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Research Project: Development of Almond, Stone Fruit, and Walnut Rootstocks with Improved Resistance to Soilborne Pathogens

Location: Crops Pathology and Genetics Research

Project Number: 5306-22000-015-01
Project Type: Reimbursable

Start Date: Oct 01, 2009
End Date: Jun 30, 2012

1) Identify and deploy rootstocks with improved resistance/tolerance to the major soil-borne pathogens of almonds, other Prunus spp and walnut rootstocks including: Agrobacterium tumefaciens (crown gall), Phytophthora, Armillaria spp, phytoparasitic nematodes, and orchard replant disorder. 2) ID and map genes/QTLs governing resistance to facilitate marker-based disease screening and selection strategies to rapidly integrate resistance genes into new rootstocks. 3) Develop association mapping populations for mapping and validating genes governing resistance. 4) Propagate and field test resistant rootstock genotypes identified in objective #1.

We will use conventional breeding, disease-screening, novel propagation techniques in combination with educational outreach to develop, characterize, and deploy walnut and almond/Prunus rootstocks with to soilborne pathogens. The following material will be examined, NCGRU germplasm, existing rootstocks used as standards, and novel genotypes created from controlled crosses. Promising genotypes will be propagated as seed or as clonal plants and used in replicated evaluations of pathogen resistance. Genetic markers associated with resistance will be exploited in rootstock breeding efforts. Rootstocks with superior resistance/tolerance will be grafted/budded with scion cv's and evaluated in commercial nursery/orchard trials. Documents Trust with CDFA. Log 39947.

Last Modified: 4/23/2014
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