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Research Project: RosBREED: Combining Disease Resistance with Horticultural Quality in New Rosaceous Cultivars

Location: National Clonal Germplasm Repository

Project Number: 2072-21000-049-02-R
Project Type: Reimbursable Cooperative Agreement

Start Date: Oct 1, 2014
End Date: Aug 31, 2019

1. Develop donor parents with multiple alleles for disease resistance 2. Enrich breeding families with alleles for disease resistance and superior fruit quality 3. Advance selections having alleles for superior fruit quality with improved confidence 4. Increase routine adoption of DNA-informed breeding for rosaceous crops 5. Engage industry stakeholders in project outcomes, evaluation and design

Participating teams of U.S. Rosaceae breeders, genomicists and their plant pathology collaborators, will identify (via QTL discovery in existing pre-breeding families) and incorporate both known and newly discovered (via introgression into subsequent generations) valuable disease resistance alleles from diverse gene pools into breeding parents (multiple allele donors). Marker-assisted introgression will be conducted (and combined with available methods of rapid generation cycling) to provide tangible deliverables of parents for the next generation of introgression or, ideally, parents for cultivar-generating families. New donor parents will be made available U.S.-wide and accessed into collections. DNA diagnostic services, software tools, and MAB training will be developed and provided.