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Water Resource Management
item Numerical modeling of chemical spills and assessment of their environmental impacts (Sep 2015)
item Phosphorus dynamics and management in forage-based agroecosystem with cow-calf operation (Aug 2015)
item Degradation of soil physicochemical quality by ephemeral gully erosion on sloping cropland of the hilly Loess Plateau, China (Aug 2015)
item Suspended sediment impact on chlorophyll a, nitrogen and phosphorus relationships in Moon Lake, MS (Jul 2015)
item Effects of temperature and antibiotics on persistence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria and antibiotic resistance genes in poultry litter (Jul 2015)
item Evaluation of woodchip bioreactors for improved water quality (Jul 2015)
item Fate and transport of veterinary antibiotics, antibiotic-resistant bacteria, and antibiotic resistance gene from fields receiving poultry manure during storm events (Jul 2015)
item Biochars impact on water infiltration and water quality through a compacted subsoil layer (Jul 2015)
item Biochars multifunctional role as a novel technology in the agricultural, environmental, and industrial sectors (Jul 2015)
item Contrasting nutrient mitigation and denitrification potential of agricultural drainage environments with different emergent aquatic macrophytes. (Jul 2015)
item Influence of geomorphology on fish fauna of a small Mississippi bluffline stream (Jul 2015)
item Water quality analysis of an intensively used on-farm storage reservoir in the northeast Arkansas delta (Jul 2015)
item Hybrid mesh generation using advancing reduction technique (Jun 2015)
item Nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and zinc in southeastern USA harvested flax (Jun 2015)
item Efficacies of designer biochars in improving biomass and nutrient uptake of winter wheat grown in a hard setting subsoil layer (Jun 2015)
item Ameliorating soil chemical properties of a hard setting subsoil layer in coastal plain USA with different designer biochars (Jun 2015)
item Sugarcane and pinewood biochar effects on activity and aerobic soil dissipation of metribuzin and pendimethalin (Jun 2015)
item Top-down and bottom-up interactions in freshwater ecosystems: emerging complexities (May 2015)
item Agricultural conservation planning framework: 2. Classification of riparian buffer design-types with application to assess and map stream corridors (Apr 2015)
item Soil physicochemical conditions, denitrification rates, and nosZ abundance in North Carolina Coastal Plain restored wetlands (Apr 2015)
item Agricultural conservation planning framework: 1. Developing multi-practice watershed planning scenarios and assessing nutrient reduction potential (Apr 2015)
item Sensitivity analysis of the agricultural policy/environmental extender (APEX) for phosphorus loads in tile-drained landscapes (Apr 2015)
item Edge gradients evaluation for 2D hybrid finite volume method model (Apr 2015)
item Variable-rate irrigation management using an expert system in the eastern Coastal Plain (Apr 2015)
item Event- and site-specific soil wetting and seasonal soil water changes (Apr 2015)
item Nutrient prices and concentrations in midwestern agricultural watersheds (Apr 2015)
item Approximate analytical solution to diurnal atmospheric boundary-layer growth under well-watered conditions (Mar 2015)
item Soil pipe collapses in a loess pasture of Goodwin Creek Watershed, Mississippi: Role of soil properties and past land use (Mar 2015)
item Quantifying uncertainty of measuring gully morphological evolution with close-range digital photogrammetry (Mar 2015)
item Ecoregional, catchment, and reach-scale environmental factors shape functional-trait structure of stream fish assemblages (Mar 2015)
item The Long Term Agroecosystem Research Network - Shared research strategy (Mar 2015)
item A planning approach for agricultural watersheds using precision conservation (Mar 2015)
item Water deficit and nitrogen fertility effects on NDVI of 'Tifton 85' bermudagrass during regrowth (Mar 2015)
item USDA-ARS National Sedimentation Laboratory: A historic perspective (Feb 2015)
item Fostering next gen skills and communities of interest: Role of professional societies (Feb 2015)
