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Research Project: Characterization of the Or Regulatory Network in Melon for Carotenoid Biofortification in Food Crops

Location: Plant, Soil and Nutrition Research

Project Number: 8062-21000-037-07
Project Type: Reimbursable

Start Date: Aug 01, 2011
End Date: Jul 31, 2016

The general objective of our proposed research is to elucidate the regulatory network of Or and to reveal novel strategies for breeding agricultural important crops with enhanced Beta-carotene level. Specifically, our objectives include: 1). To identify and functionally characterize genes and proteins in the regulatory network of Or in mediating high Beta-carotene accumulation. This includes to isolate the protein(s) that physically interacts with OR, and the genes and processes that are associated with Or. 2). To define genetic and functional allelic variation of them using cucurbit crops as models.

Two complementary approaches will be used for the identification of the genes and proteins associated with Or in regulating carotenoid accumulation. A sensitive yeast two-hybrid will be employed to isolate the OR-interacting protein(s). As a systems approach provides a unique opportunity to identify components of metabolic pathways and map points of regulatory control, the systems approach that integrates transcriptome and bioinformatics tools will also be utilized to define the key genes and metabolic processes that impact carotenoid accumulation. Their involvement will be accessed genetically in melon and functionally confirmed in Arabidopsis callus system. The allelic variation in association with Beta-carotene content in melon will be examined in the germplasm collection to uncover the favorable alleles for breeding high Beta-carotene crops.

Last Modified: 11/27/2015
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