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2013 Annual Report

1a. Objectives (from AD-416):
To provide initial (pre-storage) germination data, long-term storage, curation, and viability testing of the Seeds of Success National Collection by the USDA, Agricultural Research Service (ARS), Northern Plains Area (NPA). The technical representative for the USDA, ARS, NPA responsible for the research will be the National Center for Genetic Resource Preservation (NCGRP), Fort Collins, Colorado. The initial seed germination data and eventual viability testing of material in long-term storage provided by the NCGRP will allow the BLM and SOS to be more strategic in its seed collecting efforts to support the National Native Plant Materials Development Program and provide for long-term conservation storage of native plant genetic resources.

1b. Approach (from AD-416):
SOS partners will send a maximum of 3,000 quality cleaned seed (with no seed treatment) for each SOS accession sent to the USDA, ARS, NPA, NCGRP for back-up storage. Each sample shipped to NCGRP will have the SOS accession number clearly marked on the package. USDA, ARS, NPA, NCGRP will work with BLM or any other entity designated by BLM to receive SOS accessions, facilitate information on the sample being entered in the Germplasm Resource Information Network (GRIN) (or other database as applicable), equilibrate the seed to proper moisture content (6%-10% MC), perform % viability (germination and/or TZ testing) or % filled seed assays, place the seed in sealed storage bags and store the seed in the cold vaults at the ARS NCGRP. Periodically monitor testing to test the health of the seed will be done as resources allow. Timing of the monitor testing will be determined based on the species and the priorities of the SOS National Coordinating Office.

3. Progress Report:
The ARS, Ft. Collins location has received 920 samples in FY13 from the Seeds of Success program. There are currently 7,290 samples here from this program. All samples have had germination tests and we have done over 1,625 tetrazolium tests for dormancy.

4. Accomplishments

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