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Research Project: Determination of Canker Survival and Transmission Via Canker-Blemished Fruit Relative to International Market Access

Location: Subtropical Plant Pathology Research

Project Number: 6034-22000-039-03
Project Type: Reimbursable

Start Date: Jan 03, 2011
End Date: Dec 31, 2015

1. Directly compare the inoculum potential of fruit and foliage. 2. Examine the effect of packingline treatments in reducing the population of Xcc. 3. Confirm the efficacy of pretreatment with detergent vs. chlorine for decontamination. 4. Ascertain the survival of bacteria in wounds in the peel. 5. Examine survival and contribution of cull piles to inoculum dispersal. 6. Examine the incidence, severity and inoculum production capability of fruit being culled from packingline runs. 7. Establish the effect of flash heating (or cooling) for reducing the population of Xcc in fruit lesions.

We will make direct, replicated comparisons of fruit and foliage inoculum production capability. The experiments will be repeated throughout the season on fruit and foliage through harvest and processing to collect these data.We will compare packingline processed and unprocessed fruit for canker lesion activity, and each stage of the process checked independently (rinse/chlorine/detergent/waxing) to ascertain which are the most efficacious at reducing the activity of the lesion. Both bioassay tests and cultures of samples will be taken from each treatment to quantify survival. Treatments will be replicated and analyzed using standard statistical procedures.

Last Modified: 12/1/2015
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