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Research Project: WEPS Technical and Scientific Support


Project Number: 3020-11120-009-33-I
Project Type: Interagency Reimbursable Agreement

Start Date: Aug 1, 2013
End Date: Sep 30, 2014

The purpose of this agreement is for the United States Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service (ARS) to provide software support for the ARS Wind Erosion Prediction System (WEPS) installed in 3000 NRCS field offices. WEPS 1.2 is the wind erosion prediction tool used by NRCS for conservation planning.

Under the terms of this agreement, ARS will address any re-programming, database development, and debugging needed to maintain and support WEPS 1.2 for NRCS for the duration of the agreement. Since the agreement is to provide software support for NRCS, ARS agrees to also follow the direction of the NRCS Wind Erosion Specialist in assigning priorities for work on support related tasks as they arise, and will provide quarterly reports to both the Wind Erosion Specialist and the Agreement Contact. The tasks expected to be worked on under this agreement include the following: 1. ARS Tasks to be performed during the term of this agreement: 1. Provide technical assistance as needed for NRCS to maintain databases. 2. Maintaining WEPS Report content and formats that meet the needs of NRCS applications of WEPS for NRCS conservation planning. 3. Work with NRCS Wind Erosion Specialist to release an updated NRCS version of WEPS. 4. Reviewing all automatically reported bugs and user requests in the bug tracking system, identifying and describing the issues involved, and documenting and implementing necessary fixes to WEPS databases and programs. 5. Keep the NRCS Responsible Person (Joel Poore) informed of all changes to WEPS as well as progress and resolution on submitted issues. A portion of the funds will be used to maintain UNIX support services.

Last Modified: 10/16/2017
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