic garden cycad collection capture the genetic diversity in a wild population? (Apr 2015)
item Two new species of endemic Ecuadorean Amaryllidaceae (Asparagales, Amaryllidaceae, Amarylloideae, Eucharideae) (Apr 2015)
item Nucleotide diversity estimates of tomatillo (Physalis philadelphica) accessions including nine new inbred lines (Apr 2015)
item Assessing SNPs versus RAPDs for predicting heterogeneity and screening efficiency in wild potato (Solanum)species (Apr 2015)
item Development of a global conservation strategy for citrus genetic resources (Apr 2015)
item Sunflower diseases (Apr 2015)
item Warm-season Grass Conservation (Apr 2015)
item Modified bean seed protein phaseolin did not accumulate stably in transgenic tobacco seeds after methionine enhancement mutations (Mar 2015)
item Contrasting andean geodynamics drive evolution of lowland taxa in western Amazonia (Mar 2015)
item A sequencing-based linkage map of cucumber (Mar 2015)
item Luther Burbank's best berries (Mar 2015)
item Development of turf-type Poa pratensis l. germplasm for seed production without field burning (Mar 2015)
item Genetic conservation, characterization and utilization of wild relatives of fruit and nut crops at the USDA Germplasm Repository in Davis, California (Mar 2015)
item Leaf waxes and thrips resistance in onion (Mar 2015)
item The forest and the trees: Applications for molecular markers in the Pecan Breeding Program (Feb 2015)
item Towards a reference pecan genome sequence (Feb 2015)
item Agronomic performance of spring-sown Faba bean in Southeastern Washington (Feb 2015)
item Genetic diversity and differentiation of Pseudophoenix (Arecaceae) in Hispaniola (Feb 2015)
item Plant Conservation Challenges in the Bahama Archipelago (Feb 2015)
item Taxonomy and genetic differentiation among wild and cultivated germplasm of Solanum sect. Petota (Feb 2015)
item Luther Burbank's contributions to walnuts (Feb 2015)
item Morphological and yield characteristics of 'Washington' navel orange and 'Tahiti' lime trees produced with buds from "floral" versus "vegetative" mother shoots (Feb 2015)
item Observations of graft compatibility between citrus ssp and related Aurantioideae taxa (Feb 2015)
item Hallauer’s Tusón: a decade of selection for tropical-to-temperate phenological adaptation in maize (Feb 2015)
item Screening a core collection of citrus genetic resources for resistance to Fusarium solani (Mart) Sacc (Feb 2015)
item Relating adaptive genetic traits to climate for Sandberg bluegrass from the intermountain western United States (Jan 2015)
item Determining nitrate and ammonium requirements for optimal in vitro response of diverse pear species (Jan 2015)
item Mapping resistance to the Ug99 race group of the stem rust pathogen in a spring wheat landrace (Jan 2015)
item Developing Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) markers from transcriptome sequences for the identification of longan (Dimocarpus longan) germplasm (Jan 2015)
item Segregation analysis of microsatellite (SSR) markers in sugarcane polyploids (Jan 2015)
item Fine mapping of short hypocotyl locus in semi-wild Xishuangbanna cucumber (Jan 2015)
item Development of an EMS-induced sesame mutant population for target induced local lesions in genomes (TILLING) (Jan 2015)
item Loci involved in domestication and improvement of cultivated potato as revealed through genotyping of two diversity panels (Jan 2015)
item The mosaic mutants of cucumber: A system to produce mitochondrial knock-downs (Jan 2015)
item Genomic selection of 1,000 biomass sorghum accessions and empirical validation (Jan 2015)
item The complex tale of the high oleic acid trait in peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.) (Jan 2015)
item Genotyping by sequencing reveals the genetic diversity of the USDA pisum diversity collection (Jan 2015)
item Len Gen: The international lentil genome sequencing project (Jan 2015)
