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Research Project: Improved Diagnostics and Quantification Assay for Verticillium Species Important to California Agriculture

Location: Crop Improvement and Protection Research

2013 Annual Report

1a. Objectives (from AD-416):
Plant pathogens in the genus Verticillium have a significant impact on a wide range of California specialty crops either by their direct effect on plant health and yield reductions or indirectly with regulatory restrictions on the movement/shipment of plant material intended to prevent pathogen introduction or spread. Current detection/quantification techniques do not adequately fulfill the need for sensitive, accurate, rapid and cost effective detection of these pathogens, which hinders efforts at disease management. This proposal will address this by expanding a current research project on molecular detection of Verticillium spp. to include additional species. The collaboration established in this agreement will provide support for this objective by sharing expertise with the genus and assisting in the development/validation of molecular diagnostic markers.

1b. Approach (from AD-416):
Species specific diagnostic markers for several Verticillium spp. have been developed using a TaqMan real time PCR assay. This project will expand the scope of the prior work by developing additional species specific markers and developing techniques for their use in soil quantification assays. The collaborator in this proposal used to work in the PI's lab on the initial phases of this project.

3. Progress Report:
This agreement was established in support of objective 2 of the parent project, the goal being to develop molecular diagnostic tools for the identification of emerging diseases of vegetables and strawberry, and use these tools in the development of management strategies as alternatives to methyl bromide. Our collaborator has established an extended culture collection and completed sequence analysis for designing TaqMan probes. The agreement has recently been signed and transfer of funds is in progress.

4. Accomplishments

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