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Research Project: Evaluation of Select Wheat Accessions for Resistance to Magnaporthe Oryzae Triticum Pathotype (Wheat Blast)

Location: Foreign Disease-Weed Science Research

Project Number: 8044-22000-046-006-I
Project Type: Interagency Reimbursable Agreement

Start Date: Jan 3, 2017
End Date: Sep 30, 2022

The two objectives of the proposed research are: (1) to screen wheat germplasm for resistance to wheat blast and (2) to develop new resistant germplasm. Specifically, we will perform greenhouse studies to screen winter and spring wheat lines for resistance using an international collection of Magnaprothe oryzae isolates. Germplasm showing less than 10 percent infection in replicated experiments will be genotyped and further evaluated in field studies. Results obtained from both greenhouse and field evaluations will be passed back to U.S. breeders for evaluation and development of new germplasm.

Screening for resistance will be performed on annual U.S. spring and winter wheat germplasm from ARS collections as well as other international cultivars that may be of interest. For each cultivar tested, 10 emerging wheat spikes will be inoculated in the BSL-3 containment facility at Ft. Detrick following standardized protocols for inoculum density, humidity, and temperature. A known susceptible control line will be included with each batch of experimental plants. Treated plants will be examined and scored for the presence of head blast by percentage of florets infected after 14 days. Data will be analyzed using the Generalized Linear Models a approach in SAS and Minitab, including incorporation of repeated measures analyses when appropriate. All cultivars showing less than 20% infection will be retested. If the initial result is confirmed, those cultivars will be retested. Cultivars that still show less than 10% infection will be selected for field evaluation.