item Ancient Population Structure in Phoenix dactylifera Revealed by Genome-Wide Genotyping of Geographically Diverse Date Palm Cultivars (Jan 2015)
item National Date Palm Germplasm Repository (Jan 2015)
item National Date Palm Germplasm Repository (Jan 2015)
item When species trees collide: phylogeny and historical biogeography of the cocosoid palms (Arecaceae, Arecoideae, Cocoseae) inferred from sequences of six WRKY gene family loci (Jan 2015)
item Development and validation of new SSR markers from expressed regions in the garlic genome (Jan 2015)
item Emergence timing and fitness consequences of variation in seed oil composition in Arabidopsis thaliana (Jan 2015)
item Sambucus genetic resources at the U.S.D.A. National Clonal Germplasm Repository, Corvallis, Oregon (Jan 2015)
item Managing nut genetic resources under disease threat (Jan 2015)
item Furlough Mushrooms (Dec 2014)
item A gene-derived SNP-based high resolution linkage map of carrot including the location of QTL conditioning root and leaf anthocyanin pigmentation (Dec 2014)
item Establishing an eastern broccoli industry: where are we and where do we need to go? (Dec 2014)
item Registration of ‘plateau’ waxy (amylose-free) proso millet (Dec 2014)
item Iris yellow spot virus (Tospovirus: Bunyaviridae): from obscurity to research priority (Dec 2014)
item Cryopreservation affects ROS-induced oxidative stress and antioxidant response in Arabidopsis seedlings (Dec 2014)
item Why are there so many molecular markers tagging the Ms locus of onion (Dec 2014)
item Genetic analyses of anthocyanin concentrations and the intensity of red color in onion (Dec 2014)
item Epicuticular waxes on onion leaves and associated resistance to onion thrips (Dec 2014)
item Effects of ventilation and sucrose concentrations on the growth and plantlet anatomy of micropropagated persian walnut plants (Dec 2014)
item Observations on anatomical aspects of the fruit, leaf and stem tissues of four Citrullus spp. (Nov 2014)
item Cacao Flavor through Genetics – Anatomy of Fine Flavor (Nov 2014)
item Genome-wide analysis of the omega-3 fatty acid desaturase gene family in Gossypium (Nov 2014)
item Phenotype and seed production among hyacinth bean (Lablab purpureus L. Sweet) accessions rescued using hydroponic techniques (Nov 2014)
item Roadmap of the USDA peanut germplasm collection: past, present and future direction (Nov 2014)
item Variation in Seed Fatty Acid Composition, and Sequence Divergence in the FAD2 Gene Coding Region between Wild and Cultivated Sesame (Nov 2014)
item Scanning genomic areas under selection sweep and association mapping as tools to identify horticultural important genes in watermelon (Nov 2014)
item AIM: A comprehensive Arabidopsis Interactome Module database and related interologs in plants (Nov 2014)
item Centralized NPGS order approval: An idea for discussion (Nov 2014)
item Hydroponic rescue and regeneration of Aeschynomene, Corchorus species, and Lablab purpureus (L.) sweet genetic resources (Nov 2014)
item Variability of seed oil content and fatty acid composition in the entire USDA sesame germplasm collection (Nov 2014)
item Dynamics of small RNAs of virus and host origin from wheat streak mosaic virus and/or triticum mosaic virus infected susceptible and temperature-sensitive resistant wheat cultivars (Nov 2014)
item High-resolution genetic map for understanding the effect of genome-wide recombination rate, selection sweep and linkage disequilibrium on nucleotide diversity in watermelon (Nov 2014)
item The genetic architecture of seed composition in soybean is refined by genome-wide association scans across multiple populations (Nov 2014)
item Molecular mapping reveals structural rearrangements and quantitative trait loci underlying traits with local adaptation in semi-wild Xishuangbanna cucumber (Cucumis sativus L. var. xishuangbannanesis Qi et Yuan) (Oct 2014)
