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Research Project: Foot-and-Mouth-Disease Virus Vaccines with Broad Breadth of Protection Against Diverse Virus Strains

Location: Foreign Animal Disease Research

Project Number: 3022-32000-064-004-I
Project Type: Interagency Reimbursable Agreement

Start Date: Aug 9, 2018
End Date: Sep 30, 2022

Previously, ARS, PIADC developed a novel marker vaccine against Foot-and-Mouth Disease Virus (FMDV) serotype A mosaic bivalent inactivated vaccine with DIVA capabilities in collaboration with Los Alamos National Laboratory. This research project will expand the mosaic platform to provide protection against multiple serotypes. The main goal of this project is the expanded design of the chemically inactivated bivalent mosaic to induce protection against challenge against serotypes O and Asia. The immune response induced by these vaccines will be determined. Specific objectives include: 1. Evaluate protective efficacy and immunogenic coverage of the type A mosaic viruses vs monovalent type A vaccine in cattle using heterologous challenge. 2. Develop recombinant mosaic FMD viruses for serotype O and Asia.

1. The proof of concept for mosaic FMD vaccines will be tested and applied in scale-up FMDV cell culture and chemical inactivation methods with limited technical transfer effort. This will determine the adaptability of the vaccine to the manufacturing industry. 2. We will generate additional sets of mosaic cocktails to target serotype-specific targets of interest (O and Asia). This will allow for the rapid prototyping of vaccine constructs. The mosaic capsid sequences will be cloned in suitable vectors, testing for viability, growth, stability in tissue culture and, if funding provided, in vivo.