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Research Project: Designer Diets Decrease Aggression and Increase Welfare

Location: Livestock Behavior Research

Project Number: 5020-32000-011-09-A
Project Type: Cooperative Agreement

Start Date: Jun 1, 2013
End Date: Nov 1, 2015

This series of research projects will provide a method of feeding sows which will decrease their level of hunger, even though they are limit fed. This will result in less fighting and competition, thus it will address the largest problem the industry faces when group housing sows, unsettled aggression and poor welfare as its result. The final stage of this project will test the experimental diet on a large farm, thus by the completion of this study producers will know if it could be implemented in their operations.

Sows will be fed one of 5 diets which alter either fiber content or fermentable starch content. Those diets which result in the least amount of aggression and cause the most normal expression of behavior will then be paired to see if aggression can be further reduced. The combination of diets which result in the least aggression will then be implemented on a farm to determine if diet modifications can be successful in reducing aggression in farm raised sows.

Last Modified: 10/19/2017
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