item USDA Fragaria Crop Vulnerability Statement 2014 (Oct 2014)
item Molecular Characterization of Resistant Accessions of Cocoa (Theobroma cocoa L.) to Phytophthora Pod Rot Selected on-Farm in Côte-d’Ivoire. (Oct 2014)
item Analysis of wild-species introgressions in tomato inbreds uncovers ancestral origins (Oct 2014)
item Legume crops phylogeny and genetic diversity for science and breeding (Oct 2014)
item Minor nutrients are critical for the improved growth of Corylus avellana shoot cultures (Oct 2014)
item Modeling optimal mineral nutrition for hazelnut micropropagation (Oct 2014)
item An eriophyid mite-transmitted plant virus contains eight genomic RNA segments with unusual heterogeneity in the nucleocapsid protein (Oct 2014)
item QTLs for downy mildew resistance and their association with LRR-RLK resistance gene analogs in cucumber (Oct 2014)
item Molecularly tagged genes and quantitative trait loci in cucumber (Oct 2014)
item Cucurbit germplasm collections at the North Central Regional Plant Introduction Station (Oct 2014)
item Genetic basis of mitochondrial sorting in cucumber (Oct 2014)
item Root phenotypic characterization of lesquerella genetic resources (Oct 2014)
item QTL mapping of flowering time and fruit shape in Xishuangbana cucumber WI767 (Cucumis sativus L. var. xishuangbannanesis Qi et Yuan) (Oct 2014)
item Molecularly tagged genes and quantitative trait loci in cucumber (Oct 2014)
item Genetic basis of mitochondrial sorting in cucumber (Oct 2014)
item Genome-wide association study reveals novel quantitative trait loci associated with resistance to multiple leaf spot diseases of spring wheat (Sep 2014)
item Insights into the effects of long-term artificial selection on seed size in maize (Sep 2014)
item Ultraviolet-C light inactivation of Penicillium expansum on fruit surfaces (Sep 2014)
item The Florida Series of Hybrid Amaryllis: Five New Hippeastrum Cultivars (Sep 2014)
item Research progress in some traditional and non-traditional medicinal species in the USDA, ARS, PGRCU (S9) germplasm collection (Sep 2014)
item Phylogenetic relationships of species of genus Arachis based on geneic sequences (Sep 2014)
item Single nucleotide polymorphisms generated by genotyping by sequencing to characterize genome-wide diversity, linkage disequilibrium, and selective sweeps in cultivated watermelon (Sep 2014)
item Two inositol hexakisphosphate kinases drive inositol pyrophosphate synthesis in plants (Sep 2014)
item New insights into the targeting of a sub-set of tail-anchored proteins to the outer mitochondrial membrane (Sep 2014)
item Comparison of stem damage and carbohydrate composition in the stem juice between sugarcane and sweet sorghum harvested before and after late fall frost (Sep 2014)
item Phylogeny and evoluntionary histories of Pyrus L. revealed by phylogenetic trees and networks based on data from multiple DNA sequences (Sep 2014)
item Collard Landraces are novel sources of Glucoraphanin and other Aliphatic Glucosinolates (Sep 2014)
item Quantitative trait loci controlling amounts and types of epicuticular waxes in onion (Sep 2014)
item Maximizing plant density affects broccoli yield and quality (Sep 2014)
item Using regional broccoli trial data to select experimental hybrids for input into advanced yield trials (Sep 2014)
item Allelic divergence and cultivar-specific SSR alleles revealed by capillary electrophoresis using fluorescence-labeled SSR markers in sugarcane (Aug 2014)
item Improving in vitro mineral nutrition for diverse germplasm (Aug 2014)
item Medium-term in vitro storage as a complementary germplasm preservation technique (Aug 2014)
item Mission and modern citrus species diversity of Baja California Peninsula cases (Aug 2014)
item A major QTL associated with Fusarium oxysporum race 1 resistance identified in genetic populations derived from closely related watermelon lines using selective genotyping and genotyping-by-sequencing for SNP discovery (Aug 2014)