item Conservation management improves runoff water quality: Implications for environmental sustainability in a glyphosate-resistant cotton production system (Feb 2015)
item Sensitivity analysis of the Ohio phosphorus risk index (Feb 2015)
item Soil erosion on upland areas by rainfall and overland flow (Feb 2015)
item Geophysical methods for the assessment of earthen dams (Feb 2015)
item Storm flow dynamics and loads of fecal bacteria associated with ponds in southern piedmont and coastal plain watersheds with animal agriculture (Jan 2015)
item GIS technology for spatiotemporal measurements of gully channel width evolution (Jan 2015)
item Emergence, persistence, and organization of rill networks on a soil-mantled experimental landscape (Jan 2015)
item Irrigation and cultivar effect on flax fiber and seed yield in the southeast USA (Jan 2015)
item Know your community: Model applications in field research (Jan 2015)
item Evaluating the potential role of denitrifying bioreactors in reducing watershed-scale nitrate loads: A case study comparing three Midwestern (USA) watersheds (Dec 2014)
item Plant macro- and micronutrient dynamics in a biochar-amended wetland muck (Dec 2014)
item Erosion depth of sand from an immobile gravel bed (Dec 2014)
item Evaluating sediment transport capacity relationships for use in ephemeral gully erosion models (Dec 2014)
item Increasing biomass of winter wheat using sorghum biochars (Nov 2014)
item Effects of sampling methodology on fish based IBI metrics (Nov 2014)
item Contrasting effects of sorghum biochars and sorghum residues on soil chemical changes of coastal plains ultisols with winter wheat (Nov 2014)
item Fish communities associated with a complex Mississippi stream system. (Nov 2014)
item Installation of Impact Plates to Continuously Measure Bed Load: Elwha River, Washington, USA (Nov 2014)
item Surface compost effect on hydrology: In-situ and soil cores (Nov 2014)
item Spatially distributed sheet, rill, and ephemeral gully erosion (Nov 2014)
item Development of knowledge and tools to enhance resilience of beef grazing systems for sustainable animal protein production (Nov 2014)
item Effectiveness of alternative management scenarios on the sediment load in a Mediterranean agricultural watershed (Nov 2014)
item Acoustic measurement of suspensions of clay and silt particles using single frequency attenuation and backscatter (Nov 2014)
item Sustainable agriculture for a dynamic world: Forage-Crop-Livestock systems research (Oct 2014)
item Influence of grass filter strips on structure and function of riparian habitats of agricultural headwater streams in central Ohio (Oct 2014)
item Opportunities for energy crop production based on subfield scale distribution of profitability (Oct 2014)
item Diazinon and permethrin mitigation across a grass-wetland buffer (Oct 2014)
item Contributions of systematic tile drainage to watershed scale phosphorus transport (Oct 2014)
item Simulation of sediment transport due to dam removal and control of morphological changes (Sep 2014)
item Drainage water management effects on tile discharge and water quality (Sep 2014)
item The impact of agricultural activities on water quality in oxbow lakes in the Mississippi Delta (Sep 2014)
item Using computer models to design gully erosion control structures for humid northern Ethiopia (Sep 2014)
item Modeling of fluvial geomorphic processes in river channels impacted by agriculture (Sep 2014)
item A decade of conservation effects assessment research by USDA-ARS: Progress overview and future outlook (Sep 2014)
item Unsaturated zone transport and fate of metolachlor and degradates in agricultural settings of the United States (Sep 2014)
item Spatial characterization of riparian buffer effects on sediment loads from watershed systems (Sep 2014)
item Application of advanced remote sensing techniques to improve modeling estuary water quality (Sep 2014)
item Fine sediment sources in conservation effects assessment project watersheds (Sep 2014)
item Numerical modeling of dune progression in a high amplitude meandering channel (Aug 2014)
item 2D and 3D numerical simulations of morphodynamics structures in a large-amplitude meanders (Aug 2014)
item Modulation of the flow structure by progressive bed forms in the meandering Wabash River (Aug 2014)
