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BufferModel GUI (Graphical User Interface) Program

Welcome to the software download area! Please contact us if you have problems or questions.

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BufferModel Installation Instructions

Thank you for your interest in the BufferModel program.

While this program uses Matlab libraries, you do not need to have Matlab to install and run this stand-alone program.

  1. The download process will include a large number of files from the Matlab Runtime Library which are needed for the program to run. They will install in a separate directory on your computer. You will be prompted to install these files in addition to the BufferModel program.
  2. There is no licensing or fees associated with the BufferModel or Matlab file installation process.
  3. The Matlab files may take some time to download. Please be patient.
  4. Once installed, the Matlab files are only used by the BuferModel program and do not give you access to Matlab’s programming environment.
  5. Please see the “BufferModel Program Instructions.docx” file for further instructions.

To plot the buffer capacity and predict the pH of one or more ingredients, select the ingredient(s) from the Buffer List then click on the Plot Selected button. To clear the graph and start over, use the Clear plot button.

Modify ingredient concentration or ingredient buffer components:

To edit a buffer, changing a pK or concentration value of a buffer component, or a/b value, click on the buffer name in the Buffer List. This will add data for the buffering components of the ingredient into the Edit Buffer list box. Note that only one buffer can be edited at a time. Buffer components can be manually edited. To save the changes to the Buffer List, use the Save to Buffer List button in the lower right of the program. After editing buffer components, the pH of the selected buffer can be re-calculated using the Calc pH button.

To change the concentration of an ingredient (including appropriately changing the concentration of all buffer components), select the buffer name from the Buffer List as described above, then change the Conc (%) value field. To use the edited buffer for graphing or solution pH it must be saved Buffer List using the Save to Buffer List button.

NOTE: editing the Conc (%) field for a selected buffer will automatically update the Edit Buffer list component concentrations and beta values once keyboard Enter key is pressed.

It is not recommended to alter individual buffer component Conc (M), pK, or a/b values. These were determined by titration of the original ingredients. However, it edits are done, the pH may be re-calculated for the selected ingredient (Calc pH), and the adjC value may be re-optimized (Opt. adjC) for the modified buffer components.

Restore original buffer list:

If ingredient concentration or other buffer component values are modified and saved the Buffer List, the original Buffer List values may be restored by re-opening the buffers.mat file: Menu->Open Buffer Data File-> and select “buffers.mat”.

Note that a modified buffer list may be saved to a new “.mat” file for future use using the Menu->Save Buffer Data File option. It is strongly recommended to rename the modified buffer file and retain the original buffer.mat file.

Additional note:

NOTE: the salt concentration is fixed at 2% for all buffers. This was the approximate concentration used for titrations of the buffer ingredients. Future versions of the software may allow updating the NaCl concentration. However, for most values of salt(s) used in many acid or acidified foods, the ionic strength changes to buffer pKs may safely be ignored.

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