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Identifying Carbon Sources & Sinks
item Introducing DwOdum and OTUshuff: A new set of tools for estimating beta diversity for under-sampled communities (Jul 2015)
item Creating deep soil core monoliths: Beyond the solum (Jun 2015)
item Tillage impact on herbicide loss by surface runoff and lateral subsurface flow (Jun 2015)
item Managing global change (Jun 2015)
item Cogongrass ecotypes respond differently to elevated atmospheric CO2 (May 2015)
item Lignin biochemistry and soil N determine crop residue decomposition and soil priming (Apr 2015)
item Stover removal affects no-till irrigated corn yields, soil C and N (Apr 2015)
item FIFRA Scientific Advisory Panel Minutes No. 21015-04. A set of scientific issues being considered by the Environmental Protection Agency regarding integrated endocrine bioactivity and exposure-based prioritization & screening (Mar 2015)
item Elevated CO2 effects on ragweed ecotypes: growth and fungal associations (Feb 2015)
item Elevated atmospheric CO2 effects on cogongrass ecotypes (Feb 2015)
item Control of yellow and purple nutsedge in elevated co2 environments with glyphosate and halosulfuron (Jan 2015)
item Short-term stover, tillage, and nitrogen management affect near-surface soil organic matter (Jan 2015)
item Bacillus spp. from rainforest soil promote plant growth under limited nitrogen conditions (Jan 2015)
item Impact of elevated CO2 levels on control of purple and yellow nutsedge with glyphosate and halosulfuron (Jan 2015)
item Sediment loss and runoff from cropland in a Southeast Atlantic Coastal Plain landscape (Dec 2014)
item Soil respiration is not limited by reductions in microbial biomass during long-term soil incubations (Dec 2014)
item Continuous versus pulse neutron induced gamma spectroscopy for soil carbon analysis (Dec 2014)
item What does it take to detect a change in soil carbon stock? A regional comparison of minimum detectable difference and experiment duration in the North-Central United States (Nov 2014)
item Tillage and residue management effects on soil carbon and nitrogen under irrigated continuous corn (Nov 2014)
item Introducing OTUshuff and DwOdum: A new set of tools for estimating beta diversity for under-sampled communities (Nov 2014)
item Conservation practices for climate change mitigation and adaptation will be needed for food security in the 21st century (Oct 2014)
item Biochar addition rate controls soil microbial abundance and activity in temperate soils (Oct 2014)
item Effects of elevated co2 on biomass and fungi associated with two ecotypes of ragweed (Ambrosia artemisiifolia L.) (Sep 2014)
item Effects of elevated CO2 on biomass and fungi associated with two ecotypes of ragweed (Ambrosia artemisiifolia L.) (Sep 2014)
item Wide row spacing for deep-furrow planting of winter wheat (Sep 2014)
item Monte-Carlo simulation of soil carbon measurements by inelastic neutron scattering (Sep 2014)
item Advanced in-situ measurement of soil carbon content using inelastic neutron scattering (Sep 2014)
item Leaves: Elevated CO2 levels (Aug 2014)
item Site and clone effects on the potato-root associated core microbiome and its relationship to tuber yield and nutrients (Aug 2014)
item Can cover crop and manure maintain or improve soil properties after stover removal from irrigated no-till corn? (Aug 2014)
item Seasonal variation in soil organic carbon (Aug 2014)
item Pre-treatment step with Leuconostoc mesenteroides or L. pseudomesenteroides strains removes furfural from Zymomonas mobilis ethanolic fermentation broth (Jul 2014)
item Effects of enhanced efficiency fertilizers on cotton growth characteristics (Jul 2014)
item Influence of aboveground tree biomass, home age, and yard maintenance on soil carbon levels in residential yards (Jul 2014)
item Warming and elevated CO2 lead to longer growing season in temperate grassland (Jun 2014)
item A new nitrogen index for assessment of nitrogen management practices of Andean Mountain cropping systems of Ecuador (May 2014)
item Comparative assessment of herbicide and fungicide runoff risk: a case study for peanut production in the Southern Atlantic Coastal Plain (USA) (May 2014)