item Production and supply of high-quality food protein for human consumption: Sustainability, challenges, and innovations (Aug 2014)
item Denitrification in soils of hydrologically restored wetlands relative to natural and converted wetlands in the Mid-Atlantic coastal plain of the USA (Aug 2014)
item Phosphorus transport in agricultural subsurface drainage: A review (Aug 2014)
item Measurement of soil water content with dielectric dispersion frequency (Aug 2014)
item Effect of subsurface drainage on streamflow in an agricultural headwater watershed (Jul 2014)
item Landscape influence on soil carbon and nutrient levels (Jul 2014)
item Upper Washita River Experimental Watersheds: Land Cover Data Sets (1974-2007) for Two Southwestern Oklahoma Agricultural Watersheds (Jul 2014)
item Upper Washita River Experimental Watersheds: Reservoir, Groundwater, and Stream Flow Data (Jul 2014)
item Upper Washita River Experimental Watersheds: Meteorologic and Soil Climate Measurement Networks (Jul 2014)
item Seasonal sediment and nutrients transport patterns (Jul 2014)
item Upper Washita River Experimental Watersheds: Physiography Data (Jul 2014)
item Upper Washita River Experimental Watersheds: Nutrient Water Quality Data (Jul 2014)
item Long-term Environmental Research: The Upper Washita River Experimental Watersheds, Oklahoma, USA (Jul 2014)
item Upper Washita River Experimental Watersheds: Data Screening Procedure for Data Quality Assurance (Jul 2014)
item Transport and persistence of tylosin-resistant enterococci, erm genes, and tylosin in soil and drainage water from fields receiving swine manure (Jul 2014)
item Tillage effect on early growth and nutrient accumulation (Jul 2014)
item Cover crops in the upper midwestern United States: Simulated effect on nitrate leaching with artificial drainage (Jul 2014)
item Feasibility of using a seismic surface wave method to study seasonal and weather effects on shallow surface soils (Jun 2014)
item Variability in the characterization of total coliforms, fecal coliforms, and escherichia coli in recreational water supplies of North Mississippi, USA (Jun 2014)
item Optimal sensor locations for the backward Lagrangian stochastic technique in measuring lagoon gas emission (Jun 2014)
item Measurements of Canopy Interception and Trasnpiration of Openly-Grown Eastern Redcedar in Central Oklahoma (Jun 2014)
item Nitrogen use efficiency research in the United States Department of Agriculture (Jun 2014)
item Effects of biochars and hyrdochars produced from lignocellulosic and animal manure on fertility of a Mollisol and Entisol (Jun 2014)
item Misconceptions about mechanical and fluvial erosional strength: implications to streambank stability (Jun 2014)
item Production and characterization of biochars from agricultural by-products for use in soil quality enhancement (Jun 2014)
item Annual and seasonal differences in pesticide mixtures within channelized agricultural headwater streams in central Ohio (Jun 2014)
item Feasibility of using a seismic surface wave method to study seasonal and weather effects on shallow surface soils (Jun 2014)
item A note on acoustic measurements of turbulence, suspended sediment, and bed forms in mobile bed experiments (Jun 2014)
item Guest editor's note (Jun 2014)
item Physical-scale models of engineered log jams in rivers (Jun 2014)
item Predicting bed load transport of sand and gravel on Goodwin Creek (Jun 2014)
item A stability analysis of semi-cohesive streambanks with CONCEPTS: Coupling field and laboratory investigations to quantify the onset of fluvial erosion and mass failure (May 2014)
item Relative influence of different habitat factors on creek chub population structure within channelized agricultural headwater streams in central Ohio (May 2014)
item Fate and transport of antibiotic resistant bacteria and resistance genes in artificially drained agricultural fields receiving swine manure application (May 2014)
item Gully development processes in the Ethiopian Highlands (May 2014)
item Improving efficacy of landscape interventions in the (semi) humid Ethiopian Highlands (May 2014)
item Bank stability analysis for fluvial erosion and mass failure (May 2014)
item Modification of meander migration by bank failures (May 2014)
item Watershed management (May 2014)
item FDR probe structure influence on the soil dielectric spectrum measurement (Apr 2014)
