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Climate - Plant Response
item Nutrient cycling in an agroforestry alley cropping system receiving poultry litter or nitrogen fertilizer (Dec 2015)
item Enhanced precipitation-variability effects on water losses and ecosystem functioning: Differential response of arid and mesic regions (Jul 2015)
item Grassland-cropping rotations: An avenue for agricultural diversification to reconcile high production with environmental quality (Jun 2015)
item Soil erosion from winter wheat cropland under climate change in central Oklahoma (Jun 2015)
item RNA-seq analysis reveals genetic response and tolerance mechanisms to ozone exposure in soybean (Jun 2015)
item Modifying landscape connectivity by reducing wind driven sediment redistribution, northern Chihuahuan Desert, USA (Jun 2015)
item Evaluating soil erodibility dynamics to improve estimates of wind erosion in drylands (May 2015)
item A national wind erosion research network (May 2015)
item Dating sediment in a fast sedimentation reservoir using 137Cs and 210Pb (May 2015)
item Deterministic modeling of future soil erosion within a framework of uncertain climate change and unpredictable producer adaptation (May 2015)
item Uncertainty analysis of an irrigation scheduling model for water management in crop production (Apr 2015)
item Comparison of soil temperature- and water content-based models for determining soil-surface CO2 fluxes (Apr 2015)
item Criollo cattle: Heritage genetics for arid landscapes (Apr 2015)
item Ecological challenges posed by climate uncertainty (Apr 2015)
item Soil degradation in India: Challenges and potential solutions (Mar 2015)
item Grazing impacts on the susceptibility of rangelands to wind erosion: the effects of stocking rate, stocking strategy and land condition (Mar 2015)
item A modeling approach to evaluate the impact of conservation practices on runoff and sediments in Sasumua watershed, Kenya (Mar 2015)
item Evaluation of 137 C's conversion models parameter sensitivity for erosion estimation (Feb 2015)
item Establishment and early development of 'Kanza', 'Peruque', and other pecan cultivars in northern U.S. growing regions (Feb 2015)
item A short-term assessment of carbon dioxide fluxes under contrasting agricultural and soil management practices in Zimbabwe (Feb 2015)
item Emerging technological and cultural shifts advancing drylands research and management (Feb 2015)
item Beyond desertification: New paradigms for dryland landscapes (Feb 2015)
item Legacy effects in linked ecological-soil-geomorphic systems of drylands (Feb 2015)
item Desertification, land use, and the transformation of global drylands (Feb 2015)
item Collaboration, interdisciplinary thinking, and communication: new approaches to K-12 ecology education (Feb 2015)
item Connectivity in dryland landscapes: shifting concepts of spatial interactions (Feb 2015)
item Rangeland ecosystem services: shifting focus from supply to reconciling supply and demand (Feb 2015)
item Detection of honey mesquite leaves in cattle diets using fecal near infrared reflectance spectroscopy (Jan 2015)
item The economics of Raramuri Criollo versus British crossbred cattle production in the Chihuahuan Desert (Jan 2015)
item Scale-dependent feedbacks between patch size and plant reproduction in desert grassland (Jan 2015)
item Geospatial technologies for conservation planning: An approach to build more sustainable cropping systems (Jan 2015)
item The past, present, and future of soils and human health studies (Jan 2015)
item Accumulation of organic carbon in chernozems (mollisols) under Shelterbelts in Russia and the United States (Jan 2015)
item The Florida citrus soil water atmosphere plant (SWAP) project: final summary of cumulative yields and tree health (Dec 2014)
item A novel gene EaF82a from variegated Epipremnum aureum and its potential involvement in light associated auxin action in shoot meristems (Dec 2014)
item Calculating foraging area using gloal navigation satellite system (GNSS) technology (Dec 2014)
item Screening of Bangladeshi winter wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) cultivars for sensitivity to ozone (Dec 2014)
item Trends and variability of daily temperature extremes during 1960-2012 in the Yangtze River Basin, China (Nov 2014)
item New insights on using fallout radionuclides to estimate soil redistribution rates (Nov 2014)
item Disaggregation of soil map units for improved ecological site mapping in rangelands (Nov 2014)