item Nitrogen source and rate effects on furrow irrigated corn yields and NUE (Apr 2014)
item Production and supply logistics of switchgrass as an energy feedstock (Apr 2014)
item Cob biomass supply for combined heat and power and biofuel in the north central USA (Apr 2014)
item Simulation of high frequency nitrous oxide emissions from irrigated sub-tropical soils using DAYCENT (Apr 2014)
item Drivers of soil carbon in residential ‘pure lawns’in Auburn, Alabama (Mar 2014)
item Pseudomonas seleniipraecipitans proteins potentially involved in selenite reduction (Mar 2014)
item Energy potential and greenhouse gas emissions from bioenergy cropping systems on marginally productive cropland (Mar 2014)
item Soil water dynamics in continuous winter wheat grown in the semiarid Pacific Northwest, U.S.A. (Mar 2014)
item Annual precipitation and effects of runoff-nutrient from agricultural watersheds on water quality (Feb 2014)
item Soil greenhouse gas emissions in response to corn stover removal and tillage management across the US corn belt (Feb 2014)
item Design and operation of a continuous 13C and 15N labeling chamber for uniform or differential, metabolic and structural, plant tissue isotope labeling (Jan 2014)
item Antimicrobial Properties of an Oxidizer Produced by Burkholderia cenocepacia P525 (Jan 2014)
item Determining soil organic carbon accretion vs sequestration using physicochemical fractionation and CQESTR simulation (Nov 2013)
item A rhizobium selenitireducens protein showing selenite reductase activity (Oct 2013)
item Integrating a process-based ecosystem model with Landsat imagery to assess impacts of forest disturbance on terrestrial carbon dynamics: Case studies in Alabama and Mississippi (Oct 2013)
item Leuconostoc pseudomesenteroides WCFur3 partial 16S rRNA gene (Sep 2013)
item Cover crops alter the soil microbial community and increase potato tuber yield and quality (Aug 2013)
item Methods for improving PGPR establishment (Aug 2013)
item Rhizobium selenitireducens proteins involved in the reduction of selenite to elemental selenium (Aug 2013)
item Potato root-associated bacteria: site/cultivar differences and associations with tuber yield and quality (Aug 2013)
item Pesticide runoff risk during peanut production in the southern Atlantic Coastal Plain (Aug 2013)
item Stool microbiome and metabolome differences between colorectal cancer patients and healthy adults (Aug 2013)
item Patterns of new versus recycled primary production in the terrestrial biosphere (Jul 2013)
item Conservation practices for climate change (Jul 2013)
item Relationship between grain crop yield potential and nitrogen response (Jul 2013)
item Enhanced-efficiency nitrogen fertilizers: potential role in nitrous oxide emission mitigation (Jun 2013)
item Isolation and characterization of lignin-degrading bacteria from rainforest soils (Jun 2013)
item Introducing the GRACEnet/REAP data contribution, discovery and retrieval system (May 2013)
item Effect of plant sterols and tannins on Phytophthora ramorum growth and sporulation (May 2013)
item Earthworms (Oligochaeta: Acanthodrilidae and Lumbricidae) associated with Hornsby Bend Biosolids Management Plant, Travis County, Texas, USA (May 2013)
item Carbon source quality and placement effects on soil organic carbon status (May 2013)
item Soil microbiomass vary in their ability to confer drought tolerance to Arabidopsis (Apr 2013)
item Production of napiergrass as a bioenergy feedstock under organic versus inorganic fertilization in the Southeast USA (Apr 2013)
item Soil Carbon Dynamics for Irrigated Corn under Two Tillage Systems (Apr 2013)
item Ethanol attracts scolytid beetles to Phytophthora ramorum cankers on coast live oak (Mar 2013)
item Soil organic carbon accretion vs. sequestration using physicochemical fractionation and CQESTR simulation (Mar 2013)
item Understanding root-microbiome interactions (Mar 2013)
item Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi differ in their ability to regulate the expression of phosphate transportors in maize (Zea mays L.) (Mar 2013)
