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Title: Mitochondrial DNA variation of North American populations of Aphthona species (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae), flea beetles imported for biocontrol of leafy spurge

item Roehrdanz, Richard

Submitted to: Genbank
Publication Type: Other
Publication Acceptance Date: 2/27/2008
Publication Date: 3/2/2008
Citation: Roehrdanz, R.L. Mitochondrial DNA variation of North American populations of Aphthona species (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae), flea beetles imported for biocontrol of leafy spurge. Genbank. Accession numbers: EU440532-EU440543, EU449966-EU449978, EU448965-EU448988.

Interpretive Summary:

Technical Abstract: Several flea beetle species from the genus Aphthona (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) have been introduced into North America as biological control agents for the rangeland weed, leafy spurge (Euphorbia esula L.). Three brownish colored species and two black species were released at many locations beginning in 1988. The morphological distinction of the brown species adults is difficult and many recent redistributions of the beetles for biological control have not kept track of the individual species. It is not possible to discern any of the species from larval morphology. Portions of the mitochondrial genome were used order to measure the genetic diversity of the established North American populations. PCR-RFLP of a large segment of mtDNA (~8000 base pairs) and nucleotide sequencing of a smaller segment of the mitochondrial cox1-cox2 region (~575 base pairs, GenBank Accession numbers DQ386423-DQ386434) were both examined. Different mtDNA haplotypes were determined via the PCR-RFLP. The small mtDNA segments were cloned and sequenced from an example of each haplotype. Not all of the long PCR-RFLP haplotypes exhibited polymorphism for the short sequence. Since some combinations of restriction sites in the smaller sequence appear to be species specific, the sequences provide effective molecular identification of the species. GenBank Accessions: EU440532-EU440543; EU449966-449978; EU448965-EU448988 Aphthona species - mitochondrial cox1-tRNALeu-cox2 GenBank # species description year EU440532 Aphthona flava cox1-tRNALeu-cox2 AF2880 F2 2008 EU440533 Aphthona flava cox1-tRNALeu-cox2 AF2882 F3 2008 EU440534 Aphthona flava cox1-tRNALeu-cox2 AF2884 F1 2008 EU440535 Aphthona flava cox1-tRNALeu-cox2 AF3747 F7 2008 EU440536 Aphthona flava cox1-tRNALeu-cox2 AF3884 2008 EU440537 Aphthona flava cox1-tRNALeu-cox2 AF2883 F4 2008 EU440538 Aphthona flava cox1-tRNALeu-cox2 AF3211 2008 EU440539 Aphthona flava cox1-tRNALeu-cox2 AF2885 F5 2008 EU440540 Aphthona flava cox1-tRNALeu-cox2 AF2892 F6 2008 EU440541 Phyllotreta cruciferae cox1-tRNALeu-cox2 CFB 3655 2008 EU440542 Aphthona venustula cox1-tRNALeu-cox2 AV3802 2008 EU440543 Aphthona venustula cox1-tRNALeu-cox2 AV3805 2008 EU449966 Aphthona cyparissiae cox1-tRNALeu-cox2 AC2879 2008 EU449967 Aphthona cyparissiae cox1-tRNALeu-cox2 AC3735 2008 EU449968 Aphthona cyparissiae cox1-tRNALeu-cox2 AC3742 2008 EU449969 Aphthona cyparissiae cox1-tRNALeu-cox2 AC2881 2008 EU449970 Aphthona cyparissiae cox1-tRNALeu-cox2 AC2887 2008 EU449971 Aphthona cyparissiae cox1-tRNALeu-cox2 AC3343 2008 EU449972 Aphthona cyparissiae cox1-tRNALeu-cox2 AC3921 2008 EU449973 Aphthona cyparissiae cox1-tRNALeu-cox2 AC3932 2008 EU449974 Aphthona cyparissiae cox1-tRNALeu-cox2 AC3935 2008 EU449975 Aphthona cyparissiae cox1-tRNALeu-cox2 AC3919 2008 EU449976 Aphthona cyparissiae cox1-tRNALeu-cox2 AC3920 2008 EU449977 Aphthona cyparissiae cox1-tRNALeu-cox2 AC2886 2008 EU449978 Aphthona cyparissiae cox1-tRNALeu-cox2 AC3934 2008 EU448964 Aphthona nigriscutis cox1-tRNALeu-cox2 AN2595 N4 2008 EU448965 Aphthona nigriscutis cox1-tRNALeu-cox2 AN3622 N20 2008 EU448966 Aphthona nigriscutis cox1-tRNALeu-cox2 AN3640 N22 2008 EU448967 Aphthona nigriscutis cox1-tRNALeu-cox2 AN3631 N21 2008 EU448968 Aphthona nigriscutis cox1-tRNALeu-cox2 AN25