item Biochemical and molecular characteristics of leaf photosynthesis and relative seed yield of two contrasting rice cultivars in response to elevated [CO2] (Nov 2014)
item Restoration practices have positive effects on breeding bird species of concern in the Chihuahuan Desert (Oct 2014)
item Predicting maize phenology: Intercomparison of functions for developmental response to temperature (Oct 2014)
item How to make 137Cs erosion estimation more useful: An uncertainty perspective (Oct 2014)
item Using goats and sheep to control juniper saplings: what we've learned (Oct 2014)
item Nocturnal intermittency in surface CO2 concentrations in sub-Saharan Africa (Oct 2014)
item A multi-site stochastic weather generator of daily precipitation and temperature (Oct 2014)
item Carbon and nitrogen stocks of a Typic Acrudox under different land use systems in Sao Paulo State of Brazil (Oct 2014)
item Biosolids amendment dramatically increases sequestration of crop residue-carbon in agricultural soils in western Illinois (Oct 2014)
item Australian net (1950s-1990) soil organic carbon erosion: implications for CO2 emission and land-atmosphere modelling (Sep 2014)
item Ecological site-based assessments of wind and water erosion: Informing accelerated soil erosion management in rangelands (Sep 2014)
item Resilience in ecology: abstraction, distraction, or where the action is? (Sep 2014)
item Investigating biochar as a tool for mine soil remediation (Aug 2014)
item Temporal dynamics of total and particulate organic carbon and nitrogen in cover crop grazed cropping systems (Aug 2014)
item Modelling emergent patterns of dynamic desert ecosystems (Aug 2014)
item Deforestation of "degraded" rangelands: The Argentine Chaco enters the next stage of the Anthropocene (Aug 2014)
item A National Wind Erosion Monitoring Network to support and all-lands wind erosion model (Jul 2014)
item Quantifying accelerated soil erosion through ecological site-based assessments of wind and water erosion (Jul 2014)
item The southern Kalahari as a dust source: preliminary results from the field (Jul 2014)
item Roughness configuration matters for aeolian sediment flux (Jul 2014)
item Predicting risk of invasive species occurrence - remote-sesning strategies (Jul 2014)
item Climate change and observed climate trends in the Fort Cobb experimental watershed (Jul 2014)
item High ozone increases soil perchlorate but does not affect foliar perchlorate content (Jul 2014)
item Upper Washita River experimental watersheds: Sediment Database (Jul 2014)
item Phosphorus loss and its estimation in a small watershed of the Yimeng mountainous area, China (Jul 2014)
item Enhancing soil and landscape quality in smallholder grazing systems (Jul 2014)
item Spatial distribution and risk assessment of Johnsongrass (sorghum halepense) in Big Bend National Park, Texas (Jul 2014)
item North American Biome (Jul 2014)
item Integrated crop–livestock systems: Strategies to achieve synergy between agricultural production and environmental quality (Jun 2014)
item Implications of an interrow fescue cover crop for below-canopy water dynamics in a North Carolina vineyard (Jun 2014)
item Virtual herding for flexible livestock management - a review (Jun 2014)
item The landscape of fear: The missing link to understand top-down and bottom-up controls of prey abundance? (Jun 2014)
item Interpretation of high-resolution imagery for detecting vegetation cover composition change after fuels reduction treatments in woodlands (Jun 2014)
item Overgrazing- How far are we from passing the tipping point of turning our rangelands into desert? (Jun 2014)
item Agronomic and environmental impacts of pasture-crop rotations intemperate North and South America (Jun 2014)
item Grazing land intensification effect on C dynamics in soil aggregate fractions (Jun 2014)
item Crop–livestock systems in temperate-humid regions of North and South America: Mitigation and adaptation (Jun 2014)
item Harnessing the power of big data: infusing the scientific method with machine learning to transform ecology (Jun 2014)
item The public water supply protection value of forests: A watershed-scale ecosystem services based upon total organic carbon (Jun 2014)
item The effect of roughness elements on wind erosion: The importance of surface shear stress distribution (May 2014)
item Exploring integrated crop–livestock systems in different ecoregions of the United States (May 2014)
