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Research Project: Microbiota and Nutritional Health

Location: Children's Nutrition Research Center

2021 Annual Report

1. Measurement of B-defensin-2 in stool. The human intestine is comprised of trillions of bacteria, which can affect the function of the immune system since the largest collection of immune cells is also in the intestines. Any treatment that affects the bacteria in the intestines, such as probiotics or a significant diet change, can alter the types of bacteria in the gut and hence the immune system can be affected. Therefore, a test of immune system activity in the intestine is needed. Researchers in Houston, Texas, developed a test that measures a specific protein called B-defensin-2, which is an important part of the immune system in the gut. This analysis can detect changes in the activation of the immune system in children with different types of intestinal disorders. This information will help determine how different nutrients affect the function of the immune system in the gut which impacts the individual's overall health.

2. Adipocyte Connexin43 gap junctions mediate breast milk nutritional composition. Nutritious breast milk is vital to support newborn growth and development. The mother's adipose tissue undergoes drastic morphological changes during lactation to support breast milk production. A specific structure in fat cells called Connexin43 gap junctions (Cx43 GJs) plays an important role in facilitating intercellular communication in adipose tissue however, whether Cx43 GJs are vital in adipose tissue remolding and breast milk production is unknown. Research scientists in Houston, Texas, measured breast milk production and quantify macronutrients in breast milk from mice lacking the Cx43 GJs. They found that mothers lacking the functional adipocyte Cx43 GJs produced breast milk with reduced levels of lactose, a vital sugar found in milk that is important for supporting neonatal growth. Because many food components can modify adipose tissue Cx43 GJs levels, these data may support the idea of altering the lactating mother's diet to increase adipocyte Cx43 GJs.

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