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myPhyloDB is a user-friendly personal database with a browser-interface designed to facilitate the storage, processing, analysis, and distribution of metagenomics data.  MyPhyloDB archives raw sequencing files, and allows for easy selection of project(s)/sample(s) of any combination from all available data in the database.  The data processing capabilities of myPhyloDB are also flexible enough to allow the upload and storage of pre-processed data, or use the built-in Mothur pipeline to automate the processing of raw sequencing data.  myPhyloDB provides several analytical (e.g., ANOVA, t-tests, linear regression, DESeq2, and PCoA) and normalization (rarefaction, DESeq2, proportion) tools for the comparative analysis of taxonomic abundance, species richness, and species diversity for projects of various types (e.g., Human-associated, Human gut microbiome, Air, Soil, and Water) for any taxonomic level(s) desired.

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