item Crop and cattle production responses to tillage and cover crop management in an integrated crop-livestock system in the southeastern USA (May 2014)
item Covariate selection with iterative principal component analysis for predicting physical (May 2014)
item Changes in fluxes of heat, H2O, CO2 caused by a large wind farm (May 2014)
item Effects of elevated CO2 on maize defense against mycotoxigenic Fusarium verticillioides (May 2014)
item How do various maize crop models vary in their responses to climate change factors? (May 2014)
item Surface water and shallow groundwater interactions in semiarid agro-ecosystems of western USA (Apr 2014)
item Mechanical mastication of Utah juniper encroaching sagebrush steppe increases inorganic soil N (Apr 2014)
item Stock density managed in real-time (Apr 2014)
item The changing role of shrubs in rangeland-based livestock production systems: Can shrubs increase our forage supply? (Apr 2014)
item Asymmetric ecological and economic responses for rangeland restoration: A case study of tree thickening in Queensland, Australia (Apr 2014)
item Valuing and rewarding ecosystem services from rangelands (Apr 2014)
item Sensible heat balance measurements of soil water evaporation beneath a maize canopy (Apr 2014)
item AIM-Monitoring: a component of the BLM assessment, inventory, and monitoring strategy (Apr 2014)
item Mechanisms of grass response in grasslands and shrublands during dry or wet periods (Apr 2014)
item Sound management may sequester methane in grazed rangeland ecosystems (Mar 2014)
item Effects of near soil surface characteristics on soil detachment by overland flow in a natural succession grassland (Mar 2014)
item Taking the pulse of a continent: Expanding site-based research infrastructure for regional- to continental-scale ecology (Mar 2014)
item Nitrous oxide fluxes from a commercial beef cattle feedlot in Kansas (Mar 2014)
item Comparing carbon dioxide (CO2) flux between no-till and conventional tillage agriculture in Lesotho (Mar 2014)
item Enhanced efficiency fertilizers: A multi-site comparison of the effects on nitrous oxide emissions and agronomic performance (Mar 2014)
item Enhanced efficiency fertilizers: Effects on agronomic performance of corn in Iowa (Mar 2014)
item Enhanced efficiency fertilizers: Effect on nitrous oxide emissions in Iowa (Mar 2014)
item Yield gaps and yield relationships in US soybean production systems (Mar 2014)
item A double-sampling approach to deriving training and validation data for remotely-sensed vegetation products (Feb 2014)
item Constraints and time lags for recovery of a keystone species (Dipodomys spectabilis) after landscape restoration (Feb 2014)
item Is differential use of Juniperus monosperma by small ruminants driven by terpenoid concentration? (Feb 2014)
item Social vulnerability to climate change in primary producers: A typology approach (Feb 2014)
item Phenological changes in nutritive value of honey mesquite leaves, pods and flowers (Feb 2014)
item Climate risks in the Southern Plains (Feb 2014)
item Effects of stocking rate on the variability of peak standing crop in a desert steppe of Eurasia grassland (Feb 2014)
item High-resolution characterization of a semiarid watershed: Implications on evapotranspiration estimates (Feb 2014)
item Savory's unsubstantiated claims should not be confused with multipaddock grazing (Feb 2014)
item Coarse fragments affects soil properties in a mantled-karst landscape of the Ozark Highlands (Jan 2014)
item Solar ultraviolet radiation exclusion increases soybean internode lengths and plant height (Jan 2014)
item Perchlorate content of plant foliage reflects a wide range of species-dependent accumulation but not ozone-induced biosynthesis (Jan 2014)
item New ecology education: Preparing students for the complex human-environmental problems of dryland East Asia (Dec 2013)
item Adaptive management of grazing lands (Dec 2013)
item Why do we need to standardize no-tillage research? (Dec 2013)
item JournalMap: Research. Reimagined. (Dec 2013)
item Potential for using visual, auditory, and olfactory cues to manage foraging behaviour and spatial distribution of rangeland livestock (Dec 2013)
item Adjusting skewness and maximum 0.5 hour intensity in CLIGEN to improve extreme event and sub-daily intensity generation for assessing climate change impacts (Nov 2013)
item Long-Term Trends in Ecological Systems: A Basis for Understanding Responses to Global Change (Nov 2013)
