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Research Project: Developing Accurate and Efficient Laboratory Methods for Testing End-use Qualities of Pulse Crops, Identify Factors Associated with End-use Quality, and Develop Processes to Add Value to Pulses

Location: Small Grain and Food Crops Quality Research

2022 Annual Report

1. Pulse ingredients for more nutritious breads. Pulse flours are commonly added to food products to improve their functional properties, nutritional profiles, product quality, and health benefits. For bread manufacturers, however, the partial replacement of whole wheat flour with whole pulse flours (yellow pea, green pea, red lentil, or chickpea) on dough properties and bread quality has been poorly understood. Breads were processed and analyzed with up to 25% of the wheat flour replaced with whole pulse flour. Increasing the substitution level of pulse flours decreased dough viscosity, stability, development time, and bread volume. Among all the tested pulse flours, the composite flour containing yellow pea flour or chickpea flour had overall better potential for bread making by providing good dough handling properties and product quality. This study will benefit the development of more nutritious food products by combining cereal and pulse ingredients.

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