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Location: Plant Stress and Germplasm Development Research

2013 Annual Report

1a. Objectives (from AD-416):
The research proposed for 2012 will focus on cotton reproductive stress tolerance and the further development and characterization of recombinant inbred populations of PHY72(F) X STV474(M) and STV474(F) X PHY72(M). The proposed research will focus on understanding the genetic control of cotton pollen dehydration tolerance and the underlying biochemical reasons for observed differences in stress tolerance.

1b. Approach (from AD-416):
The PHY72(F) X STV474(M) and STV474(F) X PHY72(M)recombinant populations will be advanced to the F7 generation. Flower shape and pollen dehydration tolerance will be re-evaluated on F7 plants. DNA will be harvested and sent to the USDA-ARS Cotton Fiber Bioscience Research Unit, New Orleans, LA, for mapping studies. Lint samples will be harvested and sent to CI for quality evaluation. If we are able to obtain sufficient seed, we will plant the population in the field for initial yield evaluations.

3. Progress Report:
The STV474(F) X PHY72(M) and PHY72(F) X STV474(M) RILs were planted in a replicated field trial in mid-May. On June 5th the 1800 plots in the field were hailed out. There was insufficient seed of the RILs to replant, so we will increase seed this winter. The field was planted a second time with FM_2484B2F, Nitro44, NexGen_ 4111RF, Phytogen_375, ST4946GLB2, DP0912, Phytogen_802, All_Tex_EpicRF, FM_8270GLB2, All_Tex_Edge, NexGen_1511B2RF, DP_1212, Phytogen_367, Phytogen_499WRF, FM_2011GT, FM_9180, and DP_1219B2RF to evaluate stress responses of the commercial lines. The NM67(F) x PHY72(M) population is in the greenhouse to obtain for the next generation.

4. Accomplishments

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