item Soil organic carbon enrichment of dust emissions: Magnitude, mechanisms and its implications for the carbon cycle (Nov 2013)
item Soil-profile distribution of inorganic N during 6 years of integrated crop-livestock management (Nov 2013)
item Stock assessment and balance of organic carbon in the Eastern European steppe ecosystems tree windbreaks (Oct 2013)
item Sustainable rangeland-based livestock production: A perspective on USA and global emerging trends (Oct 2013)
item A review of approaches for evapotranspiration partitioning (Oct 2013)
item Soil-profile distribution of organic C and N at the end of 6 years of tillage and grazing management (Oct 2013)
item Greenhouse gas emissions from soil under changing environmental conditions (Oct 2013)
item About the necessity of standardizing no-tillage research (Sep 2013)
item Assessing resilience and state-transition models with historical records of cheatgrass Bromus tectorum invasion in North American sagebrush-steppe (Sep 2013)
item Uncertainty in simulating wheat yields under climate change (Sep 2013)
item Mosses new to New Mexico (Sep 2013)
item Regional signatures of plant response to drought and elevated temperature across a desert ecosystem (Sep 2013)
item Seed treatment with live or dead Fusarium verticillioides equivalently reduces the severity of subsequent stalk rot (Sep 2013)
item Earth stewardship on rangelands: Coping with ecological, economic, and political marginality (Sep 2013)
item Sending mixed messages: a trophic cascade produced by a belowground herbivore-induced cue (Aug 2013)
item Sensitivity of grassland plant community composition to spatial vs. temporal variation in precipitation (Aug 2013)
item Land degradation and climate change: a sin of omission? (Aug 2013)
item Discovering ecologically relevant knowledge from published studies through geosemantic searching (Aug 2013)
item Soil organic carbon dust emission: an omitted global source of atmospheric CO2? (Jul 2013)
item The impact of carbohydrate and protein level and sources on swine manure foaming properties (Jul 2013)
item Three-phase foam analysis and development of a lab-scale foaming capacity and stability test for swine manure (Jul 2013)
item Report on the projected future climate of the Walnut Gulch Watershed, AZ (Jul 2013)
item A common framework for GHG assessment protocols in temperate agroforestry systems: connecting via GRACEnet (Jul 2013)
item Relationship between one-seed juniper terpene concentration and herbivory by small ruminants (Jul 2013)
item Geographic searching for ecological studies: A new frontier (Jul 2013)
item Report on the projected future climate of the Fort Cobb Watershed, Oklahoma (Jul 2013)
item Report on the project future climate of the Goodwater Creek experimental watershed, MO (Jun 2013)
item Report on projected future climate of the Goodwin Creek experimental watershed, MS (Jun 2013)
item Report on the projected future cliamte of subwatershed WE-38 of Mahantango Creek, PA (Jun 2013)
item Environment – How good grass management helps (Jun 2013)
item Marginality principle (Jun 2013)
item Forages, Soil Quality, and Sustainability (Jun 2013)
item Pasture management – Converting carbon in the air into something useful on the ground (Jun 2013)
item Report on the project future climate of the Little River watershed, GA (Jun 2013)
item Report on projected future climate of the Beasley Lake experimental watershed, MS (Jun 2013)
item The role of carbon dust emission as a global source of atmospheric CO2 (May 2013)
item Evidence of climate change in the 1949-2010 historical climate record of the Fort Cobb experimental watershed, Oklahoma (May 2013)
item Assessment and evaluation of soil ecosystem services (May 2013)
item Using spatial statistics and point-pattern simulations to assess the spatial dependency between greater sage-grouse and anthropogenic features (May 2013)
item Crop/Wind-energy Experiment (CWEX): Observations of surface-layer, boundary-layer and mesoscale interactions with a wind farm (May 2013)
item CWEX: Crop/wind-energy experiment: Observations of surface-layer, boundary-layer and mesoscale interactions with a wind farm (May 2013)
item Comparison of AERMOD and WindTrax dispersion models in determining PM10 emission rates from beef cattle feedlots (May 2013)
item Nitrogen conservation and dynamics in integrated crop-livestock systems (May 2013)
item Introduction to special section – Supporting ecosystem services with conservation agricultural approaches (May 2013)
