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item Young, J
item Bull, Carolee
item Deboer, S
item Firrao, G
item Gardan, L
item Saddler, G
item Stead, D
item Takikawa, Y

Submitted to: International Society for Plant Pathology
Publication Type: Peer Reviewed Journal
Publication Acceptance Date: 3/20/2004
Publication Date: 3/30/2004
Citation: Young, J.M., Bull, C.T., DeBoer, S.H., Firrao, G., Gardan, L., Saddler, G.E., Stead, D.E., Takikawa, Y. Names of plant pathogenic bacteria published since 1995. Report of the Taxonomy of Bacterial Plant Pathogens Committee of the International Society of Plant Pathology. Available from: bacterial new2004.asp International Society for Plant Pathology [2004]

Interpretive Summary: Bacterial taxonomy is the study of classifying and naming bacteria. Appropriate scientific names are important for the ability of scientists, regulators, growers and the public to accurately discuss organisms that cause disease and thus avoid confusion and costly mistakes. A stable nomenclature is useful in the dissemination of information about epidemics or treatment options. Additionally, classification and the naming of organisms provide vital information for a practitioner in directing them to relevant literature about that organism and rapid dissemination of information to the public and researchers alike. However, as new information becomes available about bacteria through advanced molecular comparisons, the classification of bacteria may change from genus to another. This switch will result in a change in name for the organism since scientific names consist of both the genus and species names. In order to keep track of these changes the International Society of Plant Pathology Committee on Taxonomy of Plant Pathogenic Bacteria has reviewed the literature and presents here the Names of Plant Pathogenic Bacteria Published Since 1995. This provides scientists and the public a guide to recently published names to help communication about these important pathogens.

Technical Abstract: This list contains the names of all plant pathogenic bacteria which have been effectively and validly published in terms of the International Code of Nomenclature of Bacteria (Lapage et al. 1992) and the Standards for Naming Pathovars (Dye et al. 1980) and their revision (Young et al. 1991a). Included are species names from the Approved Lists (Skerman et al. 1980), pathovar names listed by Dye et al. (1980), and names of pathogens reported since 1980. In recent years the taxonomy of plant pathogenic bacteria has been extensively revised. For several taxa, especially the Enterobacteriaceae, Pseudomonas syringae van Hall 1902 and Xanthomonas campestris (Pammel 1895) Dowson 1939, these revisions are incomplete. For some taxa there are several valid synonyms. Unless otherwise stated, the most recent name is used as the reference name (in bold italic) to which all other synonyms are referred. This does not mean that the reference name here is always to be preferred. Alternative selections of valid names may be considered to give a more coherent nomenclature. Alternative valid names are listed in italic and cross-referenced to their reference names; synonyms under a reference name are preceded by '='. Names that are not considered valid are in italic, preceded by the symbol '['. Names published since 1980 that are not considered valid have been included for completeness, with an explanatory note. A few names that are not valid, published prior to 1980, have been included for continuity. Where names are published outside the International Journal of Systematic Bacteriology, the reference is to the validating publication followed by the reference in which the original description was published. Apparent discrepancies between the publication dates of some species and their pathovars arise because pathovars are referred to the original publication but the species are referred to the validating publication in the International Journal of Systematic Bacteriology. Some pathotype strains were originally designated as pathotypes on the basis of earlier recommendation as a type strain (Sneath & Skerman 1966). Subsequently it has been reported that some of these may be unsuitable because they do not reflect the pathogenic or other characteristics of the pathovar (Young et al. 1991a). These have been marked with an asterisk '*'. This list is accessible on the Internet (details to be supplied) and will be revised annually. Interim corrections will be reported in association with the list on the Internet. New names, corrections and queries should be addressed to the Convenor, Sub-committee on Taxonomy of Plant Pathogenic Bacteria, International Society for Plant Pathology.

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