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Research Project: Integrated Systems Approach for Optimized Irrigation Scheduling for Cotton Production Environments in Australia and the United States

Location: Plant Stress and Germplasm Development Research

Project Number: 3096-21000-019-14-R
Project Type: Reimbursable Cooperative Agreement

Start Date: Jan 1, 2014
End Date: Dec 31, 2014

Study the effects of combined approaches of deficit irrigation scheduling and conservation tillage systems on cotton production in Australia and the U.S. The proposed research is a multi-disciplinary project involving the integration of breeding, whole-plant physiology, soil science, agronomy, and economics to develop an integrated, producer-friendly irrigation scheduling tool. Additionally, this research will enhance our knowledge of whole plant and system (soil and crop) responses to timed irrigation deficits, alternative tillage practices, physiological impacts of these deficits on plant performance, and the resulting impact on yield and quality.

1. Field studies comparing irrigation scheduling treatments utilizing a number of different temperature thresholds embedded in the BIOTIC system. A system for assessing the effect of elevated plant temperatures is being developed. The results from these experiments will help to refine the most appropriate threshold for deficit irrigation systems with limited water in different growing environments. Furrow, sprinkler, and drip irrigation systems are being addressed. 2. Newly developed threshold triggers for BIOTIC-based irrigation will be investigated using field studies that compare the BIOTIC scheduling approach in isolation and in combination with other crop measures used for irrigation scheduling (e.g., soil moisture, crop factors). 3. Deliver to industry a comprehensive assessment and guidelines for the use of the BIOTIC for irrigation scheduling in water-limited environments to improve yield, quality, and water use and the impacts on conservation tillage and cover cropping systems on cotton production in water-limited environments. Co-investigator has been invited by CRDC to participate in an Irrigation Futures conference in 2014. Funds will be used to supplement the costs for PI and co-PI to travel to the Australian field site in 2014 and Australian cooperator travel to the U.S. field site in 2014.

Last Modified: 10/18/2017
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