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Research Project: Collaborative CORPOICA-USDA ARS Cacao Research

Location: Office of International Research Engagement and Cooperation

Project Number: 0210-22310-005-61-N
Project Type: Non-Funded Cooperative Agreement

Start Date: Aug 1, 2016
End Date: Jul 31, 2021

The objective of the cooperation between USDA-ARS and CORPOICA is to develop cacao research initiatives targeted towards improving our understanding of the genetic diversity of cacao, identification of relevant pathogens and access in accordance with national legislation applicable to the parties in question, access to the genetic materials that can be incorporated into research and breeding programs in Colombia and USA; to improve sustainable cacao production systems and conduct research to alleviate issues that affect productivity and limit market access, Initiatives that are chosen by the parties, and by mutual agreement between them, may be regulated individually or by agreements arising from the present cooperation agreement.

USDA-ARS and CORPOICA have agreed on the terms of cooperation by establishing research activities with distinct goals and with an implementation plan where roles, responsibilities and intellectual property aspects are clearly defined in project work plans derived from this overarching agreement. The mentioned agreement or operative plan will emphasize the coordination of research approaches and will try to promote the use of a greater genetic diversity in cacao breeding programs; the conservation of wild cacao germplasm; the improvement of disease control through incorporation of disease resistance into cacao to capitalize on the knowledge of molecular makeup of host and pathogen genomes; and to advance sustainable cacao production. The agreement allows the exchange of visiting scientists between USDA-ARS and CORPOICA to fully implement these research objectives and cooperation established in the framework of this agreement that will also promote international partnerships, research collaborations and overall cooperation between USDA-ARS and CORPOICA. The research plans and results, executed in accordance with the conditions established in this agreement and derivatives therein, will be reviewed annually by a joint committee. The meetings to review research plans may be conducted in physical presence or remotely via videoconference.