item Nitric oxide emissions from a central California dairy (May 2013)
item Precipitation legacies in desert grassland primary production occur through previous-year tiller density (Apr 2013)
item State-and-transition models as guides for adaptive management: What are the needs? (Apr 2013)
item Adapting to climate change and disaster risk reduction through sustainable land management: Experiences in Tajikistan, East Africa, US, Argentina and Mongolia (Apr 2013)
item Practical tools for monitoring and assessment of DLDD for economic assessments (Apr 2013)
item Sustainable livestock production on rangelands: Emerging trends in the USA (Apr 2013)
item Ecological site concepts for the Caldenal ecoregion (Apr 2013)
item A land-potential knowledge system (LandPKS) based on local and scientific knowledge of land productivity and resilience (Apr 2013)
item Dynamics of plant root growth under increased atmospheric CO2 (Apr 2013)
item Evaluation of a new model of aeolian transport in the presence of vegetation (Apr 2013)
item Food and agricultural waste: Sources of carbon for ethanol production (Apr 2013)
item Confidence interval estimation for an empirical model quantifying the effect of soil moisture and plant development on soybean (Glycine max (L.) Merr.) leaf conductance (Apr 2013)
item Predicting agricultural impacts of large-scale drought: 2012 and the case for better modeling (Mar 2013)
item Estimating suitable environments for invasive plant species across large landscapes: A remote sensing strategy using Landsat 7 ETM+ (Mar 2013)
item Elevated carbon dioxide spurs reciprocal positive effects between a plant virus and an arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus (Mar 2013)
item Sustainable utilization of the Calera Aquifer, Zacatecas, Mexico (Mar 2013)
item The global land-potential knowledge system (LandPKS): Supporting evidence-based, site-specific land use and management through cloud computing, mobile applications and crowdsourcing (Mar 2013)
item The agricultural model intercomparison and improvement project (AgMIP) integrated regional assessment project (Mar 2013)
item Soil-litter mixing accelerates decomposition in a Chihuahuan Desert grassland (Mar 2013)
item Demonstration of a diel trend in sensitivity of Gossypium to ozone: a step toward relating O3 injury to exposure or flux (Feb 2013)
item Pursuing robust agro-ecosystem functioning through effective soil organic carbon management (Feb 2013)
item Alteration of the alkaloid profile in genetically modified tobacco reveals a role of methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase in nicotine N-demethylation (Feb 2013)
item Runoff responses to long-term rainfall variability in a shrub-dominated catchment (Jan 2013)
item Water controls on nitrogen transformations and stocks in an arid ecosystem (Jan 2013)
item Quantifying plant age and available water effects on soybean leaf conductance (Jan 2013)
item The agricultural model intercomparison and improvement project (AgMIP): Protocols and pilot studies (Jan 2013)
item Spatial variation of CO2 fluxes in corn and soybean fields (Dec 2012)
item The significance of carbon-enriched dust for global carbon accounting (Dec 2012)
item Deciphering landscape complexity to predict (non)linear responses to extreme climatic events (Dec 2012)
item Implications of carbon dust emission for terrestrail carbon cycling and carbon accounting (Dec 2012)
item Australian carbon dust emission: a carbon accounting omission? (Dec 2012)
item Patch scale turbulence over dryland and irrigated surfaces in a semi-arid landscape during BEAREX08 (Nov 2012)
item The land potential knowledge system (LandPKS): Increasing land productivity and resilience (Nov 2012)
item Radiation use efficiency: Key to improving crop performance (Oct 2012)
item Agricultural model intercomparison and improvement project: Overview of model intercomparisons (Oct 2012)
item Agricultural model intercomparison and improvement project: Overview of model intercomparisons (Oct 2012)
item Climate change and food security: Implications for U.S. production and trade (Oct 2012)
item Crop produciton and soil carbon: Using satellites to quantify cropping systems (Oct 2012)
item Carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide emissions from soils following corn residue removal for bioenergy production (Oct 2012)
item EuroSoil2012: Soil science for the benefit of mankind and environment (Oct 2012)
