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Soil Rooting
item Biochars multifunctional role as a novel technology in the agricultural, environmental, and industrial sectors (Nov 2015)
item Biochars impact on water infiltration and water quality through a compacted subsoil layer (Jul 2015)
item Ameliorating soil chemical properties of a hard setting subsoil layer in coastal plain USA with different designer biochars (Jun 2015)
item Efficacies of designer biochars in improving biomass and nutrient uptake of winter wheat grown in a hard setting subsoil layer (Jun 2015)
item Plant macro- and micronutrient dynamics in a biochar-amended wetland muck (Dec 2014)
item Effects of biochars and hyrdochars produced from lignocellulosic and animal manure on fertility of a Mollisol and Entisol (Jun 2014)
item Production and characterization of biochars from agricultural by-products for use in soil quality enhancement (Jun 2014)
item Multistate assessment of wetland restoration on CO2 and N2O emissions and soil bacterial communities (Apr 2014)
item Carbon mineralization in two ultisols amended with different sources and particle sizes of pyrolyzed biochar (Mar 2014)
item Influence of corn residue harvest management on grain, stover, and energy yields (Mar 2014)
item Assessing designer biochar characteristics to ameliorate specific soil limitations (Aug 2013)
item Genetic diversity and geographical distribution of indigenous soybean-nodulating Bradyrhizobia in the United States (May 2013)
item Phytoremediation: A green technology to remove environmental pollutants (Apr 2013)
item Addition of activated switchgrass biochar to an aridic subsoil increases microbial nitrogen cycling gene abundances (Mar 2013)
item Selection of pecan shell based activated carbons for removal of organic and inorganic impurities from simulated well-water (Mar 2013)
item Augmenting soil water storage using uncharred switchgrass and pyrolyzed biochars (Jan 2013)
item Characteristics and nutrient values of biochars produced from giant reed at different temperatures (Jan 2013)
item Distribution of energy content in corn plants as influenced by corn residue management (Oct 2012)
item Distribution of structural carbohydrates in corn plants as influenced by corn residue management (Oct 2012)
item Designing relevant biochars to revitalize soil quality: Current status and advances (Sep 2012)
item Long-term analysis of nitrogen cycling genes in biochar-amended soils using quantitative real-time PCR (Jun 2012)
item Soil physical properties of agricultural systems in a large-scale study (Jan 2012)
item Spending our soil resources (Jul 2011)
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