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item Hossain, K
item Kalavacharla, V
item Lazo, Gerard
item Hegstad, J
item Wentz, M
item Simons, K
item Gehlhar, S
item Syamala, R
item Obeori, K
item Suresh, B
item Karunadharma, P
item Chao, Shiaoman
item Anderson, Olin
item Qi, L
item Gill, B
item Linkiewicz, A
item Dubcovsky, J
item Akhunov, E
item Dvorak, J
item Miftahudin
item Gustafson, J
item Dilbirligi, M
item Gill, K
item Peng, J
item Lapitan, N L V
item Drake, T
item Sorrells, M
item Feril, O
item Pathan, M
item Nguyen, H
item Gonzalez, J
item Wennerlind, E
item Anderson, J
item Fenton, D
item Close, T
item Mcguire, P
item Qualset, C
item Kianian, S

Submitted to: Plant and Animal Genome Conference
Publication Type: Abstract Only
Publication Acceptance Date: 1/2/2004
Publication Date: 1/10/2004
Citation: Hossain, K.G., Kalavacharla, V., Lazo, G.R., Hegstad, J., Wentz, M.J., Simons, K., Gehlhar, S., Syamala, R.R., Obeori, K., Suresh, B., Karunadharma, P., Chao, S., Anderson, O.D., Qi, L., Gill, B.S., Linkiewicz, A.M., Dubcovsky, J., Akhunov, E.D., Dvorak, J., Miftahudin, Gustafson, J.P., Dilbirligi, M., Gill, K.S., Peng, J., Lapitan, N., Drake, T., Sorrells, M.E., Feril, O., Pathan, M.S., Nguyen, H.T., Gonzalez, J., Wennerlind, E., Anderson, J.A., Fenton, D., Close, T.J., Mcguire, P.E., Qualset, C.O., Kianian, S.F. 2004. A 2100 est loci map of group 7 chromosomes of wheat (triticum aestivum l.)[abstract]. XII Plant and Animal Genome Conference. p. 409.

Interpretive Summary:

Technical Abstract: We have mapped 2148 loci, representing 919 EST clones, into chromosomes of group 7 of wheat. Regional localization and distribution of these markers directly reflect distribution of gene rich/poor areas in chromosomes of this group. The individual chromosome deletion maps uncovered showed that the average number of loci per unit recombination length in the distal two-third regions of all chromosomes varies from 3 to 6 as compared with proximal regions having ratio of 0.3 to 1. Level of duplicated loci on this group was 55 percent with more of these loci localized towards the distal region. The EST clones which produced three bands on EcoRI-digested DNA blots, not duplicated anywhere else in the genome, and mapping to the three homoeologous chromosomes of group 7, were considered as landmark probes. A consensus chromosome map of group 7 was constructed with 119 landmark probes. Putative order of these probes in the deletion bins were identified based on corresponding rice BACs/PACs and genetic markers mapped on chromosomes 6 and 8 of rice. Comparative maps of wheat, rice, and barley were produced based on the ordered sequences. Identification of landmark ESTs and the consensus map provides a framework of conserved coding regions predating the evolution of wheat genomes.

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