item Simulating variably-saturated reactive transport of selenium and nitrogen in agricultural groundwater systems (Mar 2013)
item Nitrogen placement effects on soil nitrous oxide emissions from irrigated corn (Mar 2013)
item Co-generated fast pyrolysis biochar mitigates green-house gas emissions and increases carbon sequestration in temperate soils (Feb 2013)
item A career in government: my experiences working for the U.S. Department of Agriculture-Agricultural Research Service (Feb 2013)
item Root exudation of phytochemicals in Arabidopsis follows specific patterns that are developmentally programmed and correlate with soil microbial functions (Feb 2013)
item Potential impact of soil microbiomes on the leaf metabolome and on herbivore feeding behavior (Jan 2013)
item Positive impacts in soil and water conservation in an Andean region of South America: Case scenarios from a USAID multidisciplinary cooperative project (Jan 2013)
item An array for measuring detailed soil temperature profiles (Jan 2013)
item The first nitrogen index app for mobile devices: using portable technology for smart agricultural management (Jan 2013)
item Pilot-scale vadose zone microbial biobarriers removed nitrate leaching from a cattle corral (Jan 2013)
item Nitrogen trading tool (Dec 2012)
item Nitrogen Leaching Index (Dec 2012)
item Climate stabilization wedges revisited: can agricultural production and greenhouse gas reduction goals be accomplished? (Dec 2012)
item Relationships between Arabidopsis thaliana and soil bacterial communities (Dec 2012)
item Contemporary and projected biogenic fluxes of methane and nitrous oxide in North American terrestrial ecosystems (Dec 2012)
item Effects of elevated carbon dioxide and increased temperature on methane and nitrous oxide fluxes: evidence from field experiments (Dec 2012)
item Short-term effects of grazing intensity and nitrogen fertilization on soil organic carbon pools under perennial grass pastures in the Southeastern USA (Nov 2012)
item Nitrogen Source and Placement Affect Soil Nitrous Oxide Emissions from Irrigated Corn in Colorado (Nov 2012)
item Greenhouse gas fluxes in response to corn stover harvest (Nov 2012)
item Cost effectiveness of on- and off-field conservation practices designed to reduce nitrogen in downstream water (Nov 2012)
item Adapting agriculture to drought and extreme events (Nov 2012)
item Corn residue removal effects on subsequent yield (Nov 2012)
item Nitrogen Placement Effects on Soil Nitrous Oxide Emissions from Irrigated Corn (Oct 2012)
item Potential use of FGD gypsum for overcoming environmental problems in the Southeast (Oct 2012)
item Corn and soybean grain yields in a long-term tillage and cropping systems study (Oct 2012)
item Nitrogen Source Effects on Soil Nitrous Oxide Emissions from No-Till Corn (Oct 2012)
item Trace gas emissions from nursery crop production using different fertilizer methods (Oct 2012)
item Comparison of four approaches for estimating soil-atmosphere trace gas fluxes (Oct 2012)
item Influence of corn (zea mays l.) cultivar development on grain nutrient concentration (Oct 2012)
item Impact of tillage and fertilizer application method on gas emissions in a corn cropping system (Oct 2012)
item Defense-and stress-related proteins are involved in early events related to plant-plant recognition prior to competition (Oct 2012)
item Impact of increasing atmospheric co2 on carbon dynamics under different tillage practices (Sep 2012)
item Biotransformation of Ferulic acid to 4-Vinylguaiacol by Enterobacter soli and E. aerogenes (Sep 2012)
item Biochar and N fertilizer alters soil N dynamics and greenhouse gas fluxes from two temperate soils (Sep 2012)
item Marshner Review: Harnessing the rhizosphere microbiome through plant breeding and agricultural management (Aug 2012)
item Corn stover harvest: Likely effects on soil productivity (Aug 2012)
item Effects of cover crops on the microbial community and its ability to suppress disease and acquire nutrients (Aug 2012)
item Growing season greenhouse gas flux from switchgrass in the northern Great Plains (Jul 2012)
item Landscape influences on soil nitrogen supply and water holding capacity for irrigated corn (Jul 2012)
