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  • Realizing the benefits of food irradiation
    Food irradiation is a preservation technique using ionizing radiation to lengthen shelf-life of fresh foods and vegetables, postpone microbial spoilage, reduce occurrence of foodborne contamination, and prevent infestation by insects. This article reviews the history, market, applications, and the f...

  • Gamma ray, electron beam, and x-ray irradiation for food safety
    Ionizing irradiation is a non-thermal processing technology that can be used to improve microbial safety and reduce food loss. This chapter reviews the current status of food irradiation technology. Topics covered include comparison of three types of radiation (gamma ray, electron beam and X-ray) in...

  • Food irradiation for phytosanitary and quarantine treatment
    Irradiation at doses less than 1 kGy is an effective phytosanitary measure with minimal adverse effects on the quality of most fresh produce. There are internationally recognized guidelines for the use of irradiation as a phytosanitary measure and for the conduct of trade in irradiated fresh produce...

  • Radiation resistance of non-0157:H7 Shiga Toxin-Producing Escherichia coli suspended in refrigerated catfish fillet meat
    Ionization (gamma) irradiation is a sustainable and important non-thermal treatment that has been very effective in controlling microorganisms and improving the safety and shelf life of foods. In the design of the food irradiation process, the knowledge of the radiation resistance of the target orga...