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WEPS - Researcher, Developer, Public Release

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WEPS - Researcher, Developer, Public Release

  • WEPS full release 1.5.52 (2016-11-30)
  • WEPS User's Manual (June 2016)

This is the WEPS version used for research, development and public use purposes.  NRCS developed and maintains the components of the WEPS Databases.  The USDA-Agricultural Research Service is the lead agency for developing the science in the WEPS model and the model interface. A copy of the WEPS User's Manual is made available as a separate download for those interested in accessing this documentation without the entire WEPS program and databases (the manual is included in the full WEPS download package).

WEPS • the Wind Erosion Prediction System, is a tool for predicting the effects of management (practices and cropping rotations) on the wind erosion potential for a selected field site. WEPS simulates daily wind erosion processes based on weather, management crop rotations and soil conditions. The researcher, developer, public configuration allows full use of experimental methods available in WEPS for research, development and public purposes domestically and internationally.

For more information about WEPS, see our related website. or USDA's Natural Resources Conservation Service's website.

Contact Joel Poore,, Conservation Agronomist, Wind Erosion Specialist, with the Natural Resources Conservation Service, Fort Worth, TX; 817-509-3213


  • Requires Java 1.8 to be installed prior to installing WEPS.
  •  Installation of this newer version replaces older versions but does not delete previous runs.

Please provide the following information so that we can inform you of bug fixes, model updates and data base additions. We also hope that you will provide comments so that we can improve our product.

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Last Modified: 5/2/2016
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