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United States Department of Agriculture

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Research Project: Accelerating the Development of FHB-Resistant Soft Red Winter Wheat Varieties

Location: National Programs

Project Number: 0500-00053-003-62-G
Project Type: Grant

Start Date: Apr 6, 2014
End Date: Apr 5, 2018

Project 1 - Development of Scab Resistant Soft Red Winter Wheat Varieties: Release high yielding, scab resistant SRW wheat varieties that are adapted to KY and the southern corn belt. Project 2 - Male Sterile Facilitated Recurrent Selection for FHB Resistance (MPI-5): The objective of this project is to advance male-sterile facilitated recurrent selection populations that have been developed to combine genes for FHB resistance from multiple sources in soft winter wheat backgrounds adapted to the eastern U.S. Project 3 - Coordinated Phenotyping of Uniform Nurseries and Official Variety Trials: Screen and Evaluate approx. 450 unique advanced breeding lines and released cultivars for FHB resistance.

Project 1: (1) screening: accurately characterizing resistance in existing cultivars, advanced breeding lines and populations by evaluating them under a range of disease pressures at two locations; (2) breeding: choosing parents, crossing them and selecting resistant progeny based on phenotype as well as genotype; (3) collaboration: growing and screening collaborative nurseries to facilitate germplasm exchange, broaden the diversity of sources used in the breeding program, and provide excellent pre-release multi-location data for candidate varieties; and (4) outreach: Through collaboration with our grains extension specialist and extension plant pathologist, we will screen a set of varieties and elite breeding lines in scab nurseries at two KY locations with and without fungicides. This data will be ported directly to the Scab Smart website. Project 2: Will use the seed produced and selected in the previous year, inoculate with FHB spores at flowering and begin to derive lines by selecting individual FHB resistant plants. Project 3: 1) Phenotype advanced breeding lines that are candidates for release: 2) place FHB and other agronomic, disease resistance, and quality data in database: 3) report on purification and seed increase of the best lines.

Last Modified: 10/20/2017
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