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Research Project: Food Buying Guide for Child Nutrition Programs: Food Yield Studies

Location: Nutrient Data Laboratory

Project Number: 8040-52000-064-15-S
Project Type: Non-Assistance Cooperative Agreement

Start Date: Aug 1, 2013
End Date: Oct 31, 2016

The objective of the Food Yield Studies project is to procure services to test and provide yield data for a variety of food items. The current list of foods was determined as high priority items that yield data were not available. However, FNS may need to include additional food items for yield testing. If yield data are needed for additional food items, funding and work plan will be adjusted accordingly. The yield data obtained through this study will be used to update, verify and add new yields to the current Food Buying Guide for Child Nutrition Programs. All procedures and methods used must be conducted in a manner typical to a school foodservice setting.

ARS will: provide estimated budget for requested services; designate a Technical Project Manager (PM) to serve as the liaison to FNS for the duration of the project; provide all necessary personnel, labor, materials, equipment, and services to perform the work; participate in project status meetings or teleconferences monthly or when requested by FNS project coordinator (PC); develop a detailed list of intended food purchases that will be used to conduct yield studies which shall include the following: product type, purchase unit, brand/vendor’s name, label ingredient statement and nutrition fact information. ARS will survey a minimum of six 6 schools (all grade levels and different environments) to determine the types of cooking and processing equipment commonly used in schools. If some school districts utilize equipment not typically accessible or involving newer technology, ARS shall coordinate with FNS before conducting necessary research. Within 45 business days of the signed agreement, ARS will provide FNS a project protocol: a list of intended food purchases; a detailed description of equipment; and the preparation methods for each food type. Project protocol shall be submitted electronically to FNS PC. All laboratory research used shall be standardized procedures and equipment similar to that found in the survey. Within 30 business days of FNS acceptance of project protocol (food purchase list, equipment and preparation methods), ARS will provide a work plan that outlines monthly completion of yield studies, which will be submitted electronically to FNS PC. ARS will conduct laboratory research to determine yields on the food items identified. Only the procedures accepted by FNS shall be used to obtain yields. ARS will provide monthly progress report by the 5th day of each month to include the following information: tasks completed during the month; difficulties encountered and solutions developed; items needing attention; deviations from project work plan and activities planned for the next month. Progress report shall be formatted in Microsoft Word 2007 and submitted electronically to FNS PC. ARS will develop the data sheets and document yields, weights and additional information as indicated Data sheets shall be formatted in Microsoft Excel 2007 and submitted electronically to FNS PC. ARS will submit analyzed yield results on the data sheets as the data become available. ARS will submit a final project report of all activities performed, submitted electronically and on a CD-ROM to FNS PC. The final report is the last deliverable and shall be submitted within 30 business days after completion of the project. The FNS shall designate a PC to monitor the agreement and coordinate project status meetings, provide staff to collaborate with the ARS in planning the work and procedures to be utilized in the yield studies, review and approve the following documents: intended food purchase list; equipment and the preparation methods; work plans; and yield data sheets, provide technical guidance on the project and serve as the liasion between the ARS/USDA Foods vendors to procure/deliver available foods.

Last Modified: 10/16/2017
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