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Title: Leuconostoc pseudomesenteroides WCFur3 partial 16S rRNA gene

item Hunter, William
item Manter, Daniel

Submitted to: Genbank
Publication Type: Other
Publication Acceptance Date: 9/23/2013
Publication Date: 9/23/2013
Citation: Hunter, W.J., Manter, D.K. 2013. Leuconostoc pseudomesenteroides WCFur3 partial 16S rRNA gene. Genbank. on-line database.

Interpretive Summary:

Technical Abstract: This study used a partial 535 base pair 16S rRNA gene sequence to identify a bacterial isolate. Fatty acid profiles are consistent with the 16S rRNA gene sequence identification of this bacterium. The isolate was obtained from a compost bin in Fort Collins, Colorado, USA. The 16S rRNA gene sequences shows that the strain has a 0.00% sequence divergence from Leuconostoc pseudomesenteroides over the portion of the rRNA gene sequenced. The strain maybe useful in biofuels production. Your Submission ID is 1663657 Title: Leuconostoc pseudomesenteroides WCFur3 partial 16S rRNA gene LOCUS BSeq#1 535 bp DNA linear BCT 23-SEP-2013 DEFINITION Leuconostoc pseudomesenteroides strain WCFur3. ACCESSION BSeq#1 VERSION KEYWORDS . SOURCE Leuconostoc pseudomesenteroides ORGANISM Leuconostoc pseudomesenteroides Bacteria; Firmicutes; Bacilli; Lactobacillales; Leuconostoc. REFERENCE 1 (bases 1 to 535) AUTHORS Hunter,W.J. and Manter,D.K. TITLE None JOURNAL Unpublished REFERENCE 2 (bases 1 to 535) AUTHORS Hunter,W.J. and Manter,D.K. TITLE Direct Submission JOURNAL Submitted (23-SEP-2013) N/A, USDA-ARS-NPA-SPNRU, 2150-D Centre Ave, Fort Collins, Colorado 80526-8119, USA COMMENT Bankit Comment: TOTAL # OF SEQS:1. FEATURES Location/Qualifiers source 1..535 /organism='Leuconostoc pseudomesenteroides' /mol_type='genomic DNA' /strain='WCFur3' /db_xref='taxon:33968' /note='[enrichment culture bacterial source]' rRNA <1..>535 /product='16S ribosomal RNA' BASE COUNT 151 a 112 c 163 g 109 t ORIGIN 1 tggagagttt gatcctggct caggatgaac gctggcggcg tgcctaatac atgcaagtcg 61 aacgcacagc gaaaggtgct tgcacctttc aagtgagtgg cgaacgggtg agtaacacgt 121 ggacaacctg cctcaaggct ggggataaca tttggaaaca gatgctaata ccgaataaaa 181 ctcagtgtcg catgacacaa agttaaaagg cgctttggcg tcacctagag atggatccgc 241 ggtgcattag ttagttggtg gggtaaaggc ctaccaagac aatgatgcat agccgagttg 301 agagactgat cggccacatt gggactgaga cacggcccaa actcctacgg gaggctgcag 361 tagggaatct tccacaatgg gcgaaagcct gatggagcaa cgccgcgtgt gtgatgaagg 421 ctttcgggtc gtaaagcact gttgtatggg aagaacagct agaataggga atgattttag 481 tttgacggta ccataccaga aagggacggc taaatacgtg ccagcagccg cggta //