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Research Project: Development of Novel Processing Technologies and Selection of Superior Varieties for eEhanced Food Uses of Whole Wheat and Product Quality

Location: Corn, Soybean and Wheat Quality Research

Project Number: 5082-43440-007-29-R
Project Type: Reimbursable Cooperative Agreement

Start Date: Oct 17, 2013
End Date: Dec 30, 2013

The goal of the project is to identify ideal whole wheat processing technologies and select wheat varieties possessing superior functional and end-product quality for whole wheat food products. The specific objectives are: 1) to determine compositional and nutritional characteristics of whole wheat flour; 2) to identify optimum milling methods for preparation of whole wheat flour; 3) to improve processing conditions for making whole wheat bread and noodles of improved sensory acceptance; and 4) to select wheat varieties and identify genetic traits suitable for making acceptable whole wheat bread and noodles.

The research project described below will be performed cooperatively by the scientist at the USDA-ARS and RDA-NICS. The details of the implementation plan are arranged through discussion between the principle investigators at both institutions and executed accordingly. The scientist will explore novel whole wheat processing technologies, optimize whole grain milling conditions for preparation of whole wheat bread and noodles of improved consumer acceptance and establish a guideline for selecting wheat varieties suitable for enhanced food uses of whole grain wheat and quality. The scientist at the RDA-NICS will investigate the functional composition of whole wheat flour; optimize the processing conditions for making whole wheat bread and noodles of enhanced sensory quality and select superior wheat varieties uniquely suitable for production of whole wheat bread and noodles. Based on the information gained, both parties will together establish standard whole wheat milling and processing technologies for the production of whole wheat bread and noodles of significantly improved consumer acceptance, and develop a protocol for the selection of wheat varieties suitable for whole wheat bread and noodles. We plan to complete the following experiments: Identification of grain traits influencing the functional properties of whole grain wheat flour and its product quality. Explore the appropriate processes for preparation of whole grain bread and other wheat foods of acceptable sensory properties.

Last Modified: 10/20/2017
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