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Research Project: Development of Versatile Phytophthora-Resistant Almond and Walnut Rootstocks Using Host-Induced Gene Silencing-UC Davis Component

Location: Crops Pathology and Genetics Research

Project Number: 2032-22000-016-22-A
Project Type: Cooperative Agreement

Start Date: Oct 1, 2016
End Date: Jan 31, 2019

1) Select multiple candidate gene fragments for suppression of infection by Phytophthora. 2) Test multiple gene fragments for transient gene silencing activity in plant. 3) Test stable walnut Host-induced gene silencing (HIGS) lines for resistance to Phytophthora. 4) Develop and test a transformation system for stable (HIGS) in peach x almond hybrid rootstocks.

1) Conduct proteomic and transcriptomic analysis walnut infected tissues to identify and validate the expression of a set of 48 conserved genes among know Phytophthora species; Identify RNAi targets. 2) Build vectors and test RNAi targets using TRV-VIGS vector by infiltrating tomato/tobacco plants and challenging with Phytophthora to validate the best targets; Test synthetic dsRNA as a spray to protect walnut and almond seedlings from Phytophthora infection. 3) Build binary vectors to express genes to induce HIGS against Phytophthora; Transform walnut somatic embryos of Paradox walnut rootstock select embryos/shoots that are resistant to Phytophthora and validate these in greenhouse. 4) Develop and select somatic embryogenic lines from developing embryos obtained from controlled crosses between peach and almond; Transform the peach-almond hybrid somatic embryos and select embryos/shoots that are resistant to Phytophthora and validate these in the greenhouse.