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Research Project: SoyBase and the Legume Clade Database

Location: Corn Insects and Crop Genetics Research

Project Number: 5030-21000-062-000-D
Project Type: In-House Appropriated

Start Date: Mar 21, 2013
End Date: Mar 20, 2018

Objective 1: Support stewardship of soybean and other major reference legume genetic, genomic, and phenotypic datasets. Sub-objective 1.A Develop and deploy infrastructure to support both the current reference soybean genome sequence, improved versions of that sequence, and new re-sequenced soybean genomes and haplotype data. Sub-objective 1.B Develop processes and tools to provide access to soybean gene model structural and functional annotations as these are revised over time. Sub-objective 1.C Provide standardized access to reference genome and affiliated sequences for the major crop and model legume species. Sub-objective 1.D Curate high-quality soybean datasets created by the community at large. These may include expression, mutant, phenotype, epigenetic, haplotype, small-RNA, QTL, and other data types. Sub-objective 1.E Maintain infrastructure to enable acquisition, storage, and community access to major public data sets for various legume species. Objective 2: Cooperate with other database developers and plant researchers to develop gene and trait ontologies and open, standardized data exchange mechanisms to enhance database interoperability. Objective 3: Provide community support and research coordination services for the research and breeding communities for soybean and other legumes. Expand outreach activities through workshops, web-based tutorials, and other communications. Objective 4: Facilitate the use of genomic and genetic data, information, and tools for germplasm improvement, thus empowering ARS scientists and partners to use a new generation of computational tools and resources.

Incorporate revised primary reference genome sequence for soybean into SoyBase. House and provide access to genome sequences for other soybean accessions, haplotype data, and related annotations. Incorporate revised gene models and annotations into SoyBase. Install or implement web-based tools for curation and improvement of soybean gene models and gene annotations. Incorporate available legume genome sequences and annotations. Working with collaborators, collect and add genetic map and QTL data for crop legumes. Extend web-based tools for navigation among biological sequence data across the legumes. Extend and develop methods and storage capacity for accepting genomic data sets for soybean and other legume species. Develop a complete set of descriptors (ontologies) for soybean biology (anatomy, traits, and development), and for other significant crop legumes as needed. Work with the relevant ontology communities-of-practice to incorporate these descriptors into broadly accessible ontologies. Develop web tutorials for important typical uses of SoyBase and the Legume Clade Database. Present and train about features at relevant conferences and workshops. Regularly seek feedback from users about desired features and usability.