item Effects of fertilizer placement on trace gas emissions from container-grown plant production (Jul 2012)
item Influence of ATP-binding cassette transporters in root exudation of phytoalexins, signals, and disease resistance (Jul 2012)
item Trace gas flux from container production of woody landscape plants (Jun 2012)
item Crop rotation effect on soil carbon and nitrogen stocks under limited irrigation (Jun 2012)
item Management to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in western U.S. croplands (Jun 2012)
item Tillage and slope position impact on field-scale hydrologic processes in the South Atlantic Coastal Plain (Jun 2012)
item DayCent model simulations for estimating soil carbon dynamics and greenhouse gas fluxes from agricultural production systems (Jun 2012)
item Preface to book entitled: Managing Agricultural Greenhouse Gases: Coordinated Agricultural Research through GRACEnet to Address our Changing Climate (Jun 2012)
item Beyond Mitigation: Adaptation of agricultural strategies to overcome projected climate change (Jun 2012)
item Effects of Climate Change on soil carbon and nitrogen storage in the US Great Plains. Special Issue "Mitigation of Climate Change" (Jun 2012)
item Elevating your elevator talk (Jun 2012)
item Nitrogen source and placement effects on soil nitrous oxide emissions from no-till corn (May 2012)
item Cover crop biomass harvest influences cotton nitrogen utilization and productivity (May 2012)
item Removal of Hexazinone from Water with Bioreactors. Remediation of Chlorinated and Recalcitrant Compounds. (May 2012)
item Manipulating the soil microbiome to increase soil health and plant fertility (May 2012)
item Pseudomonas kuykendallii sp. nov.: A novel y-Proteobacteria isolated from a hexazinone degrading bioreactor (May 2012)
item Sour orange fine root distribution after seventeen years of atmospheric CO2 enrichment (May 2012)
item The influence of nitrate on selenium in irrigated agricultural groundwater systems (May 2012)
item Cover crops can improve potato tuber yield and quality (Apr 2012)
item Predicting long-term organic carbon dynamics in organically-amended soils using the CQESTR model (Apr 2012)
item Results of rainfall simulation to estimate sediment-bound carbon and nitrogen loss from an Atlantic Coastal Plain (USDA) ultisol (Mar 2012)
item Biosolid and tillage effects on physically isolated fractions: implications for conservation management of three Virginia coastal plain soil series. (Mar 2012)
item Effects of atmospheric CO2 enrichment on soil CO2 efflux in a young longleaf pine system (Mar 2012)
item Best Nitrogen Management Practices Can Reduce the Potential Flux of Nitrogen Out of the Arkansas Delta (Mar 2012)
item Nitrogen fertilizer source and placement effects on nitrous oxide emissions (Mar 2012)
item Impact of second-generation biofuel agriculture on greenhouse gas emissions in the corn-growing regions of the US (Mar 2012)
item Landscape establishment of woody ornamentals grown in alternative wood-based container substrates (Mar 2012)
item Nitrogen source effects on nitrous oxide emissions from irrigated strip-till and no-till corn production ystems (Feb 2012)
item Drought in the Southern United States over the 20th century: Variability and its impacts on terrestrial ecosystem productivity and carbon storage (Feb 2012)
item Cob component of corn residue can be used as a biofuel feedstock with little impact on soil and water conservation (Feb 2012)
item Removing hexazinone from groundwater with microbial bioreactors (Feb 2012)
item Manure and nitrogen fertilizer effects on corn productivity and soil fertility under drip and furrow irrigation (Jan 2012)
item Nitrous oxide emissions from smooth bromegrass pasture under nitrogen fertilizer and bovine urine application in eastern Nebraska (Jan 2012)
item The two-dimensional exposure rainfall-runoff assessment (TERRA)watershed model and its use in the FIFRA ecological risk assessment for antimicrobial uses of copper. FIFRA Scientific Advisory Panel Meeting; October 25-26. (Jan 2012)
