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Research Project: Adaptation of Crops to Increased Carbon Dioxide and Warming

Location: Adaptive Cropping Systems Laboratory

Project Number: 8042-11210-003-00-D
Project Type: In-House Appropriated

Start Date: Aug 2, 2018
End Date: Nov 5, 2018

Objective 1. Compare diverse cultivars of dry beans and soybeans for molecular, biochemical, physiological, and yield responses to elevated carbon dioxide combined with above optimal air temperatures, using indoor chambers. (NP 216 Action Plan Component 5) Objective 2. For locally adapted soybean and wheat cultivars, determine whether cultivar differences in effects of carbon dioxide concentration on yield in the field correlate with responses of flowering phenology or tillering to elevated carbon dioxide. (NP 216 Action Plan Component 5) Objective 3. Experimentally determine for soybeans, rice and wheat and some economically important weeds how much the increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide has increased crop yields and weed growth since 1960. (NP 216 Action Plan Component 5)

Research will focus on determining how rising temperature alters responses of crop and weed physiology, growth, and product quality to elevated carbon dioxide. Differences among genotypes within several crop species in responses to elevated carbon dioxide and temperature will be assessed to identify traits which would help to adapt crops to these global change conditions. Responses of weeds in a locally and nationally important crop system will be evaluated to determine if rising atmospheric carbon dioxide and temperature will increase their impact on crop yields and their resistance to control by glyphosate, a popular herbicide. Work will be conducted in controlled environment chambers and in field plots with open top chambers and with a free air carbon dioxide enrichment system.carbon dioxide