item Effects of native perennial vegetation buffer strips on dissolved organic carbon in surface runoff from an agricultural landscape (Apr 2014)
item Turbulent flow and sand transport over a cobble bed (Apr 2014)
item Multistate assessment of wetland restoration on CO2 and N2O emissions and soil bacterial communities (Apr 2014)
item Influence of varying nutrient and pesticide mixtures on abatement efficiency using a vegetated free water surface constructed wetland mesocosm (Mar 2014)
item Closed depression topography Harps soil, revisited (Mar 2014)
item Carbon mineralization in two ultisols amended with different sources and particle sizes of pyrolyzed biochar (Mar 2014)
item Imaging a soil fragipans using a high-frequency MASW method (Mar 2014)
item Self-adaptive method for high-frequency dispersion curve determination (Mar 2014)
item Influence of integrated watershed-scale agricultural conservation practices on lake water quality (Mar 2014)
item Influence of corn residue harvest management on grain, stover, and energy yields (Mar 2014)
item Climate forecasts for corn producer decision making (Mar 2014)
item Age-related shifts in the density and distribution of genetic marker water quality indicators in cow and calf feces (Mar 2014)
item Reconnecting tile drainage to riparian buffer hydrology for enhanced nitrate removal (Feb 2014)
item Reconnecting tile drainage to riparian buffer hydrology for enhanced nitrate removal (Feb 2014)
item Pyraclostrobin wash-off from sugarcane leaves and aerobic dissipation in agricultural soil (Feb 2014)
item Downstream fish assemblage response to river impoundment varies with degree of hydrologic alteration (Feb 2014)
item Nonlinear response of stream ecosystem structure to low-level phosphorus enrichment (Feb 2014)
item A simplified approach for simulating changes in beach habitat due to the combined effectgs of long-term sea level rise, storm erosion, and nourishment (Feb 2014)
item Streambank erosion rates and loads within a single watershed: Bridging the gap between temporal and spatial scales (Feb 2014)
item Nutrients in soil water under three rotational cropping systems, Iowa, USA (Feb 2014)
item Groundwater phosphorus in forage-based landscape with cow-calf operation (Jan 2014)
item Forage harvest representation in RUSLE2 (Jan 2014)
item Similarities in fish-habitat relationships within channelized agricultural headwater streams in Ohio and Indiana (Jan 2014)
item Nutrient removal by prairie filter strips in agricultural landscapes (Jan 2014)
item Fecal bacterial losses in runoff from conventional and no-till pearl millet fertilized with broiler litter (Jan 2014)
item Evaluation of the AnnAGNPS model for predicting runoff and sediment yield in a small Mediterranean agricultural watershed in Navarre (Spain) (Jan 2014)
item Characteristics of instream wood within channelized agricultural headwater streams in the Midwestern United States (Dec 2013)
item Laboratory soil piping and internal erosion experiments: evaluation of a soil piping model for low-compacted soils (Dec 2013)
item Comparison of micrometeorological techniques in measuring gas emissions from waste lagoons (Dec 2013)
item Testing gridded NWS 1-Day observed precipitation analysis in a daily irrigation scheduler (Dec 2013)
item Factors affecting low summer dissolved oxygen concentrations in Mississippi Delta bayous (Dec 2013)
item Impact of protein production on the environment (Dec 2013)
item Small mammal habitat use within restored riparian habitats adjacent to channelized streams in Mississippi (Nov 2013)
item Evaluation of the Hooghoudt and Kirkham tile drain equations in SWAT to simulate tile flow and nitrate-nitrogen (Nov 2013)
item Nutrient concentrations in soil water as influenced by crop rotation in Iowa (Nov 2013)
item Column study to assess bioretention cell filter mixtures for urban stormwater management (Nov 2013)
item Turbulence structure and sand transport over gravel and cobble beds in laboratory flumes (Nov 2013)
item Evaluation of potential water conservation using site-specific irrigation (Nov 2013)
item Fate and transport of tylosin and macrolide-resistance genes following manure applications in tile-drained landscapes (Nov 2013)
item Curve numbers for long-term no-till corn and agricultural practices with high watershed infiltration (Nov 2013)
