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United States Department of Agriculture

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Research Project: Evaluation of Inoculum Production and Field Inoculation Procedures with Two Phomopsis Species Attacking Sunflower

Location: Sunflower and Plant Biology Research

Project Number: 3060-21000-039-05-S
Project Type: Non-Assistance Cooperative Agreement

Start Date: Jun 30, 2013
End Date: Mar 31, 2014

The goal of this project is to determine optimal inoculation procedures for large scale field evaluations of Phomopsis stem canker resistance, an emerging threat to U.S. sunflower production.

Using sunflower stalks, either naturally infected with Phomopsis helianthi or artificially infected with P. gulyae in the laboratory, we plan to (1) determine how many infected stalks are necessary to uniformly infection a typical 22’ row of sunflower and (2) to determine how far the inoculum spreads from a single stalk. The test will be conducted on two oilseed and two confection hybrids. Additionally, we will determine the effect of supplemental overhead irrigation which should tell us whether irrigation is either necessary or increases disease pressure. Information gathered this year will help us design future germplasm evaluations, and also let us decide whether these evaluations can be done at locations without irrigation.

Last Modified: 10/16/2017
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