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Research Project: Cotton Harvesting Innovations for the Texas High Plains

Location: Cotton Production and Processing Research

Project Number: 3096-21410-007-33-R
Project Type: Reimbursable Cooperative Agreement

Start Date: Jan 1, 2013
End Date: Dec 31, 2013

The objective of this research is to identify improved harvesting methods which help to maintain fiber quality, decrease seed cotton/lint foreign matter content, and improve producer profitability.

The work of this project in 2013 will focus on three main areas: 1. New stripper harvesters with the ability to form seed cotton modules will be marketed soon. This work will evaluate the effect of seed cotton storage in plastic wrapped round modules on stripper harvested cotton lint and seed quality. 2. As the stripper harvested portion of the US cotton crop increases, it is imperative that efforts be made to maximize fiber quality and cleanliness. This work will evaluate new conveying/cleaning systems for use on striper harvesters that better preserve fiber quality and improve seed cotton cleanliness. 3. Precision agriculture technology has not gained widespread adoption across the cotton producing area of the Southern High Plains. This technology depends greatly on the ability to accurately and reliably map seed cotton and lint yield which has been problematic when attempted on stripper harvesters. Yield mapping systems have achieved higher rates of success on picker harvesters due to decreased foreign matter and dust content compared to stripped cotton. Recently, a new yield monitor system was released for commercial use on stripper harvesters. Unlike previous systems tried on stripper harvesters that use infrared sensors, the new system utilizes microwave sensor technology to measure seed cotton flow. This work will document the accuracy of the new commercial yield monitor system and define the relationship between system accuracy and various material, environmental, and system parameters.

Last Modified: 06/24/2017
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