item A major quantitative trait locus is associated with Fusarium Wilt Race 1 resistance in watermelon (Aug 2014)
item Independently segregating simple sequence repeats (SSR) alleles in polyploid sugarcane (Aug 2014)
item Genomic selection of biomass yield in a global collection of one thousand sorghum accessions (Aug 2014)
item Maize databases (Aug 2014)
item Registration of ‘NE06545’ (husker genetics brand freeman) hard red winter wheat (Aug 2014)
item Genetic resources of the functional food, teramnus labialis (L.f.) spreng for improving seed number, flavonol content, oil %, and fatty acid compositions (Jul 2014)
item Barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) low phytic acid 1-1: an endosperm-specific filial determinant of seed total phosphorus (Jul 2014)
item Varietal identification of tea (Camellia sinensis [L.] Kuntze) using nanofluidic array of Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) markers (Jul 2014)
item Genetic diversity of four closely related wild tomato species revealed by genotyping-by-sequencing (Jul 2014)
item Improving potato germplasm collecting technology (Jul 2014)
item Genetic and environmental effects on production of spontaneous tetraploids in cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.) (Jul 2014)
item Flavonol content, oil %, and fatty acid composition variability in seeds of Teramnus labialis and T. uncinatus accessions with nutraceutical potential (Jul 2014)
item Diversity in oil content and fatty acid profile in seeds of wild cassava germplasm (Jul 2014)
item Phenotypic, biochemical, and genetic characterization of the U.S. peanut core collection (Jul 2014)
item Modeling feral alfalfa (Medicago sativa subsp. sativa L.) occurrence using topographical and environmental variables (Jul 2014)
item Ensuring coexistence of GE and non-GE alfalfa: status of current research efforts (Jul 2014)
item Recovery and purification of spanish high oleate peanut ‘AT-9899’ (Jul 2014)
item Dt2 is a gain-of-function MADS-Domain factor gene that controls semi-determinacy in soybean (Jul 2014)
item Host ranges of North American isolates of Penicillium causing blue mold of bulb crops (Jul 2014)
item BC4GO: a full-text corpus for the BioCreative IV GO Task (Jul 2014)
item Ho 07-613 – A potential new sugarcane variety for Louisiana (Jul 2014)
item Expanding and vetting Sorghum bicolor gene annotations through transcriptome and methylome sequencing (Jul 2014)
item Genetic diversity of the Phaseolus acutifolius A. Gray collection of the USDA National Plant Germplasm system using targeted region amplified polymorphism markers designed from genes associated with heat and drought stress (Jul 2014)
item Variation for epicuticular waxes on onion foliage and impacts on numbers of onion thrips (Jul 2014)
item Incidence and severity of cavity spot of carrot as affected by pigmentation, temperature, and rainfall (Jul 2014)
item Phenotypic screening of pecan seedling rootstocks in search of nematode resistance (Jun 2014)
item Methodology for creating alloplasmic soybean lines by using Glycine tomentella as a maternal parent (Jun 2014)
item Exogenous abscisic acid significantly affects proteome in tea plant (Camellia sinensis) exposed to drought stress (Jun 2014)
item Antioxidants and cryopreservation, the new normal? (Jun 2014)
item Fine physical and genetic mapping of powdery mildew resistance gene MlIW172 originating from wild emmer(Triticum dicoccoides) (Jun 2014)
item New technique for more rapid cryopreservation of dormant vegetative tree buds (Jun 2014)
item Differential resistance to stripe rust (Puccinia striiformis) in collections of basin wild rye (Leymus cinereus) (Jun 2014)
item Photosynthetic and canopy characteristics of different varieties at the early elongation stage and their relationships with the cane yield in sugarcane (Jun 2014)