item North American perspectives on potential climate change and agricultural responses (Oct 2012)
item Temperature influences the ability of tall fescue to control transpiration in response to atmospheric vapor pressure deficit (Oct 2012)
item The impacts of grazing land management on the wind erodibility of the Mulga Lands of western Queensland, Australia (Sep 2012)
item Soil organic carbon dynamics under conservation agricultural systems (Sep 2012)
item Manipulating sandpaper oak for livestock and wildlife forage (Sep 2012)
item Branching out: Agroforestry as a climate change mitigation and adaptation tool for agriculture (Sep 2012)
item Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi increase organic carbon decomposition under elevated carbon dioxide (Aug 2012)
item Effects of thinning on transpiration by riparian buffer trees in response to advection and solar radiation (Aug 2012)
item Re-evaluating the role of phenolic glycosides and ascorbic acid in ozone scavenging in the leaf apoplast of Arabidopsis thaliana L (Aug 2012)
item Evaluation of revised subsurface tile drainage algorithms in SWAT for a cold climate (Jul 2012)
item GPS/GIS technology in range cattle management (Jul 2012)
item Emissions calculated from particulate matter and gaseous ammonia measurements from a commercial dairy in California, USA (Jul 2012)
item Well-managed grazing systems: a forgotten hero of conservation (Jul 2012)
item Calibration of SWAT2009 using crop biomass, evapotranspiration, and deep recharge: Calera watershed in Zacatecas, Mexico case study (Jul 2012)
item Germination tests for assessing biochar quality (Jul 2012)
item Trends and patterns of anthropogenic evolution of chernozems in lands of agricultural afforestation within the territory of forest-steppe in the center of eastern Europe (Jul 2012)
item A new eddy-covariance method using empirical mode decomposition (Jun 2012)
item Mitigation opportunities from land management practices in a warming world: Increasing potential sinks (Jun 2012)
item Greenhouse gas fluxes of drained organic and flooded mineral agricultural soils in the United States (Jun 2012)
item Carbon and Conservation: Cropping systems and greenhouse gases (Jun 2012)
item Steer Performance and pasture productivity of a tall fescue-bermudagrass system compared with yellow bluestem and coastal panicgrass (Jun 2012)
item Water budget considerations regarding groundwater extraction targets in the Calera Aquifer watershed, Mexico (May 2012)
item Soil properties following reforestation or afforestation of marginal cropland (May 2012)
item Calculating the detection limits of chamber-based soil greenhouse gas flux measurements (May 2012)
item Spatial patterns of water and nitrogen response within corn production fields (Apr 2012)
item Field assessment of a snap bean ozone bioindicator system under elevated ozone and carbon dioxide in a free air system (Apr 2012)
item Minimal influence of G-protein null mutations on ozone-induced changes in gene expression, foliar injury, gas-exchange and peroxidase activity in Arabidopsis thaliana L (Apr 2012)
item Transformation of forest soils in Iowa (the United States) under the impact of the long-term agricultural development (Mar 2012)
item Using lidar to characterize particles from point and diffuse sources in an agricultural field (Mar 2012)
item Effects of planting and maturity dates on shattering patterns under early soybean production system (Mar 2012)
item Xanthophyll cycle pigment and antioxidant profiles of winter-red (anthocyanic) and winter-green (acyanic) angiosperm evergreen species (Mar 2012)
item RootScan: Software for high-throughput analysis of root anatomical traits (Feb 2012)
item Inter-row evapotranspiration in arid and humid wine-grape vineyards (Feb 2012)
item Digestive utilization of ozone-exposed forage by rabbits (Oryctolagus cuniculus) (Jan 2012)
item Leaf photosynthesis and carbohydrates of CO2-enriched maize and grain sorghum exposed to a short period of soil water deficit during vegetative development (Dec 2011)
item Carbon dioxide fluxes in corn-soybean rotations in the Midwestern U.S.: Inter- and intra-annual variations, and biophysical controls (Dec 2011)
item Meeting the food, energy, and water demands of nine billion people: Will climate change add a new dimension? (Dec 2011)
item Experimental methods of determining thermal properties of granite (Dec 2011)
item Nitrogen management: Unraveling the effects of timing and form (Nov 2011)
