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United States Department of Agriculture

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Research Project: Exotic and Emerging Plant Diseases of Horticultural Crops

Location: Horticultural Crops Research

2012 Annual Report

1a. Objectives (from AD-416):
Objective 1: Describe the pathogen biology of exotic and emerging plant pathogens affecting horticultural crops. Objective 2: Apply knowledge of biology, ecology, and epidemiology of economically important plant pathogens to the development of improved integrated disease management approaches.

1b. Approach (from AD-416):
The biology of exotic, emerging, and re-emerging plant pathogens is either poorly understood or inadequate to enable economic and environmentally sustainable management. Objective 1: We will develop and test methods for monitoring pathogen dispersion and describe the evolutionary history, population structure, genetics, epidemiology, and ecology of these pathogens. Objective 2: This knowledge will then be used to develop decision support tools for producers of horticultural crops. Once an increased understanding of a pathogen’s biology has been developed, this knowledge needs to be translated into disease management strategies that are continually optimized and/or improved based on new knowledge. We will develop and improve disease management strategies for select pathogens affecting horticultural crops. While this objective cannot be achieved directly for quarantine pathogens (e.g. P. ramorum), concepts and approaches can be tested by using proxy pathosystems that are similar in the event of an exotic pathogen introduction or quarantines are lifted. In addition, development and improvement of integrated disease management strategies for endemic pathogens will improve our ability to respond to changing climatic conditions while enhancing the economic and sustainable production of horticultural crops.

3. Progress Report:
This report documents progress for the project 5358-22000-039-00D Exotic and Emerging Plant Diseases of Horticultural Crops which started 6/18/2012 and continues research from Project 5358-22000-034-00D Exotic, Emerging, Re-Emerging and Invasive Plant Diseases of Horticultural Crops. Due to the short duration of the current project being active, the scientific progress made in relation to the above projects is presented 2012 annual report for Project 5358-22000-034-00D.

4. Accomplishments

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