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Research Project: Management of Apple, Cold-Hardy Grape, and Tart Cherry Genetic Resources and Associated Information

Location: Plant Genetic Resources Unit (PGRU)

Project Number: 8060-21000-025-000-D
Project Type: In-House Appropriated

Start Date: May 23, 2013
End Date: Mar 5, 2018

1: Efficiently and effectively conserve, back-up, regenerate, characterize, and evaluate apple, cold-hardy grape, and tart cherry genetic resources, and distribute germplasm and associated information worldwide. 1.A. Conserve, back-up, regenerate, and distribute apple, cold hardy grape, and tart cherry genetic resources and associated information. 1.B. Characterize and evaluate horticultural, nutritional, and biochemical traits of Malus, Vitis, and Prunus (tart cherry) genetic resources according to Crop Germplasm Committees’ established priorities and stakeholders’ input and incorporate the evaluation data into GRIN-Global. 2: Strategically fill gaps in the current coverage of apple, cold-hardy grape, and tart cherry germplasm collections through international and domestic germplasm exchanges and plant explorations. 2.A. Survey passport, systematics, and genetic diversity information for current domestic and international collections of Malus, Vitis, and Prunus (tart cherry) germplasm to identify and exchange materials that will refine and fill gaps in NPGS-Geneva collections. 2.B. Contact international counterparts to determine the feasibility of collecting priority populations of wild Malus and Vitis species. If permission is granted, plan and conduct plant explorations to acquire priority germplasm for the proceeding species. 3: In collaboration with other NPGS genebanks and research projects, develop and apply novel genetic marker systems for characterizing apple, cold-hardy grape, and tart cherry genetic resources so as to more efficiently and effectively manage those resources and to facilitate their use in breeding and research. 3.A. Develop and apply novel genetic marker systems for characterizing the genetic diversity of apple, cold-hardy grape, and tart cherry accessions and apply the marker data to the management of those genetic resources. 3.B. Coordinate between GRIN-Global and other appropriate public databases to ensure that genetic data associated with clonal germplasm resources are maintained and made accessible.

We will maintain the collection through effective field cultivation, cryopreservation and seed storage. Second, we will continue filling collection gaps through germplasm exploration and exchanges. Vitis and Malus will be our primary foci. We will continue to increase the back-up coverage of the Malus and tart cherry collection using cryogenic storage methods in collaboration with the National Center for Germplasm Resources Preservation (NCGRP). We will effectively and efficiently distribute our collection and associated information to the users in the U.S. and worldwide. Information about accessions will be made available in easily understandable and accessible formats via GRIN-Global. Finally, we will enhance the germplasm management effectiveness and utilization efficiencies by characterizing and evaluating the collection through various genetic and molecular approaches. We will work closely with Crop Germplasm Committees to implement the priorities they define for collection and evaluation. The major impact of the project is to preserve genetic resources of apples, grapes, and tart cherries for future improvement of these crops worldwide.