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Research Project: Slow Darkening Pinto Beans: Development, Agronomic Evaluation, and Quality Testing


2012 Annual Report

1a. Objectives (from AD-416):
To develop pinto bean cultivars with slow darkening trait for production in North Dakota

1b. Approach (from AD-416):
A recessive gene 'sd' that conditions slow darkening in pinto bean will be transferred into advanced pinto bean lines with good agronomic characteristics. These advanced lines will be tested for adaptation to North Dakota production environments and for ability to maintain bright seeds despite prolonged harvest due to inclement weather conditions.

3. Progress Report:
Two field trials were planted in 2012. One consisted of 12 slow darkening pintos and 8 regular darkening checks. This trial is for discerning yield potential of advanced slow darkening pintos for putative release as germplasm or cultivars. Under sub-objective 1B: Develop dry bean germplasm with enhanced disease and/or abiotic stress resistance using MAS in combination with traditional breeding approaches, advanced lines with improved seed quality and resistance to rust and bean common mosaic virus diseases were identified. A second trial of 64 lines consists of two genetic populations for examining whether the slow darkening trait influences stand, yield, seed size or canning quality. A few slow darkening lines from 2011 harvest were sent to two processing companies for analysis of canning potential. In collaboration with ARS-Lansing, cooking time was evaluated for ten slow darkening lines. The slow dark trait did not affect cooking time.

4. Accomplishments

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