item Response of carbon dioxide emissions to warming under no-till and conventional till systems (Nov 2013)
item Effects of tillage and application rate on atrazine transport to subsurface drainage: Evaluation of RZWQM using a six-year field study (Oct 2013)
item Effect of storage method and associated holding time on nitrogen and phosphorus concentrations in surface water samples (Oct 2013)
item Land use change (1940-2004) in six aquifer regions in Zacatecas, Mexico (Oct 2013)
item Midwest-Great Lakes SER Chapter: Who we are, what we do, and what we will do (Oct 2013)
item The importance of instream habitat modifications for restoring channelized agricultural headwater streams (Oct 2013)
item Combining precision conservation technologies into a flexible framework to facilitate agricultural watershed planning (Sep 2013)
item Nitrate loss in subsurface drainage and corn yield as affected by timing of sidedress nitrogen (Sep 2013)
item Responses of phytoplankton and Hyalella azteca to agrichemical mixtures in a constructed wetland mesocosms (Sep 2013)
item Modeling the impact of nitrogen fertilizer application and tile drain configuration on nitrate leaching using SWAT (Sep 2013)
item A theoretical treatise of drainage and seepage in bottom land areas adjacent to incised channels: the J. J. van Deemter analysis (Sep 2013)
item A review of irrigation termination practices in Northeastern Arkansas (Sep 2013)
item Simulation of morphological changes due to dam removal (Sep 2013)
item Sorption and photo degradation processes govern distribution of sulfamethazine in freshwater-sediment microcosms (Aug 2013)
item Soil-extractable phosphorus and phosphorus saturation threshold in beef cattle pastures as affected by grazing management and forage type (Aug 2013)
item Assessing designer biochar characteristics to ameliorate specific soil limitations (Aug 2013)
item Laboratory measurements of wave attenuation through model and live vegetation (Aug 2013)
item Phytoremediation of Pb in the sediment of a mangrove ecosystem (Aug 2013)
item Organic manure as an alternative to crop residues for no-tillage wheat-maize systems in North China Plain (Aug 2013)
item Simplified physically based model of earthen embankment breaching (Aug 2013)
item Quantitative and qualitative analysis of groundwater in aguanaval and chupaderos aquifers (Mexico) (Jul 2013)
item Mapping and spatiotemporal analysis tool for hydrological data: Spellmap (Jul 2013)
item Aqueous pesticide mitigation efficiency of Typha Latifolia (L.), Leersia Oryzoides (L.) SW., and Sparganium Americanum Nutt (Jul 2013)
item Economics of supplemental weed control applications on spring-transplanted onions (Jul 2013)
item Economics of supplemental weed control applications on spring-transplanted onions (Jul 2013)
item Biomass feedstock production impact on water resource availability (Jul 2013)
item Parallelized CCHE2D flow model with CUDA Fortran on Graphics Process Units (Jul 2013)
item Bringing together science and policy to protect and enhance wetland ecosystem services in agricultural landscapes (Jul 2013)
item Composite structured mesh generation with automatic domain decomposition in complex geometries (Jul 2013)
item Managing landscape disturbances to increase watershed infiltration (Jul 2013)
item Pore-water pressures associated with clogging of soil pipes: Numerical analysis of laboratory experiments (Jul 2013)
item Three dimensional numerical modeling of flow and pollutant transport in a flooding area of 2008 US Midwest Flood (Jun 2013)
item Sequential applications of pelargonic acid for weed control in squash (Jun 2013)
item AXXE® (pelargonic acid) and Racer® (ammonium nonanoate): Weed control comparisons (Jun 2013)
item Laboratory and field investigations of marsh edge erosion (Jun 2013)
item Three-dimensional numerical modeling of water quality and sediment-associated processes in natural lakes (Jun 2013)
item Integrated SWAT-modflow modeling framework: Modeling multiple disconnected surface watersheds on a single subsurface aquifer extent (Jun 2013)
item Parallelizing alternating direction implicit solver on GPUs (Jun 2013)
item Genetic diversity and geographical distribution of indigenous soybean-nodulating Bradyrhizobia in the United States (May 2013)
