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Location: Corn, Soybean and Wheat Quality Research

Project Number: 5082-43440-007-28-T
Project Type: Trust Fund Cooperative Agreement

Start Date: Jan 4, 2011
End Date: Dec 31, 2014

Evaluate new soft wheat cultivars through an industry based panel evaluation facilitated by the Soft Wheat Quality Laboratory

1) Solicitation of Samples - The SWQL will solicit samples of new cultivars from wheat breeders working in the eastern U.S. Breeders will submit 40 kg of grain of the new cultivar paired with a similar amount of an appropriate check cultivar. 2) Sample Preparation - Samples will be milled on the Miag Multo-mat flour mill with ash mill-stream analysis. Flour samples will be evaluated at the SWQL for standard soft wheat quality parameters. Samples from each cultivar and check will be shipped in November to milling and baking companies participating in the soft wheat panel of the Wheat Quality Council. 3) Summary of Results - Each company evaluating samples will return a standard form with data and comments to the SWQL for compilation of results. Results will be assembled into a technical report in January and submitted to the Wheat Quality Council in an appropriate electronic format during the first week of February. 4) Communication of Results - The Wheat Quality Council meets during President's Day week of February in Kansas City, MO. The SWQL staff will host the panel evaluation and presentation of industry results. The conclusions of the panel discussion and the evaluations will be communicated back to plant breeding programs through electronic reports and the SWQL annual research review in March.

Last Modified: 10/16/2017
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