item Influence of shelterbelts on organic matter of chernozems in the light of global climate change (Nov 2011)
item Spatial and temporal variation in evapotranspiration (Nov 2011)
item Calculating the detection limits of chamber-based greenhouse gas flux measurements (Oct 2011)
item Conservation practices and their potential to mitigate climate change (Oct 2011)
item Ambient ozone effects on gas exchange and total non-structural carbohydrate levels in cutleaf coneflower (Rudbeckia laciniata L.) growing in Great Smoky Mountains National Park (Oct 2011)
item Particulate emissions from concentrated animal feeding operations (Oct 2011)
item Characterizing and mitigating emissions of volatile organic compounds from animal feeding operations (Oct 2011)
item The potential of climate change adjustment in crops: A synthesis (Oct 2011)
item Concentrations of particulate matter in large cattle feedlots in Kansas (Oct 2011)
item Genetic adjustment to changing climates: MAIZE (Oct 2011)
item Long-day effects on the terminal inflorescence development of a photoperiod-sensitive soybean [Glycine max (L.) Merr.] variety (Oct 2011)
item Comparisons of measurements and predictions of PM concentrations and emission rates from a wind erosion event (Sep 2011)
item Elevated CO2 increases water use efficiency by sustaining photosynthesis of water-limited maize and sorghum (Sep 2011)
item Climate change: What to expect and how will it affect feedstock production options? (Sep 2011)
item Genetic effects on total phenolics, condensed tannins and non-structural carbohydrates in loblolly pine (Pinus taeda L.) needles (Sep 2011)
item Swine odor analyzed by both odor panels and chemical techniques (Sep 2011)
item Characterization of VOCs and odorants on PM from animal feeding operations (Aug 2011)
item Identifying and tracking key odorants from cattle feedlots (Aug 2011)
item Effects of various representations of temporally and spatially variable agricultural processes in air quality dispersion modeling (Aug 2011)
item Cumulative soil water evaporation as a function of depth and time (Aug 2011)
item Nitrous oxide emissions from a commerical cattle feedlot in Kansas (Aug 2011)
item Conservation practices and their potential to mitigate climate change (Jul 2011)
item Revisiting the block method for evaluating thermal conductivities of clay and granite (Jul 2011)
item Determining molecular responses to environmental change in soybeans (Jul 2011)
item Estimation of dairy particulate matter emission rates by lidar and inverse modeling (Jul 2011)
item Science, ethics, and the historical roots of our ecological crisis - was White right? (Jun 2011)
item Introduction (Jun 2011)
item Characterizing odors from cattle feedlots with different odor techniques (Jun 2011)
item Agroforestry (May 2011)
item Soil and Culture (Apr 2011)
item The agricultural model intercomparison and improvement project (AgMIP) (Apr 2011)
item Enhanced transpiration by riparian buffer trees in response to advection in a humid temperate agricultural landscape (Mar 2011)
item Quantifying atmospheric stability conditions at a swine facility and an adjacent corn field in Iowa (Feb 2011)
item Rotational grazing systems and livestock grazing behavior in shrub-dominated semi-arid and arid rangelands (Jan 2011)
item The future demands efficiency (Jan 2011)
item USDA-ARS GRACEnet Project Protocols, Chapter 3. Chamber-based trace gas flux measurements4 (Dec 2010)
item No-till bioenergy cropping systems effect on soil aeration (Nov 2010)
item Are Eddy Covariance series stationary? (Nov 2010)
item Water dynamics for North Carolina v. Vinifera (Nov 2010)
item Heat pulse probe measurements of soil water evaporation in a corn field (Nov 2010)
item Latent heat sink in soil heat flux measurements (Nov 2010)
item Preliminary particulate measurements and emission calculation results from a California dairy (Sep 2010)
item Preliminary ammonia measurements and emission calculation results from a California dairy (Sep 2010)
item Carbon and nitrogen co-dependence of soil microbial responses to elevated carbon dioxide and ozone in a wheat-soybean agroecosystem (Aug 2010)
item Soluble leaf apoplastic constituents of O3-sensitive and tolerant soybeans and snap beans (Aug 2010)
item Particulate Emissions from Fall Tillage Operations as Determined via Inverse Modeling and Lidar Mass Balance Techniques (Jun 2010)
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