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United States Department of Agriculture

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Waste Utilization
item Production and nitrogen-use efficiency of oat forage receiving slurry or urea (Jul 2016)
item Soil disturbance evaluation: application of ANFIS (Jul 2016)
item Influence of surface crusting on infiltration of a loess plateau soil (Jul 2016)
item Heifer stocking density and performance (Jun 2016)
item Evaluation of yield and nutritive value of photoperiod-sensitive sorghum and sorghum-sudangrass (Jun 2016)
item Analysis of metolachlor ethane sulfonic acid chirality in groundwater: A tool for dating groundwater movement in agricultural settings (May 2016)
item Growth and metal accumulation of an Alyssum murale nickel hyperaccumulator ecotype co-cropped with Alyssum montanum or perennial ryegrass in serpentine soil (Apr 2016)
item Examination of data collected from experiments on soil disturbance using fuzzy indicator approach (Mar 2016)
item Use of amendments to restore ecosystem function to metal mining impacted sites; Tools to evaluate efficacy (Mar 2016)
item Current status and challenges in developing Ni phytomining: An agronomic perspective (Mar 2016)
item Wisconsin sorghum growth evaluation (Mar 2016)
item Effect of delayed wrapping and wrapping source on digestibility and intake of alfalfa silage in sheep (Mar 2016)
item Bioaccessibility tests accurately estimate bioavailability of lead to quail (Feb 2016)
item Chlorophyll-a concentration estimation with three bio-optical algorithms: correction for the low concentration range for the Yiam Reservoir, Korea (Feb 2016)
item Sorghum as a forage in Wisconsin (Jan 2016)
item Urea hydrolysis rates in soil toposequences as influenced by pH, carbon, nitrogen, and soluble metals (Jan 2016)
item A new tool for estimating phosphorus loss from cattle barnyards and outdoor lots (Jan 2016)
item Evaluation of soil disturbance using fuzzy indicator approach (Dec 2015)
item Fuzzy indicator approach: development of impact factor of soil amendments (Dec 2015)
item Managing fermentation with baled silage (Dec 2015)
item Agriculture waste and rising CO2 (Dec 2015)
item Impact of FGD gypsum soil amendment applications on soil and environmental quality (Sep 2015)
item The phosphorus problem (Jun 2015)
item Subsurface banding poultry litter impacts greenhouse gas emissions (Feb 2015)
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