item History and origin of Russet Burbank (Netted Gem) a sport of Burbank (Jun 2014)
item Segregation analysis of microsatellite (SSR) markers in sugarcane polyploids (Jun 2014)
item Identification and selection for tuber calcium, internal quality and pitted scab in segregating ‘Atlantic’ x ‘Superior’ reciprocal tetraploid populations (Jun 2014)
item Extending the dormant bud cryopreservation method to new tree species (Jun 2014)
item Characterization of reniform nematode genome through shotgun sequencing (Jun 2014)
item Conserved genetic regions across angiosperms as tools to develop single-copy nuclear markers in gymnosperms: an example using cycads (Jun 2014)
item Transcriptome analyses suggest a disturbance of iron homeostasis in soybean leaves during white mould disease establishment (Jun 2014)
item Evaluation of onion germplasm for resistance to Iris yellow spot (Iris yellow spot virus) and onion thrips, Thrips tabaci (Jun 2014)
item Developing cryotherapy to eliminate graft-transmissible pathogens in citrus (Jun 2014)
item Multiple roles of Wheat streak mosaic virus coat protein in virus biology (Jun 2014)
item Antioxidants and anti-stress compounds improve the survival of cryopreserved Arabidopsis seedlings (Jun 2014)
item Seasonal variation in viability of cryopreserved Vaccinium dormant buds (May 2014)
item Plant water relations II: how plants manage water deficit and why it matters (May 2014)
item Verification of genetic identity of introduced cacao germplasm in Ghana using single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) markers (May 2014)
item QTL-seq identifies an early flowering QTL located near Flowering Locus T in cucumber (May 2014)
item Cultivar evaluation and essential test locations identification for sugarcane breeding in China (May 2014)
item 2014 update of the field evaluation of new and underutilized fig cultivars for fresh and dired markets (May 2014)
item Evaluation of antioxidant activity, sugar composition, and flow packaging potential for california dried and fresh figs (May 2014)
item De Novo Transcriptome Assembly and Analyses of Gene Expression during Photomorphogenesis in Diploid Wheat Triticum monococcum (May 2014)
item Rising atmospheric CO2 lowers food zinc, iron, and protein concentrations (May 2014)
item The Second International Symposium on Plant Cryopreservation (May 2014)
item Genetic structure of the four wil tomato species in the Solanum peruvianum s.l. species complex (May 2014)
item First report of bacterial blight of carrot in Indiana caused by Xanthomonas hortorum pv. carotae (May 2014)
item Frequency and distribution of the brown rust resistance gene Bru1 and implications for the Louisiana sugarcane breeding programme (Apr 2014)
item Net Venn - An integrated network analysis web platform for gene lists (Apr 2014)
item Carpological analysis of Phoenix (Arecaceae): contributions to the taxonomy and evolutionary history of the genus (Apr 2014)
item Association analysis of bacterial leaf spot resistance and SNP markers derived from expressed sequence tags (ESTs) in lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.) (Apr 2014)
item Production of a Brassica napus low-molecular mass acyl-coenzyme A-binding protein in Arabidopsis alters the acyl-coenzyme A pool and acyl composition of oil in seeds (Apr 2014)
item The USDA collection of barley landraces and cultivars: genetic diversity, population structure, and potential for genome-wide association studies (Apr 2014)
item Genomic evaluation of oxalate-degrading transgenic soybean in response to Sclerotinia sclerotiorum infection (Apr 2014)
item The genetic architecture of maize height (Apr 2014)
item List 47: blue honeysuckle (Apr 2014)
item List 47: currants (Apr 2014)
item Transposable element junctions in marker development and genomic characterization of barley (Mar 2014)