item Storm water management: Potential for lower cost & more benefits if farmers & municipalities cooperate on tile drainage (May 2013)
item Assessing gully widening and its control in the Debri-Mawi Watershed, northern Ethiopia (May 2013)
item Impacts of urbanization on river flow frequency: A controlled experimental modeling-based evaluation approach (May 2013)
item Acoustic measurements of soil-pipeflow and internal erosion (May 2013)
item Conservation management in cotton production: long-term soil biological, chemical, and physical changes (May 2013)
item Determining potential for microbial atrazine degradation in agricultural drainage ditches (May 2013)
item Convergence of agricultural intensification and climate change in the midwestern United States: Implications for soil and water conservation (May 2013)
item Evaluation of Reflex (fomesafen) herbicide for watermelon in Oklahoma (May 2013)
item Changes in spatiotemporal land use patterns in selected hydrogeomorphic areas of China and the USA (May 2013)
item Investigation of the microbial retting community of kenaf (Hibiscus cannabinus) under differing conditions using next-generation semiconductor sequencing (May 2013)
item Resilience and vulnerability of beef cattle production in the southern great plains (Apr 2013)
item Spatiotemporal urban land use changes in the Changzhutan Region of Hunan Province in China (Apr 2013)
item Go native: blue gamma-buffalo grass and compost benefits urban soil (Apr 2013)
item Floodplain restoration with flood control: fish habitat value of levee borrow pits (Apr 2013)
item Phytoremediation: A green technology to remove environmental pollutants (Apr 2013)
item Estimation of runoff, peak discharge and sediment load at the event scale in a medium-size Mediterranean watershed using the AnnAGNPS model (Apr 2013)
item Preemergence weed control in transplanted watermelon - 2012 (Apr 2013)
item Tylosin-resistant Enterococci, erm genes, and tylosin in drained fields receiving swine manure (Mar 2013)
item Calibration and controlled flume evaluation of polar organic chemical integrative samplers (POCIS) for tylosin (Mar 2013)
item Relative importance of water chemistry and habitat to fish communities in headwater streams influenced by agricultural land use (Mar 2013)
item Addition of activated switchgrass biochar to an aridic subsoil increases microbial nitrogen cycling gene abundances (Mar 2013)
item The role of soil surface water regimes and raindrop impact on hillslope soil erosion and nutrient losses (Mar 2013)
item Numerical modeling of flow and sediment transport in Lake Pontchartrain due to flood release from Bonnet Carré Spillway (Mar 2013)
item Selection of pecan shell based activated carbons for removal of organic and inorganic impurities from simulated well-water (Mar 2013)
item In situ soil pipeflow experiments on contrasting streambank soils (Mar 2013)
item Influence of adding small instream wood on fishes and hydrology within channelized agricultural headwater streams in central Ohio (Feb 2013)
item Implications of fish-habitat relationships for designing restoration projects within channelized agricultural headwater streams (Feb 2013)
item Event based analysis of Chlorothalonil concentrations following application to managed turf (Feb 2013)
item Periphyton responses to nutrient and atrazine mixtures introduced through agricultural runoff (Feb 2013)
item Restoring soil quality on construction sites (Feb 2013)
item Augmenting soil water storage using uncharred switchgrass and pyrolyzed biochars (Jan 2013)
item Characteristics and nutrient values of biochars produced from giant reed at different temperatures (Jan 2013)
item Downstream approaches to phosphorus management in agricultural landscapes: Regional applicability and use (Jan 2013)
item Elemental chemistry of sand-boil discharge used to trace variable pathways of seepage beneath levees during the 2011 Mississippi River flood (Jan 2013)
item Rigid polyurethane foam – kenaf core composites for structural applications (Dec 2012)
item Quantifying sediment loadings from streambank erosion in selected agricultural watersheds draining to Lake Champlain (Dec 2012)
item Assessment of best management practice effects on metolachlor mitigation in an agricultural watershed (Nov 2012)
