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Research Project: Evaluating Spring and Winter Barley Breeding Material in the Magic Valley

Location: Small Grains and Potato Germplasm Research

2012 Annual Report

1a. Objectives (from AD-416):
Test barley breeding lines for adaptation to growing conditions in the Magic Valley of south central Idaho.

1b. Approach (from AD-416):
Breeding lines from the ARS-Aberdeen program will be sown in October (winter habit lines) and March (spring habit lines). Winter lines will be harvested and in late July and the spring lines will be harvested in August.

3. Progress Report:
Progress was made on the objective, which fall under National Program 301, Component 3: Genetic Improvement of Crops. Progress on this project focuses on problem of assessment of barley cultivar development on the cooperator’s farm. Researchers at Aberdeen planted the winter nursery on Kauffman farm on October 20, 2012. The materials in the winter nursery include elite lines and advanced yield nursery lines for 2-row and 6-row malting barley, food barley advanced yield nursery lines for both hulled and hulless barley types, the Western Malting Barley Trial. A total of 1000 experimental plots were planted with winter types. The spring nursery was planted on March 28, 2012; the same types of barley breeding materials as described in the winter nursery were included in the total 950 plots. Results support Objective 3 in the parent project plan, development of improved barley lines.

4. Accomplishments

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