item Conservation and genetics of two critically endangered Hispaniolan palms-genetic erosion of Pseudophoenix lediniana in contrast to P. ekmanii (Mar 2014)
item Genetic analysis of diversity within a Chinese local sugarcane germplasm based on start codon targeted polymorphism (Mar 2014)
item Comparative growth and development of hexaploid and tetraploid reed canarygrass (Mar 2014)
item Target region amplification polymorphism (TRAP) for assessing genetic diversity and marker-trait associations in chickpea (Cicer arietinum l.) germplasm (Mar 2014)
item Large-scale microsatellite development in grasspea (Lathyrus sativus L.), an orphan legume of the arid areas (Mar 2014)
item Conversion of a diversity arrays technology marker differentiating wild and cultivated carrots to a co-dominant cleaved amplified polymorphic site marker (Mar 2014)
item Cryopreservation of native Kazakhstan apricot (Prunus armeniaca L) seeds and embryonic axes (Mar 2014)
item Geographical gradient of the eIF4E alleles conferring resistance to potyviruses in pea (Pisum sp.) germplasm (Mar 2014)
item Identification of members of the Dimocarpus longan Flowering Locus T gene family with divergent functions in flowering (Mar 2014)
item Impacts of the USDA basic breeding program (Mar 2014)
item Diversity, genetic mapping, and signatures of domestication in the carrot (Daucus carota L.) genome, as revealed by Diversity Arrays Technology (DArT) markers (Mar 2014)
item Genetic characterization of the cacao cultivar CCN 51: its impact and significance on global cacao improvement and production (Mar 2014)
item Genome and secretome analysis of the hemibiotrophic fungal pathogen, Moniliophthora roreri, which causes frosty pod rot disease of cacao: mechanisms of the biotrophic and necrotrophic phases (Feb 2014)
item Matryoshka: A new floral mutant in wild potato (Feb 2014)
item Testing the utility of matK and ITS DNA regions for discrimination of Allium species (Feb 2014)
item Effect of pretreatment methods of dormant pear buds on viability after cryopreservation (Feb 2014)
item Characterization of resistance gene analogues (RGAs) in Apple (Malus 6domestica Borkh.) and their evolutionary history of the Rosaceae family (Feb 2014)
item Plant water relations I: uptake and transport (Feb 2014)
item CGI-58, a key regulator of lipid homeostasis and signaling in plants, also regulates polyamine metabolism (Feb 2014)
item Progress toward increasing intake of dietary nutrients from vegetables and fruits: The case for a greater role for the horticultural sciences (Feb 2014)
item History of ‘Russet Burbank’ (Feb 2014)
item Assessing nutritional changes in a vegetable over time: issues and considerations (Feb 2014)
item Genetic characterization of guava (psidium guajava l.) Germplasm in the United States using microsatellite markers (Jan 2014)
item Functional and evolutionary characterization of the CONSTANS gene family in short-day photoperiodic flowering in soybean (Jan 2014)
item Allelic divergence in sugarcane cultivars revealed through capillary electrophoregrams of fluorescence-labeled microsatellite markers (Jan 2014)
item Genomic selection of biomass traits in a global collection of 976 sorghum accessions (Jan 2014)
item Genome-wide characterization of microsatellites in Cucumis hystrix and in silico identification of polymorphic SSR markers (Jan 2014)
item Mapping FAD2 genes on peanut (arachis hypogaea L.) genome contribution to oil quality (Jan 2014)
item Genetic diversity and population structure of castor germplasm within the U.S. collection (Jan 2014)
item 509-45-1: A C. annuum Pepper germplasm containing high concentrations of capsinoids (Jan 2014)
item Mechanisms of decreasing dysploidy in Cucumis (Jan 2014)
item A method of genotyping by pedigree-based training-set for identification of QTLs associated with cucumber fruit size (Jan 2014)
item Gene sequences present in Citrullus sp. having been lost during domestication of watermelon (Jan 2014)