item Co-adaptationary aspects of the underground communication between plants and other organisms (Jan 2012)
item Lignocellulose decomposition by microbial secretions (Jan 2012)
item Determining trace gas flux from container-grown woody ornamentals (Dec 2011)
item Carbon dynamics and sequestration in urban turfgrass ecosystems (Dec 2011)
item Recent advances in precision (Target) conservation (Nov 2011)
item Conservation Practices to Mitigate and Adapt to Climate Change. Poster Demonstration (Oct 2011)
item Carbon sequestration and greenhouse gas fluxes in agriculture: Challenges and opportunities (Oct 2011)
item Nitrogen source effects on nitrous oxide emissions from irrigated cropping systems in Colorado. American Chemical Society Symposium Series (Oct 2011)
item Reducing agricultural greenhouse gas emissions: role of biotechnology, organic systems, and consumer behavior (Oct 2011)
item Soil N dynamics related to soil C and microbial changes during long-term incubation (Oct 2011)
item Nitrogen in agricultural systems: Implications for conservation policy (Sep 2011)
item Nitrogen source effects on soil nitrous oxide emissions from strip-till corn (Sep 2011)
item Effects of media and species on soil CO2 efflux in the landscape (Sep 2011)
item Preliminary assessment of the potential for nitrous oxide offsets in a cap and trade program (Aug 2011)
item Evaluation of angiosperm and fern contributions to soil organic matter using two methods of pyrolysis-gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (Aug 2011)
item Soil carbon as affected by horticultural species and growth media (Aug 2011)
item Nitrogen fertilization effects on irrigated no-till corn production and soil carbon and nitrogen (Jul 2011)
item Conservation Practices to Mitigate and Adapt to Climate Change. Poster Demonstration (Jul 2011)
item Conservation practices to mitigate and adapt to the effects of climate change (Jul 2011)
item Soil management to mitigate climate change (Jul 2011)
item A new nitrogen index to elvaluate nitrogen losses in intensive forage systems in Mexico (Jul 2011)
item Chapter 3: Cropland Agriculture (Jun 2011)
item The Biogeochemistry of Bioenergy Landscapes: Carbon, Nitrogen, and Water Considerations (Jun 2011)
item Nitrous Oxide Emissions from Several Nitrogen Sources Applied To A Strip-Tilled Corn Field (Apr 2011)
item Potential drivers for soil carbon pools in residential areas in Auburn, Alabama (Apr 2011)
item Nitrogen fertilizer effects on irrigated conventional tillage corn yields and soil carbon and nitrogen pools (Mar 2011)
item Crop Management Effects On Nitrous Oxide Emissions From Irrigated Systems (Mar 2011)
item Enterobacter soli sp. nov.: a lignin-degrading y-Proteobacteria isolated from soil (Mar 2011)
item Strategies for carbon sequestration and reducing greenhouse gas emissions from nursery production systems (Feb 2011)
item Nitrogen Source Effects on Nitrous Oxide Emissions (Feb 2011)
item The importance of determining carbon sequestration and greenhouse gas mitigation potential in ornamental horticulture (Feb 2011)
item A review of elevated atmospheric CO2 effects on plant growth and water relations: implications for horticulture (Feb 2011)
item Vegetation effects on soil organic matter chemistry of aggregate fractions in a Hawaiian forest (Feb 2011)
item Studies on removing sulfachloropyridazine from groundwater with microbial bioreactors (Feb 2011)
item Advances in Nitrogen Management for Water Quality (Jan 2011)
item GRACEnet sampling protocols (Jan 2011)
item Environmental and human impacts of reactive nitrogen. Chapter 1. (Dec 2010)
item Advances in nitrogen management for water quality (Dec 2010)
item Crop residue is key for sustaining maximum food production and for conservation of our biosphere (Oct 2010)
item Soil Carbon Levels in Residential Areas in Auburn, Alabama (Sep 2010)
item Determining media and species effects on soil carbon dynamics in the landscape (Aug 2010)
item Implications of elevated atmospheric CO2 on plant growth and water relations (Aug 2010)
item Influence of elevated atmospheric CO2 and tillage practice on rainfall simulation (Jul 2010)
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