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Research Project: Scialog: Mitigating Zoonotic Threats (MZT)

Location: Research Programs

Project Number: 3022-32000-018-019-S
Project Type: Non-Assistance Cooperative Agreement

Start Date: Aug 15, 2020
End Date: Aug 14, 2025

Scialog is an innovative approach to building collaborations among a community of early career scientists developed by the Research Corporation for Scientific Advancement (RCSA). Through this NACA we intend to accomplish two objectives: 1) Conduct a Scialog on the topic of Mitigating Zoonotic Threats to stimulate the research community and support the National Bio and Agro-defense Facility (NBAF); and 2) Conduct research to understand the impact of community building, and alternative methods of community building, on scientific network development and idea generation.

Working with the cooperator, jointly (a) develop the topics and focus for the Mitigating Zoonotic Threats Scialog events; (b) identify early career (researchers) and senior career (facilitator/moderator) participants from within and without USDA; and (c) design and conduct experiments to build a research network with enhanced innovation and impact.