item Release of ‘Mattern’ waxy (amylose-free) winter wheat (Jan 2014)
item Kentucky bluegrass (Poa pratensis L.) germplasm for non-burn seed production (Jan 2014)
item Genetic analyses of anthocyanin concentrations and intensity of red bulb color among segregating haploid progenies of onion (Jan 2014)
item Next-generation sequencing, FISH mapping and synteny-based modeling reveal mechanisms of decreasing dysploidy in Cucumis (Jan 2014)
item UV-C light inactivation kinetics of Penicillium expansum on pear surfaces: Influence on physicochemical and sensory quality during storage (Jan 2014)
item Phylogenetics and diversification of morning glories (tribe ipomoeeae, convolvulaceae) based on whole plastome sequences (Dec 2013)
item Selection and validation of an AFLP marker core collection for the wild potato Solanum microdontum (Dec 2013)
item Accurate determination of genetic identity for a single cacao bean, using molecular markers with a nanofluidic system, ensures cocoa authenticity and traceability (Dec 2013)
item Improving cryopreservation potential with antioxidant treatments (Dec 2013)
item Lipid droplet-associated proteins (LDAPs) are involved in the compartmentalization of lipophilic compounds in plant cells (Dec 2013)
item Modeling the effects of mineral nutrition for improving growth and development of micropropagated red raspberries (Dec 2013)
item Yeasts: What's in a name? A brief reconnaissance and sampling of literature (Dec 2013)
item Sequencing and annotation of the chloroplast DNAs and identification of polymorphisms distinguishing normal male-fertile and male-sterile cytoplasms of onion (Dec 2013)
item Formation of norisoprenoid flavor compounds in carrot (Daucus carota L.) roots: characterization of a cyclic-specific carotenoid cleavage dioxygenase 1 gene (Nov 2013)
item A modern amplelography: A genetic basis for leaf shape and venation patterning in grape (Nov 2013)
item Vitis phylogenomics: hybridization intensities from a SNP array outperform genotype calls (Nov 2013)
item Genomics assisted ancestry deconvolution in grape (Nov 2013)
item Usefulness of descriptors in phenotyping germplasm collections (Nov 2013)
item Seed chemical composition variability and FAD2A functional SNP genotypes in the U.S. peanut mini-core collection (Nov 2013)
item The USDA acquires new switchgrass germplasm (Nov 2013)
item Mapping and candidate genes associated with saccharification yield in sorghum (Oct 2013)
item Melatonin enhances the recovery of cryopreserved shoot tips of American elm (Ulmus Americana L.) (Oct 2013)
item Genetic variability for phenotype, seed production, oil content, and fatty acid composition among 17 Roselle (Hibiscus sabdariffa) accessions (Oct 2013)
item Response to the Letter to the Editor of Crop Science from Donald R. Davis regarding our research article published in Crop Science (2011: 51:2721-2727) (Oct 2013)
item Registration of purified accessions for the U.S. peanut mini core germplasm collection (Sep 2013)
item Desmodium genetic resources for improving flavonoid concentrations, oil, and fatty acid content (Sep 2013)
item User-friendly markers linked to Fusarium wilt race 1 resistance Fw gene for marker-assisted selection in pea (Sep 2013)
item Molecular Systematics of Threatened Seed Plant Species Endemic in the Caribbean Islands (Aug 2013)
item L-DOPA concentration variation in the leaf and flower tissues of six faba bean lines with common and rare flower colors (Aug 2013)
item What is the Conservation Value of a Plant in a Botanic Garden? Using Indicators to Improve Management of Ex Situ Collections (Aug 2013)
item Droplet vitrification technique for cryopreservation of different pineapple (Ananas comosus L. Merrill) accessions (Aug 2013)
item Antioxidants and cryopreservation, the new normal? (Aug 2013)
item Cassava tissue culture and long-term preservation (Aug 2013)
