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United States Department of Agriculture

Agricultural Research Service

Research Project: New Sources of Resistance to FHB and DON

Location: National Programs

Project Number: 0500-00053-003-82-G
Project Type: Grant

Start Date: May 26, 2014
End Date: May 25, 2018

Use chromosome engineering to develop wheat-alien compensating translocation and recombinant lines with new sources of resistance to FHB and DON accumulation, develop genetic markers for the targeted alien chromosome segment to facilitate prebreeding into elite hard winter wheat germplasm and make it available for wheat improvement programs.

1) Further evaluation of Fhb3 in greenhouse and field plots for FHB and DON; and 2) Evaluate a new source of FHB resistance derived from Elymus tsukushiensis in greenhouse and field plots for FHB incidence and DON accumulation and transfer to adapted Kansas winter wheat.

Last Modified: 10/17/2017
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