item Bermudagrass yield response to irrigation and nitrogen in the southeastern Coastal Plain (Nov 2012)
item Is the change of winter wheat yield under warming caused by shortened reproductive period? (Nov 2012)
item Long-term agro-ecosystem research or the southern great plains: The USDA-ARS Grazinglands Research Laboratory partnership (Oct 2012)
item Variable-rate irrigation management using an expert system in the eastern coastal plain (Oct 2012)
item Mechanical properties and surface chemistry of kenaf fiber for composite reinforcement – an insight into the retting process (Oct 2012)
item Response of a soil-mantled experimental landscape to exogenic forcing (Oct 2012)
item An analytical solution to the one-dimensional heat conduction-convection equation in soil (Oct 2012)
item Green-cane harvest of sugarcane effects on biomass and energy yields and nutrient removal (Oct 2012)
item Distribution of energy content in corn plants as influenced by corn residue management (Oct 2012)
item Distribution of structural carbohydrates in corn plants as influenced by corn residue management (Oct 2012)
item Surface drip irrigation (Sep 2012)
item Water-sensitivity of cotton growth stages (Sep 2012)
item Phase II Report for SERRI Project No. 80037: Investigation of surge and wave reduction by vegetation (Phase II) (Sep 2012)
item Natural fiber production, harvesting, and preliminary processing: options and opportunities (Sep 2012)
item Designing relevant biochars to revitalize soil quality: Current status and advances (Sep 2012)
item The use of soil electrical conductivity to investigate soil homogeneity in Story County, Iowa, USA (Sep 2012)
item Comparison of soil erodibility factors in USLE, RUSLE2, EPIC and Dg models based on a Chinese soil erodibiity database. (Sep 2012)
item A high-resolution finite volume model for shallow water flow on uneven bathymetry using quadrilateral meshes (Sep 2012)
item Observations on the use of acoustic Doppler velocimeters over rough beds with suspended sediment (Aug 2012)
item Using terrestrial LIDAR to characterize morphology and texture of a sand and gravel bed in a laboratory flume (Aug 2012)
item Comparison and assessment of four sediment particle-size analysis methodologies (Aug 2012)
item Water surface capturing by image processing (Aug 2012)
item Performance assessment and calibration of a profiling lab-scale acoustic Doppler velocimeter for application over mixed sand-gravel beds (Aug 2012)
item The biogeography of Mid-Atlantic CEAP wetlands (Aug 2012)
item Hydrologic and water quality models: Use, calibration, and validation (Aug 2012)
item Topographic effects on denitrification in drained agricultural fields (Jul 2012)
item Microbial gene analysis of Mid-Atlantic CEAP wetlands (Jul 2012)
item Horizon nomenclature for quartzipsamments in the Carolina and Georgia Sand Hills, South Carolina (Jul 2012)
item A depth-averaged 2-D shallow water model for breaking and non-breaking long waves affected by rigid vegetation (Jun 2012)
item Long-term analysis of nitrogen cycling genes in biochar-amended soils using quantitative real-time PCR (Jun 2012)
item Greenhouse gas emissions from natural, restored, and prior-converted wetlands of the Mid-Atlantic (Jun 2012)
item Differences in instream wood characteristics between channelized and unchannelized agricultural headwater streams in central Ohio (May 2012)
item An improved nearly-orthogonal structured mesh generation system with smoothness control functions (May 2012)
item Above ground plots at the MAFES-Holly Springs Experiment Station for studying impacts of seepage on erosion (Apr 2012)
item Soil physical properties of agricultural systems in a large-scale study (Jan 2012)
item Weed control options for organically grown vine crops (Sep 2011)
item Onion transplant production system for Oklahoma (Sep 2011)
item Spending our soil resources (Jul 2011)
item Predicting streambank seepage flows: sensitivity to soil properties and layering (May 2009)
item A seepage erosion sediment transport function and geometric headcut relationships for predicting seepage erosion undercutting (May 2009)
item Seepage erosion mechanisms of bank collapse: three-dimensional seepage particle mobilization and undercutting (May 2008)
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