item Progress in cryopreservation of dormant winter buds of selected tree species (Aug 2013)
item Cryopreservation of dormant vegetative buds of tart and sweet cherry in liquid nitrogen (Aug 2013)
item OHxF paternity problem perplexes pear producers (Aug 2013)
item Deciphering the mechanisms for targeting and interaction of Arabidopsis Lipid Droplet Associated Protein (LDAP) to the lipid droplet surface (Aug 2013)
item Luther Burbank's berries (Aug 2013)
item Forging New Cocoa Keys: The Impact of Unlocking the Cocoa Bean’s Genome on Pre-harvest Food Safety (Jul 2013)
item Pea (Pisum sp.) genetic resources, its analysis and exploration (Jul 2013)
item Microsatellite-aided detection of genetic redundancy improves management of the International Cocoa Genebank, Trinidad (Jul 2013)
item Sambucus genetic resources at the U.S. National Clonal Germplasm Repository [Abstract] (Jul 2013)
item Use of EST-SSR loci flanking regions for phylogenetic analysis of genus Arachis (Jul 2013)
item Effect of GxE interaction on oil content and fatty acid composition of cultivated peanuts (Jul 2013)
item Contributions of plant introductions to the ancestry of current U.S. peanut cultivars (Jul 2013)
item Date palm (Phoenix dactylifera)dispersal to the Americas: Historical evidence of the Spanish introduction (Jun 2013)
item Why preserve and evaluate genetic resources in peanut? (Jun 2013)
item Genetic linkage map of Chinese native variety faba bean (Vicia faba L.) based on simple sequence repeat markers (Jun 2013)
item Fingerprints for fruit and nut crops (May 2013)
item Germplasm release (DY10-DLC Wheat) (May 2013)
item Growing corkbark fir and subalpine fir for nursery production (Apr 2013)
item USVL-360, a novel watermelon tetraploid germplasm line (Mar 2013)
item Genome Size Evolution in Theobroma cacao: Recent Sequencing of Two Cacao Genomes of Different Size (Jan 2013)
item The Genome of the Most Widely Cultivated Cacao Type and Its Use to Identify Candidate Genes Regulating Traits: Pod Color as an Example (Jan 2013)
item Toward The Identification Of Candidate Genes Involved In Black Pod Disease Resistance In Theobroma cacao L. (Jan 2013)
item Building genomic resources for Theobroma cacao (Jan 2013)
item Genecology of Indian ricegrass in the Southwest (Jan 2013)
item The genetic identity of Theobroma cacao L. CCN-51 (Jan 2013)
item Toward the identification of candidate genes involved In black pod disease resistance in Theobroma cacao L. (Jan 2013)
item Toward The identification Of candidate genes involved in black pod disease resistance in Theobroma cacao L. (Jan 2013)
item Historical Evidence of the Spanish introduction of Date Palm (Phoenix dactylifera L., Arecaceae) into the Americas (Dec 2012)
item Genetic diversity, structure, and patterns of differentiation in the genus vitis (Nov 2012)
item An example of association mapping in Cacao. (Oct 2012)
item Integrating genomics into future approaches for cocoa selection and propagation in Côte d’Ivoire (Oct 2012)
item Exploring the T. cacao genome sequence for marker/trait associations useful in cacao breeding (Oct 2012)
item Identification of cocoa trees combining high yield potential and resistance to diseases in segregating progenies In Ecuador (Oct 2012)
item Genome-wide SNP discovery in walnut with an AGSNP pipeline updated for SNP discovery in allogamous organisms (Jul 2012)
item Characterizing the walnut genome through analyses of BAC end sequences (Jan 2012)
item Characterizing the walnut genome through analyses of BAC end sequences (Nov 2011)
item Genetic structure and domestication history of the grape (Mar 2011)
item Molecular fingerprinting of cacao (Theobroma cacao L.) genetic resources in the Dominican Republic (Jan 2011)
item The evolution of chili peppers (Capsicum-Solanaceae): a cytogenetic perspective (Apr 2007)
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