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Research Project: Maize Genetic Stock Management and Utilization

Location: Soybean/maize Germplasm, Pathology, and Genetics Research

Project Number: 5012-21000-025-00-D
Project Type: In-House Appropriated

Start Date: Jan 3, 2013
End Date: Jan 2, 2018

1. Conserve and distribute maize genetic stocks and associated information, so that natural and induced allelic and chromosomal variations of maize, and descriptions of the latter, are readily available to the maize research community. 2. Genetically characterize maize genetic stocks and incorporate genotypic and phenotypic data into MaizeGDB to increase the stocks’ utility as genetic tools.

Our mission is to make natural and induced allelic and chromosomal variations available to the scientific community and to make information about the mutant collection available to researchers. The National Plant Germplasm System provides support to selected genetic stock centers having genetic resources of value to U.S. agricultural interests. The Maize Genetics Cooperation - Stock Center maintains important accessions of morphological and physiological markers, aneuploid material, translocations and inversions that are important tools in biological research. This project will increase the value of the stock collection as genetic tools and confirm the status of novel mutants discovered. Maize mutants have historically been used in gene discovery and will continue to be used in this way. New mapping tools in our collection will allow easier identification of genomic sequence underlying a phenotype. More recently, novel genes are being identified purely by sequence analyses. This will excel in the next few years with the recent release of the maize genome sequence and addition of reverse genetics resources to our collection. Identification of the functions for these newly identified genes can be determined by researchers with these new tools.