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Research Project: Does Blueberry Intake Alleviate Postprandial Lipemia-induced Inflammation and Consequent Alteration in Neural Activity

Location: Immunity and Disease Prevention Research

2012 Annual Report

1a. Objectives (from AD-416):
The overall goal of the proposed studies is to determine whether high fat meal-induced postprandial lipemia (a single meal experimental protocol) causes monocyte activation, cerebral inflammation and alteration in patterns of brain activity associated with performing memory tasks, and whether concomitant blueberry intake alleviates such pathophysiological consequences of ingesting a high fat meal in healthy human subjects.

1b. Approach (from AD-416):
Our experimental approaches are: first, to determine whether single high fat meal induces monocyte activation in healthy subjects, and whether the monocyte activation leads to microglial cell activation and alteration of neural activity as assessed by fMRI of brain, and then whether blueberry supplementation suppresses monocyte and microglial cell activation, and restores the alteration of neural activity.

3. Progress Report:
In Objective 3 of the parent CRIS project we proposed to study the anti-inflammatory efficacy of phytochemicals in transgenic mice, if extramural funds became available. This research, funded by the US Highbush Blueberry Council, studies the anti-inflammatory effects of blueberry powder (a source of phytochemicals) in human subjects instead of mice. Since January 2012, we have had 59 subjects contact us about the study. Twelve subjects were disqualified by phone questionnaire, three subjects passed a phone screening but have not replied to schedule a screening visit. Twenty-one subjects have been scheduled for screening visits: of these, 4 were no shows, 3 were disqualified, and 7 were used for the pilot test (method standardization). Cohort 1 contains 3 of the pilot subjects, 1 of which may enroll in a fall cohort; 2 subjects declined to participate in the study; 1 subject was enrolled in the study, but was later disqualified because of obesity. Four subjects have been scheduled for Cohort 2 (7/16 to 8/23), 2 of these are waiting for physician approval. - Cohort 1 Starts: 5/23 Ends: 7/10 (3 subjects) - Cohort 2 Starts: 7/16 Ends: 8/23 (4 of 8 subject scheduled) - Cohort 3 Starts: 8/28 Ends: 10/4 (0 of 8 subject scheduled) - Cohort 4 Starts:10/9 Ends: 11/15 (0 of 8 subject scheduled) If all preliminary cohorts are filled as described, we will have 27 participants complete the study by late 2012. We will try to schedule a “floating subject” to increase the number of subjects that have completed the study by that time. - The IRB was renewed on May 22, 2012 and will expire on May 21, 2015. - Modification for the numbers of test days was submitted on June 11, 2012 and went to a reviewer around June 18, 2012. Turnaround from the review is about 1-2 weeks. - The number of test days was decreased from 4 to 3. The test days are now: 0, 2, and 4 servings of blueberry powder.

4. Accomplishments

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